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Metal Gear Solid 3D Demo Is Available On The Nintendo 3DS eShop

As Nintendo and Konami promised the Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D demo is now available to download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is due for release February 21st in North America and March 8th in Europe. What are your impressions of the demo?

59 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid 3D Demo Is Available On The Nintendo 3DS eShop”

    1. XD when i played the demo I was always getting spotted.

      I suck at stealth in many games really… I played an MW3 mission and i was spotted all the time and killed everyone, it was a stealth mission on special ops when your looking for the girl :/

      Still i love stealth games.

        1. i’m good at stealth. I’m used to MGS formula, i’ve been playing the games since playstation 1, but don’t take it personal, MGS3 is hard that way! one of the hardest games on the series.

          I loved the Demo, i’ve finished it 2 times, I still got things to check. (differences between the original and the 3D version)

  1. Sickr – Super Mario Brothers is now available in the US now on the eShop (and a free update to those of us Ambassadors)

    1. There are some updates for other apps, right? I was checking the “Titles You’ve downloaded” list and some apps like the pokédex and excitebike had updates… no changes, for what I got to see but still updates :o

      1. There are changes, but probably so minor you don’t notice. I haven’t checked the updates section in forever. Can’t wait to have save states for SMB.

    1. That list is awful. They got 10,000 “gamers” who listed their favorite games, and didn’t actually take into account the endings. Black Ops was completely predictable, and most of the other games on that list are laughable.

      OoT has a great ending (very powerful and has good closure) but it’s nowhere near the best. The games with the actual best endings are completely ignored.

      1. MW2 should be higher then black ops.

        Once again… Zelda should be 1st.

        It’s just because gamers refuse nintendo games and just vote a game everyone plays.

        Bear in Mind MW2 has an epic ending so it should be in the top 5.

        I can’t beleve black ops is 1st.

        1. OoT should not even be in the top 25. OoT may be a great game, but its story is nowhere near, and I mean nowhere near, the best. Don’t get me started on MW2. That shouldn’t be in the top 50, or even 100. Once again, great shooter, but it’s got the story design of a Michael Bay film.

          1. MW2 had a story design from a michael bay film?

            You havn’t played it… the Multiplayer is over rated but the story ending was epic.

            Just tell me where the story design is from a michael bay film :P

            MW2 deserved to be in the top 5 but NOT number 1.

            Yesh… play before you rate, critics don’t turn to a movie saying it sucks before they watch it.

    1. Go on the options and change some of the controls.

      It was very difficult as you really need circle pad pro… few changes of controls i was fine.

  2. OMG! Just played and finished! never played a MGS game (and the only other shooters are Black-Ops and the Resi demo) but this is class! Was easy enough without the CPadPro and i prefered 3-D at 3/4 – Full. Stealth was challenging but actually quite easy in base, I don’t mean easy but there is a simple route where you avoid most people. really want this game – which i have never said about a shooter before.

    1. MGS should never be classified as a “shooter”. And if your only experience with shooters is Black Ops, you should to widen your range. Otherwise you’ll miss out on a ton of great games.

      Bioshock is a fantastic game, I highly recommend it (not the second one)

      1. MGS is more of a stealth shooter. But it’s a stealth action.

        Theres lots of shooters and Bioshock and Black Ops are not the only ones.

        The best shooter of all time was Golden Eye 64 on the N64, appart from very good games, FPS is over used. Some games go for the Third Person shooter which is what Ghost Recon is.

  3. Played the demo. Loved it.
    Looks like I’m buying this game afterall.
    And what’s with the Sony trolls all like, “Don’t buy the game, it’s a rip-off.” then they buy it in HD?

    Granted, the 3DS version cost more, but I never played it, and the graphics are beautiful… SONY TROLLs – You have no Idea what you are missing playing as Solid Snake in a 3D Jungle!

  4. The controls suck! got to shoot the dude like a million fucking times to put his ass to sleep don’t know how to get down so im allways standing up motherfucks seeing me >:( damn game sucks! >:(

    1. Shoot them in the head it takes them down one shot.

      Also you should have circle pad pro for the controls. i changed the controls quite a bit for it to work for me with the buttons. If you consider buying this game change quite a bit of controls and buy circle pad pro.

          1. i thought it was bad too until i tried using more aggressive tactics. its a pity the demo doesn’t include a little tutorial for beginners though.

  5. Donwloaded and played. I think it turned out good. It’s not something new, but at the same time will help other people to get to know the franchise better. Also, am I the only n00b who didn’t perform any awesome CQC moves? The only thing I do is crouch and roll over the enemy so that he gets stunned .__.’

  6. The demo is great, but I think the Circle Pad Pro should make gameplay much smoother… You don’t really need it in RE:R, but moving the camera here is much more important.

  7. Played it twice, and all I can say is “wow”. Never played a MGS game, but this is brilliant! I especially love catching a guards attention, having them come toward me and then cut tneir thrat when they’re close enough. Altough it seems like you’d need the circle-pad-pro to fully enjoy it. Dang, now I don’t know if I should get Revelations or this :ι

  8. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Overall it was a cool demo. Couldn’t get the hang of controlling the camer with th buttons but I liked it. I’ll try again when I grab the CPP

  9. i thought it was an okay demo, frame rate like most people said was not the best,so that was a bit discouraging,some minor things are when you used FPS aiming it turns the 3D off which does not make the game fluent 3d all the time which is quite strange,the controls for the game are designed for a console so the CPP is quite needed opposed to Resdient Evil Revelations where you did not need it but just improves gameplay .Controls feel harder to grasp opposed to another portable Metal Gear Solid game,Peace Walker,that is with no CPP of course.for a demo its okay but my main argue is the frame rate,of course its running off your SD card not 3DS gamecard which is vastly different,i may wait to see how the framerate on the intial released game is,i bet it will be fixed but that is the breaking factor for this game for me,nice graphics,good modeling,cool cutscenes(note eye movements of snake) good chalenge,3D is a nice touch but not needed.i will be buying the CPP before i get this game though.

    1. I may get this game.

      Circle Pad Pro is highly recommended especialy by me.

      I really suck at stealth in any game also… i kept getting spotted in the demo. on MW3 on a special ops stealth mission i was spotted all the time and killed everyone. I love stealth however, if i play it more i may get better.

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