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Dungeon RPG Series Etrian Odyssey IV Coming To The Nintendo 3DS

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that dungeon RPG series Etrian Odyssey is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Etrian Odyssey IV game’s staff includes Daisuke Kaneda as director, Nizou Yamamoto as background artist, Shin Nagasawa on monster design, Yuji Himukai as character designer and Yuzo Koshiro on sound. Etrian Odyssey IV will be released on July 5th and will be priced at ¥6,279.

15 thoughts on “Dungeon RPG Series Etrian Odyssey IV Coming To The Nintendo 3DS”

        1. My bad, I meant first one. Who knows, maybe they’ll try a nice fresh start again in Europe with it being on the 3DS.

    1. Apparently Nintendo planned to announce the game during the Japanese Nintendo Direct tomorrow. Guess the Famitsu leak has slightly spoiled their plans somewhat.

        1. its like a first person maze-like rpg. You go around dungeons shaped like mazes and encounter enemies at random and enter in a first person, traditional turn-based rpg, battle with monsters.

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