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Kingdom Hearts 3D Includes Recap Of Past Kingdom Hearts Games

Square Enix has revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3D will feature a recap of past Kingdom Hearts games for newcomers of the series. There’s an option in the game called ‘Recollections’ which allows players to catch up with what happened in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, 358/2 Days and the rest of the Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts 3D is out next month in Japan, and is due sometime later this year in the West.



      1. Are you thinking of the 10th anniversary bundle? That Has 358/2 days and RE: Coded on DS and Dream Drop Distance on 3DS in one pack. I doubt sony would ever release a pack that included a nintendo game (or vice versa)


  1. western RPG > Japanese RPG. hence the reason Skyrim/Reckoning/Dragon age/Witcher/Dark souls > final fantasy, kingdom hearts, and other jrpg with gay hair.


    1. No way dude. Jrpgs are better than Western rpgs, imo. A lot more history behind them too.

      I also think they are way too different to make a fair comparison.


    1. *Presses start**Looks up from mario kart7* is god of war on it yet? Oh no its not? *goes back to playing MK7*

      Theres not a single Vita game out that interests me, and I can give 2damns about Call of Duty coming in the fall. Gravity rush looks sweet and Mortal Kombat vitas touchscreen fatalities look badass, but I don’t know of anything on the horizon that would make me spend $250 on another handheld. Especially since im saving to get my WiiU at launch.


  2. This feature would be awesome! I missed out on the DS titles only because I missed out on the PS2 titles (I don’t own a PS2). This is perfect!


  3. Even coming from someone who has played all the Kingdom Hearts games, I say thank god. It’s been a long time since I’ve played some of these (I think the original two are coming up on 5 years), so having a recap is great. Like others are saying, definite smart move.


  4. The wife is always on my case to play Kingdom Hearts – she owns all of the games to date – because I’m such a big Final Fantasy fan (especially when it comes to Final Fantasy VII, as evident from my avatar), so perhaps this would be the perfect place to start?

    All we need now is that Kingdom Hearts pack (with all the “DS” Kingdom Hearts games included) to be released in Australia and I’m all set…


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