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Nintendo Made The Most Money During January

Nintendo took the highest share of game sales revenue during January according to Enterbrain and Famitsu. For the month of January, which covers December 26 through January 29, Nintendo was the top publisher with the Kyoto based company accounting for 23.6% of video game revenue in Japan. Namco Bandai followed at 18%, with Capcom in third with 10.9%, Square Enix in fourth with 6.9% and Konami in fifth with 6.2%.

42 thoughts on “Nintendo Made The Most Money During January”

            1. Since when was it in a book

              World Records Games has not been released yet nor has it got it :P

              IT’S A RECENT POLL!

              1. I bought a book called the Guiness Book of World Records Gamers Edition a few weeks ago and it was released a few months before that. Yes, it was a recent poll but not that recent.

    1. Are you serious GWR voters? Black Ops is 1st?

      MW2 > Black Ops Nuff said. (I’m not saying MW2 should be 1st but MW2’s ending was more epic and better then Black Ops)

      1. *Sigh*

        Everyone is now naming their selfs as MW series characters and saying MW2 is better ending then Black Ops. I agree though.

        1 = Zelda NOT Black Ops.

  1. Well done nintendo! Your back on track and Wii U coming this Summer/Fall… your going to be drowning with Money.

  2. I had black ops on 3DS at one point. I ended up selling my 3DS before I even opened the pak. Oh well, on to buy a new 3DS=)

  3. Awesome. Hopefully they made enought profits to survive if the Wii U bombs. I’m hoping it doesn’t but I have a feeling it all depends on the price. My theory is that the Wii sold the best because it was the most affordable for people. Hopefully Nintendo will follow suit with the Wii U.

    1. Not quite. The Wii was being sold at $500 on ebay a some retailers in the US. I assume it happened the same in other regions. That is the reason why people thought it was better for Nintendo to charge around $350 for the Wii. People were buying the system at those ridiculous prices because of the unexpected high demand.

      The 3DS had a rough start mainly because of the games since the system did not offer enough innovation like the DS, and because a lot of people thought it was a DS redesign.

      The Wii U is already offering plenty of different stuff to bring in consumers, though it would be better for them to price it nicely.

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