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Check Out These Awesome Mario And Luigi 3DS Hat Pouches On Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo is now offering Mario and Luigi pouches for those of you that want somewhere special to keep your Nintendo 3DS. The Mario pouch was available a while ago on Club Nintendo, but they’ve now decided to add a Luigi pouch for good measure. The Mario and Luigi pouches are available from Club Nintendo for 250 points each.


  1. Ugh even Europe gets better Club Nintendo awards than us in the USA. Look at our ‘awesome’ shoelaces! Behold the almighty notebooks! At least we get games for coins to counter most of the garbage we get.

    1. Believe me, Europe gets only bullshit as well.
      If there is anything “useful” or something, then it’s expensive as hell. We didn’t even get that pouch here in Europe.

    1. Club Nintendo Australia is a complete joke, and not even worth offering… They may as well just close it down and save themselves some money in the process.

      You compare the rewards catalog for Club Nintendo America to that of Australia and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

  2. I’m not usually one to complain but NOA is really lacking in reward awesomeness compared to other countries….especially Japan. Japan’s rewards also look so much more ….durable than ours.

  3. sickr, start specifying which region these rewards are in, please. It gets annoying, checking every time I see a post, only to later see it’s Japanese.

  4. They designed the pouches with the zippers on the bottom. All your contents are going to spill out!!!

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