Nintendo Is Approaching Big Media Firms For Wii U Including Comcast

Adweek has published an article that states that Nintendo is courting numerous large media firms to provide content distribution partnerships for Wii U. Nintendo is apparently trying to take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book and provide gamers with a rich multimedia experience using Wii U.

According to the sites sources Nintendo executives arranged meetings with “a select number of top content companies” during this years CES. The companies included Cable networks and Web video producers. One source even said that Nintendo had begun talks with Comcast to become a cable TV distribution. Another source did conclude that “this is very preliminary, it could go nowhere.”



      1. “Leave luck to heaven” is the english translation of the word “Nintendo”.

        I think it’s awesome and I gonna put it at the end of all of my posts. My posts, mind you, not my replies.


      1. why did you have to say that? where did in his post did he indicate that, let alone provoke such a reply? very annoying.


  1. I really want it now. I’m starting to think that Nintendo wants to win XBOX fans back with the Wii U. And Wii U will rock 2012!


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