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Epic’s Next Generation Unreal Engine 4 To Be Revealed This Year

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has told journalists that the company plans to show-off its next generation Unreal Engine 4 this year. The news has sparked further rumours that next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be revealed to the public, along with Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U, at this years E3 event in June.

“People are going to be shocked later this year when they see Unreal Engine 4 and how much more profound an effect it will have.”

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    PS FRSTTSTTS!!!!11

    1. Because more power is always best. As you could see with the awesome sells of playstation3 / vita at their first months / years. :>

      1. And you do know he’s wrong right? Devs are saying that Wii U is better than even some gaming PCs and even then, the final specs aren’t out there yet. And the PS3’s poor sales were due to price. As are the Vita’s, I imagine.

        1. Poor pricing due to overpowered graphics, that can only guarantee great e3 conference. Their games are still beige garbage water compared to Ninty 1st party

        2. Which is really confusing, considering that they want the Wii U to be affordable. I’m skeptical that this news is even for the Wii U. It’d be cool if it was, but it just doesn’t line up.

        3. Really? I think this next generation console thing s going to some peoples heads. I mean yeah Wii U will be powerful but is that really relevant considering it’s the only next generation console. And don’t compare PC to console or you’ll look like a moron. This is coming from a Nintendo fan.

    2. hey how about instead of trolling on a nintendo website you go out and get girls… oh wait you probably cant because of the following reason a) you’re a fat gamer b) you’re socially akward and c) girls dont like bitches… a suggestion get off the internet and socialize but you probably have nothing interesting to say which is why the only thing you can do is troll on websites so that the 30 or so people that come here can have a laugh at how immature you are… bottom line grow up you fucking faggot #treated

      1. everybody clam down you all get mad for noting don’t feed the troll now everybody needs to stop all this hating nintendo fans don’t get all cocky cuz nintendo is going HD and no shit the wii u is more powerful then a system that came out in 2006 no shit >_<

      2. this is a roomer 50% but when you compepeair the Wii U gpu to the Xbox 360 gpu or PS3 gpu and then the Xbox roomered gpu you find that the gpus in the PS3 Xbox 360 are at least 80 to 90% weaker and that the Xbox 720 is 50% weaker

    3. Sega, Gearbox + Nintendo confirmed that the console is 50% more powerful then PS3/360

      You can’t lie about that because Gearbox and Sega are not a part of nintendo.

      1. come on man go to graphics compear .com and first compear the Wii U gpu vs. first the Xbox 360 gpu then the PS3 gpu then the Xbox 720 gpu 6670 is 2× weaker comperaed to Wii U gpu witch is a r4870 and 6× times grater than Xbox 360 but the cpu is 50% stronger only yes i have to agree with that yes but thats all thay have talked about so far now that the 720 gpu has deen michend look at it and compear it don’t just be a dumb ass

    1. awesome post, thanks for this, saw a link to it in the last unreal 4 post but link wasnt working, so thanks to the guy who posted it last time too

    2. “Some platforms we’re not allowed to mention by name yet”. Yeah, I think it’s safe to assume that either Sony or Microsoft, or both, have already sent out dev kits for the PS4/Xbox 720.

    3. but he didnt actually say wii u is running unreal engine 4. he said “the engine” is running on xbox360 pc ps3 wii u vita etc. meaning he was talking about unreal 3. hopefully unreal 4 is running on wii u

      1. I keep looking at the Japanese Garden tech demo.
        I had read that it was but on the very early Wii U prototype hardware.

      2. You’re correct; however, that applies to the “next-gen systems” he mentions as well. That makes Sickr’s last article incorrect by stating Unreal Engine 4 is coming to “next-gen systems.”

        What this does show is that Epic is committed to the Wii U; they have a dev kit, they’ve already went to the trouble of putting Unreal Engine 3 on it, and it’s on their radar, so they’ll use it effectively.

      1. From a business perspective it’s good to lie and misrepresent the actual capabilities of our consoles:case in point the wii was delivered as next gen. with nothing but title after titles and Earthbound on the vc. but read the fine print and its actually title after title of shovelware,graphics crappier than gamecube and no Earthbound.(haha fuck em theres a sucker born every minute lol forget roms pay for our Vc games)

        Wii u demos look exactly like old ps3 titles now I know we said ”better” graphics but like ign quoted us saying :”We don’t think every game has to be hdtv with high end graphics” wow almost seems like and oncoming wii again oh well am sure are next gen will provide wonderful ps3/xbox reports for those unfortunate to never experience these game on a good console with good online like xbox live but we are going to copypaste our competitor outdated consoles add in a dreamcast ipad controller and throw in some reports and few hdtv support as we stated.

        Btw wii u will be stronger than xbox360 five yrs after next console as dev. try and figure out are kits thus ya gunna play xbox game/graphics 4 another 5 yrs till ya notice the difference in its 50% power smh weak percentage huh?

        1. What he meant by not all games need to be HD is that not every single game needs to be at full 1080p, and I bet you can look any where and see that not all games on PS3 or 360 are full 1080p either, just the really big name titles.

          1. *What he meant by not all games need to be HD is that not every single game needs to be at full 1080p. I bet you can look anywhere and see that not all games on the PS3 or 360 are full 1080p either, just the really big name titles.

            1. The early dev kits are 50% the final dev kits are much more powerful and Team Ninja confirmed that the Wii U is still changing so Nintendo will make sure the Wii U is a must want when it releases, so if people say the 360/PS3 are more powerful then they are just trolling so people will get mad.

              1. That’s not what i’m talking about. Here is what Iwata himself said “there are certainly the software titles for which very rich graphics must be reproduced on HD displays… But we do not think that any and all the software must be created in that fashion.” I was pointing out that what he meant by that was that not all games need to be full 1080p graphics powerhouses.

  2. Microsoft will not show their next console at e3. They said that themselves. Their console will be shown next year, probably at the GDC. So the only game to showcase new console tech this year will be Ninty. Plus, Epic games already said they wanted to support it, but they had to wait to see what other consoles will be like..indicating that the wii u can hold the new engine, especially considering the fact that direct x 10.1 is about 4x more powerful than direct x 9.0 found in the x360

      1. The only “nerdy” thing he said was “… dx 10 is 4x dx 9″… and now you’re a nerd for reading it right? I mean you do know all the info that made him a “nerd”!

  3. Big surprise for me. The Samaritan demo seemed to indicate that the Unreal Engine 3 will have more life to it. It probably still will as the Unreal Engine 2.5 was still around when the successor came out, and third-party developers were modding the hell out of it. I can’t wait to see it!

  4. Sony and Microsoft have CONFIRMED!!!! that they won’t be showing off new consoles this year, it HAS TO BE FOR WII U!!! Use your brains people :P

  5. I can already tell by that pic that unreal engine 4 is is ridiculously powerful. Most likely the greatest graphics engine to date. I’m pretty sure Wii U will support it.

  6. ok heres why the 720 or ps4 being more powerful than the wii u doesnt matter.. ok … you ready for it?? it’s because no matter what they will be at least one year behind pc when they release. and since i have a gaming rig, im only going for the one that has the best exclusives and the best experience that i can not do on a pc. so obviously the wii u will be in my home. it’s a no brainer. but if 343 doen’t mess up with halo 4…. than i might MIGHT get a next box… but there is absolutely nothing that the ps4 could do to entise me to get one. why? because i know for a FACT that sony never supports there systems with games. or even advertising at that.

    1. why is everyone always bashing sony on this site? i have a ps3 and i love it. it has great games,graphics,and i like the controller more than the 360

  7. Man, remember when we were waiting with anticipation for the first news of Nintendo’s new console last year? It’s like almost the same thing all over again, except even more intense than before, not to mention more grueling, at least for me, because I didn’t really know about “Project Cafe” until April last year, so I didn’t have to wait that long for the news, whereas this year, I’ve been waiting for more news since last year, so the wait’s been much, much longer…

    I’d like to believe that, by process of elimination, as Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles would most likely not debut this year, this news of Unreal 4 would thus be the most relevant for the Wii U (and of course the PC). However, with the number of news about Microsoft’s new console growing by the day, I’m pretty sure this news applies to them as well. And we thought last year’s E3 was going to be awesome, hah!

  8. No TV is able to produce more than 1080 progressive scan pixels horizontally. The Wii U will be able to process them better than last gen, not put more pixels on the screen.

  9. sounds a little odd i know but what would it be like if unreal engine 4 was used with Zelda? on the Wii U? its just a shot in a dark but wouldn’t that be cool?

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