Pachter Doesn’t Believe That Game Publishers Will Support Wii U

Everyone’s favourite games analyst Michael Pachter has told AdWeek that he doesn’t believe the Wii U will be supported by games publishers.The research analyst who works for Wedbush Morgan also remains unconvinced that Nintendo will be able to successfully court the big named media companies that Nintendo is chasing with Wii U.

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter hadn’t heard about Nintendo’s overtures to the media business, but label him a doubter. “I don’t know if they have the chops to pull it off,” he said. Pachter’s not even sure about the prospects of the Wii U as a gaming platform. “I don’t think game publishers are going to support it.”


    1. Yes, we have, but this guy has so small eyes and ears, so he can’t notice them. He’s funny thou, pointing his nose in every case, making us rage with his nonsense. It’s getting better each time :D

    2. I heard it, Especially from Team Ninja, Sega and Ubisoft!

      I bet Pachter has this massive Non-Nintendo force field around him and the force field filters everything positive about nintendo and only lets in the bad.

      Also he has a Yes-Sony/Micro force field which only lets in positive and filters out the negative…

      Thats what i think Pachter has :/

      I bet it’s true :D

      1. 1. Because EA is mostly a publisher
        2. Because EA games, as well as their online store (Origin) sucks

      2. These developers? I never said developers.

        I said Producers.

        Oh and i believe EA was a developer, or was it a pub?

    1. That would be most interesting….. But if I know nintendo they will be fine. They pull in big names no matter what lol

      1. Ohinternet is bad and you should feel bad. there’s another ED being hosted with .ch in case you didn’t know newfag.

  1. ‘Pachter’s not even sure about the prospects of the Wii U as a gaming platform’

    this little fuck really know how to piss people off.

  2. I’m sure his first-hand experience as a developer and his vast amount of connections inside all those “big-name publishers” makes every word he says 100% true. Why believe actual developers when you have Pachter?

      1. Exactly. Most of the times he is wrong, and then we can laugh at the lame excuse he gives to justify his being wrong. :D

  3. Pachter is a shill for certain companies that don’t want the next gen to come around just when their expensive sunk cost engines are finally starting to pay off.

    If you doubt me, ask yourself why he publicly questioned the January NPD sales figures a couple of weeks ago when everything was showing the kind of declines that you’d associate with a market that is about to see new console announcements.

  4. Patched is such a loser, I bet he was the type of kid who sat angrily in a corner while all the other kids enjoyed the birthday party.

  5. I can’t beleve he forgot about Sega’s support with gearbox also, as well as Ubisoft with Killer Freaks and Ghost Recon Online. also some other companys that came.

    And aswel as Team Ninja. What an Idiot Pachter is, he does not know how much support Sega and Ubisoft has with Wii U.

  6. What the title of the blog post says and what the article actually says are two completely different things. Thia us called “traffic baiting”.

    1. Yeah IGN pulls that same stunt all the time with their negative flame-war magnet articles. Shows how desperate and mindless the “professional journalists” in the industry really are.

      1. Here’s the title:
        Pachter Doesn’t Believe That Game Publishers Will Support Wii U

        Here’s the quote:
        Pachter’s not even sure about the prospects of the Wii U as a gaming platform. “I don’t think game publishers are going to support it.”

    2. Title: Pachter Doesn’t Believe That Game Publishers Will Support Wii U

      Quote: Pachter’s not even sure about the prospects of the Wii U as a gaming platform. “I don’t think game publishers are going to support it.”

      Am I missing something? ‘Cause the title almost copies for word what Pachter says…

      1. It’s annoying that he gets money from saying stuff like this.

        I could easily say

        “Atari and Sega are coming back to the console race with super revolutionary consoles”

        Where’s my money for predicting this?.

  7. ….maybe Patcher means the opposite of what he says and he’s actually been right all along.

  8. im starting to think patcher does this to get the fanboys riled up and prove him wrong by supporting nintendo

    or hes just an ass looking to instigate.

  9. Fool. Everyone should ignore this pathetic excuse for an analyst and carry on with their original thoughts. This guy is wrong, wrong, wrong.

  10. Man I’d really like to just stop hearing about this guy on this blog (the only place I ever hear about him) every single time he says some half-assed opinion about Nintendo.

  11. Oh fuck! Here we go again. Patcher’s name, much like Rick Santorum, should be associated with ass juice. This guy needs to get laid, anyone wanna volunteer to take that bullet for the team?

    Haters gonna hate. There’s always one asshole who will talk shit while he’s losing in order to protect his fragile confidence. Nothing to do other than what Nintendo always does, prove haters wrong.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  12. Sweet jumping zombie Jesus singing the Star Spangled Banner on a Pogo stick.

    Nintendo has OPENLY STATED their relationships with developers and publishers. It was kind of the cornerstone of Wii U announcement event. Since then, companies have had nothing but good things to say about Wii U development, and Microsoft (or was it Sony) have already announced that they’re looking to copy the Wii U tablet idea! This is all public knowledge!

    How does an analyst not know this?

  13. To just about ever commenter on here:
    You mad bro?

    He makes predictions based of analytic studies that can’t be valid for more than a a month at a time.

    1. Yeah, You can really see how Pachter really makes stuff up.

      You know? Pachter should start trolling Xbox because they suck more but he’s a microsofter :(

      1. microsoft now is dead.their consoles and games suck,their ios is stolen from apple e.t.c

  14. I feel bad for the man. I used to like his shows…but he should do a bit more research before making statements like that. I understand that bad publicity is still publicity, and that might be the reason why he says things like these. However, his credibility is on the floor, and every time he makes a comment I see more people laughing at it than people taking his opinions seriously. Pachter, I know you can be better =). Just try a bit harder, man.

  15. Guys, stop giving Pachter attention.

    He’s purposely saying these ridiculous, outlandish things so people will get upset and start sharing with everybody how stupid he is. That is a good thing for him because it is completely free publicity (good for him, bad for Nintendo) and he gets paid by how much “traffic” he brings in, not the accuracy of his predictions.

    He knows Nintendo fans are passionate so he’s purposefully pushing all of our buttons to get a frenzy started.

  16. My favorite part of the article : “Everyone’s favourite games analyst Michael Pachter”
    That put a smirk on my face ;P

    Oh, and btw, is he talking about the rumoured new tablet controller for the xbox 720, saying it’s gonna be a revolution in gaming?
    Oh, and did he also state that it’s about time we see touchscreens on mobile devices, thanks to PSVita ?

    I’m eager for the next-next generation of handheld consoles that will bring 3D, to hear Pachter finally saying that it’s about time someone thinks about giving 3D to us, and how formidable it is.

    Super Pachter World :
    (Nintendo in a hermetic bubble trying to be heard by Pachter, to no avail) –> Pachter –> waving with huge smile –> <– waving back with huge smiles <– Sony and Microsoft <– (guy whispering to them what Nintendo's planning next)

      1. or just say NINTENDO and SONY (not sony at first place.nintendo wrote better history than sony)

      2. Nintendo is always best.

        Sony is not as good but Microsoft is very bad.

        1) Nintendo


        3) Never say microsoft, Commodore 64 is better

  17. Team Ninja, Sega, Ubisoft… those are just 3 of the publishers supporting Wii U, automatically… Pachter is an idiot.

  18. I can’t beleve how much i laughed when i read the first sentence of Sickr’s article, “Everyones favourite game analysis Michel Pachter”

    I beleve sickr should change it to “everyones favourite troll! Michel Pachter” XD

  19. this patcher even his name, sounds like a simpsons style cartoon.. For 5 years now and in yearly bases, he predicts Nintendo’s destruction. Maybe because Nintendo fired him… So basically, people are speaking about someone personal hateful affairs for this company. Sounds stupid!! Who the f$#k is patcher.. lol, now that I typed his name twice, sounds like a sticker too..

  20. People, save yourselves the frustration and wasted time in the future by not reading anything Pachter has to say. How he is still an analyst is beyond me since he’s wrong 99 times out of 100. I’m just doing you all a favor by posting this because I care.

  21. Ok Pachter you just confirmed my thoughts on you.

    I thought you were an analist, where did you got information to state sometime like that? wouldn’t be careless to predict something about the WiiU before the E3 2012? You just talk too much. The informations that sorround the Wii U are under lock and key, but you always seem to have something to predict about Nintendo, and only about Nintendo. That’s because you just want audience, and once you found it on nintendo fans, you always try to rip us off.

    Nice try Pachter!

  22. I wish a black Gorilla fags patcher to death and feeds his carcass to a hippo
    BITCH @$$!
    I hate this guy and I will code a game about him being eaten up by zombies.
    I would love to see the look on his face when Ninty succeed

  23. Ironic, considering Patcher said the 3DS would fail, and it became the best selling console last year.

  24. “Everyone’s favourite games analyst Michael Pachter”

    Lol Sickr, You’re such a troll :3
    You’re totally doing this to watch the hate flow aren’t you? ;)

  25. Patcher knows about as much as I do about the system and its support. A poster at Neogaf has a un-named source that confirmed resident evil 6 will be on the wiiU. There are more collaborations that will become known in the near future. Take two(Rockstar parent company) said they would bring their top titles to the wiiU, rumor about rockstar recieving a wiiU devkit and deciding whether or not to port Grand theft Auto 5 to wiiU. Less than one week later GTA5 is pushed back to 2013, I don’t think this is a couincidence, do you? The system is being/will be supported Patcher is talking out his ass.

  26. Typical Patcher and his bullshit assessments!!! First he says the 3DS was undersold for $250, then he says Wii U isn’t next gen because Nintendo didn’t give him his Wii HD that he was asking for. This guy has some beef with Nintendo for some reason.

  27. Since sickr is posting some opinion of a random guy, I’m going to make a prediction. Here it is Kingdom Hearts III will release on WiiU and PS3, the WiiU will dominate in sales and the 3ds will coexist with the Vita ,it just depends if you prefer Hd over 3d.

  28. Going to defend Patcher here, not that I agree with him or that I want him to be right, but I enjoy Devil’s advocate…

    Nintendo hasn’t necessarily played nice with other game publishers in the past. While the system has been innovative, only first party titles have been able to best utilize the function of every console to date. It’s the reason you saw Playstation rise in the Nintendo 64 days. The Wii U is full of promises and hope and dreams right now: online play, high-res graphics, innovative controls… these are things Nintendo has tried to incorporate in the past and, let’s be fair, there have been as many that panned out to lead the market as ones that failed to be the worst of the three major consoles.

    The hardware is going to be great. It’s going to be innovative. It’s going to be a console (Nintendo or not) like we’ve never seen before. But it’s ultimately the titles that will make or break it. Take the 3DS. Amazing device, capable of something I never thought we’d see in my lifetime when I first played a Game Boy in 1992. But it was considered a failure until some major titles came out for it. There wasn’t a reason to buy it until Mario and Zelda were released for it.

    And since the Wii U is so vastly different than what developers will be accustomed to, I could see how they would rather use a Sony or Microsoft engine that’s more mainstream and familiar. The Wii U will be a multi-purpose device, delving into casual gaming and web browsing to name a few, but gaming could be risky and developers may not be launching in with 100% confidence.

    Again, not saying it’s right or what I want, but I think Patcher has an argument. I’ll be the lone individual that doesn’t crucify him apparently.

  29. Patcher, have you ever heard of EA, Ubisoft, Activison, Capcom, Sega, THQ, Rockstar or Rocksteady? They have all said they are going to support the console. End of discussion.

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