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Retro Studios Working On A Hand-Painted Style Game?

Retro Studios the development studio behind the Metroid Prime series and Donkey Kong Country Returns is apparently recruiting new staff members to help with a game that reportedly features hand-painted visuals. While there’s no hint regarding what the team are currently working on, legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has said previously that he would like Retro Studios to try their hand at a new Zelda game.

71 thoughts on “Retro Studios Working On A Hand-Painted Style Game?”

  1. I’m thinking a new platformer. Imagine Metroid with hand-painted visuals; that normally wouldn’t sound so great, but look at Limbo; you can see the possibilities.

      1. That’s more watercolor. I almost thought it was like Skyward Sword too, but it’s not the same thing, fundamentally.

        1. Its a good step in graphic innovation, since the graphics of this genration cannot get anybetter. I think retro studios has a very un-retro idea. i llike it

  2. Personally, given the people they’ve recruited, a Metroid game doesn’t sound too far-fetched….think about it, Uncharted 3 peoples=good at shooters, actions, adventures
    Crytek guy=good with multiplayer
    painter peoples=not sure yet….

      1. It’s Toon Link for this new Zelda game, right? I hope it controls like OoT 3D, not like the DS version where you use the touch screen to move.

  3. Maybe they got the rights to Okami. Though Okami is very like Zelda.

    As for the Uncharted link, personally I hope whatever they have to do with it, that it isn’t designing a new Metroid otherwise it’ll be more linear and contain many more cutscenes. Even more than Other M. I know the Uncharted series is considered great by a lot of people, but after playing the third one recently, I realised you’re just playing cutscene to set piece to cutscene. Imagine a Metroid Prme where you couldn’t backtrack or explore.

    Anyway, apologies for the rant.

    1. LOLOLOL Capcom wouldnt even give the rights to Megaman to Keji. why the fuck would they give the rights to Okami to Retro?

          1. but who cares people need to stop acting like little kids with all the ‘oh they copyed nintendo’ it just matters who does it better

            1. and no sickr should not post it. it’ll just start trouble people will be trolling nintendo fans will go out of controll and peteriuss will be a little annoying troll just like in all post like this

              1. Yeah this is also the impression I got, like, with the CPP, I can imagine them doing HD ports of successful 3DS games (the wiiU is confirmed to have 3D output for 3Dtvs), since the controls would be practically identical.

            1. Yeah, a console sized DS with an HD top screen (primary TV) isn’t really a bad thing or an insult.

              Although, they may mean it as an insult, I take it as a compliment. Ha! :)

      1. I posted this first, look back in the Unreal Engine post before the Rhythm Heaven one, you’ll find it near the bottom.

  4. Legend of mana for psx was awesome and all graphics were hand made, a game with such features is absolutely unforgetable! At least that’s what I think!

  5. Super Mario Sunshine 2? Just kidding! Retro wouldn’t work on Mario games. The idea does make sense in a way though, right?

    1. Yeah, I finished TLoZ: SS and am now doing Hero Mode.
      Hero Mode is almost IMPOSSIBLE!
      I heard there WILL be 2 new games, much like Oricle of Seasons, but Fire and Ice, should be able to link them up.
      Also, I do hope that whatever new Zelda game Retro is making now will also be for the 3DS, I’m not allowed to get any more consoles, but I told my parents that it was a possibility to have the PS3, X-Box 360, Wii U, 3DS, Wii, and maybe even the PS4 or X-Box 720.

  6. This has really piqued my interest. I wonder what it could be. It has to be a side scroller, or else I dont know how they could implement hand painted visuals into a 3D environment.

  7. At first I figured they would work on a Starfox game..still could be! But it does seem likely that a Zelda title is in the mix. Some more like Skyward sword wouldn’t be amiss, the visuals considering the graphical capability of the Wii is incredible! MUCH MORE SO on Wii U! XD

  8. The term used here is most likely “finger painting”. I’ve been googling hand painting and all I’m getting is people who made art out of their hands as opposed to using their hands to paint on a medium. The hand paint results look fantastic, btw.

  9. I’m sure it’s gonna be pretty awesome. Maybe there taking the style of epic mickey and adding their own take to it.

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  12. I would like to write a speculative article on the subject, but I’m afraid that by the time I get it all proofread and published, the game will already be known! Naturally the first guess would be a Retro-Zelda, but I get the feeling that Retro just doesn’t have the attitude for it.

    I’m hoping for more of a Retro take on Skyrim for the Wii U. Or even better: a modern remake of The Elder Scrolls 1: The Arena. In comparison, Skyrim desperately needed some colour. It’s like Bethesda is living in black-and-white now! Skyirm could also have used a better magic system… and a better dungeon system, and a better just about everything, but that’s another article entirely.
    An inspired Retro-made wRPG for the Wii U would do the gaming audience very well, and set a clear path for other developers that they need to step up their studio and keep up with the times.

    1. I really want Retro to make an F-Zero game as well. Zelda would be good, but that series is alive and well, whereas F-Zero has been moreorless dead for a while now. I feel like Retro could not only make a good game outta the franchise material, but kick-start the series again.

  13. Not trying to destroy hopes or anything, but remember how the DS Zelda’s kept Wind Waker’s artstyle? The new game will be that Zelda game for the 3DS that is currently in the works with a Skyward Sword artstyle.

  14. I am hoping it’s either Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid, or Yoshi’s Island. Those seem the most likely to be next from Retro or if by a long shot and a miracle…………Okami 2 (Okamiden is more of a spin-off IMO).

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