Nintendo UK and Europe has announced that the recently announced Pokemon Black & White 2 will be coming to Europe in the Autumn. Fans can anticipate plenty of new surprises when the game’s launch on Nintendo DS this year. More announcements will be coming soon.



  1. Let’s hope that means it’s coming to N.A. in the Autumn…also Sickr, there have been people using my email address to troll my comments :( Can i do anything to stop this? (I can almost bet that they’ll troll this comment…bunch of no life loser…)


  2. Pokemon Black and White have a real story while the others doesn’t probably why it got a sequel cause we have no clue what happen to N after flying off and Team Plasma fate.
    Also the history behind Team Rocket and Team Plasma is going to be revealed in this game I hope cause the episode for Pokemon Best Wishes of Team Rocket vs Team Plasma never aired in Japan.


    • I think they call it black and white 2 mostly because black and white were reboots and the first pokemon game, red and blue were anounced to have a sequel called pocket monsters 2 which ended up being gold and silver . This may be reminicent fromt that idea. Of course I’m hoping we may see some long lost features from pokemon gold deleted in developement, such as the skateboard.


  3. I knew they were going to save it for christmas season. It makes sense. it would drive software sale and 3DS is backward compatible with DS so it may even move some hardware too.

    Leave luck to heaven.


  4. And then it turns out that they do make Grey and Grey 2. Just after BW2.
    Really though, I see why they had it like this. For example, Black had more Technology than White in terms of how it looked (Opelucid City). So what’s Grey to do? And the whole Truth and Ideals thing would need a third element to represent Kyurem. BW2 makes it so Nintendo doesn’t have to risk being terrible. BW2 might be a plain remake, or it might not.


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