The Last Story Officially Coming To North America

Nintendo has announced that the long-awaited The Last Story is officially coming to North America. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime wouldn’t announce a release date, but he did say that XSeed will be localizing the title rather than Nintendo.



  1. Its amazing what a bit of moaning will do, never worked for Europe over the years!

    Silly me tho, I forgot, America is the center of the known universe.


  2. Because XSeed will be publishing the game instead of Nintendo, anything related to this game will not be included in the upcoming SSB titles. :(


    1. Xseed may be publishing this game, but it still belongs to Nintendo, so they can use anything from it for SSB. They can’t even publish the game on other consoles since Xseed will only be in charge of localization and getting most of the profits it makes rather than Nintendo.


  3. I knew i! Nintendo was saving the rainfall games for the dying days of the Wii in America. Smart move Hopefully the people who supported rainfall will come out and buy it. Even if they’ve sold off their Wii, they can hold out and play it on Wii U.

    Leave luck to heaven.


    1. Wouldn’t that mean their sales will have poor results? Nintendo is a money company, and if a game doesn’t sell a lot of money in the U.S., its sequels will never be shipped there again.


      1. True. The people who were crying for it last year need to come out in droves and buy it. Even if the they’ve sold off there Wii (like I heard some people say they have) they can still buy the game if they’re planning to buy the Wii U later, because it’s backwards compatible with Wii and all it’s peripherals.


    2. If you think about it, it was the only way they could survive into this year until Wii U arrived. I’ve been saying this forever, but Nintendo MEANT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. Had they released the so-called rainfall games in 2011, there would have been like no games to play this year, not to mention Skyward Sword wouldn’t have been as successful either.


      1. I agree with you, I think it has nothing to do with the Rainfall, this has to do with nintendo’s plan. I’m not saying that rainfall was a mistake or something like that, Just saying that if Nintendo didn’t plan to release this games in america, they would have answered the Rainfall quickly.


  4. So excited! This game looks awesome!

    Let’s hope XSeed just uses the European voices, because if they hired the same people whom were used for Arc Rise Fantasia, I will play this game on mute.


  5. Gah, as much as I am happy for the normal us citizens that are getting it now, I really am pissed about the fact that the whiny little bitches got what they whined for. Damn rainfall


  6. Look like Pandora’s Tower is coming to US. Since Reggie stated that this game is the last BEST Wii Game. Other than Dragon Quest X. Also I knew Nintendo of America was saving it for last. They wanted Zelda Skyward Sword to have the end of 2011.


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