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Kingdom Hearts 3D Coming To Europe In July?

Square Enix has reportedly leaked the European release date for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance on its online store as July 27th 2012. Shortly afterwards Square Enix updated the store and deleted the July release date, they then put a tentative summer release date down for the game. Kingdom Hearts 3D is due out March 29th in Japan.

55 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3D Coming To Europe In July?”

    1. Revenge for all the games you got but Europe didn’t. :P

      Jokes aside, I think it’s because Europe likes Nintendo more while all the COD fanboys take you guys over or something like that. Also stuff like they probably don’t think many people will like these style of games (Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade) so that’s why they ignore you. Maybe they’ll notice you guys more in the future, but see how long it took for you guys to get Xenoblade, you had to make some whole project and everything. (No offense)

      1. And were getting last story and HOW DARE U CALL ME A COD FANBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COD IS MY MORTAL ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SUCH A DUMB, TIME SUCKING….*goes on 4 hours about how COD is a horrible negative violent infulence, and so are shooters in general*

        1. I WASN’T D:

          I was just saying due to the amount of COD fans, the amount of other games popularity falls. Of course, COD will never be as big as Dragon Quest is Japan. They bring the games out in the weekend just so there isn’t a riot from school-children. XD

      2. i have friends who like cod but still love nintendo. plus im from america not everyone is a cod fan alot of us hate it i hate. i love kingdom hearts more then anything and naruto. im american but love jrpgs so stfu

        1. Um, no. I’m FROM America & I hate the average American. Note that I said “average”. Just like anywhere, there’s good people too, but many of the stereotypes DO fit. It’s like the whole “niggas” killing “niggas” thing. Just because they are the same color & have to “grow up in tha hood” (as the movie stereotypes often present) doesn’t mean they like or stand by each other. The death toll in the daily news & all around me as I myself, live in the city, is a real everyday thing. The economy won’t recover because the “average” American does NOT want to work. They’ll live off of unemployment & steal anything that’s not nailed down. Even some of the people I know that actually do have decent paying jobs, were just arrested for shoplifting at the Mall of America of all places. Poignant, no? It’s just in the fiber of this “GTA mentality” society. There’s a reason GTA was a phenomenon in this country & not really in Japan. It’s a mind-boggling self-right attitude. My employers have shocked me with their moral choices in business over the years. The “average” customer at our store are: FAT, football consumed, racist, ignorant, fundamentalist, diabetic & yes; COD loving idiots do live amongst us here in America & sadly, THIS is average in America 2012. But, it’s OK. They have remedies. When one of my co-workers was diagnosed with diabetes, he switched to “DIET Pepsi”, but still started his day (this will last them from only 11AM-12:00PM) with a GIANT 44oz. Diet Pepsi from yep, a convenience store called “SuperAmerica”. When his wife reached 350 lbs, she got gastric bypass surgery (basically ripping up her insides, so she could eat less), & quickly lost 100 lbs! …………….only to gain it all back, PLUS MORE in less than a year (because you can “stretch” your stomach back out, if you just love to fucking eat). But, hey that’s just the “average” American. As I said, there ARE good people here too, just not nearly enough! But enough about that…….

          How about the the fact that the American dollar is still worth crap & that truly factors in more than anything.

          It really only comes down to MONEY.

            1. WHY would I “stfu”?

              Which parts did I make up? NONE. Maybe I do need to “move out of the city”. But, that’s what life in American cities IS. It’s real, these people DO exist.

  1. I like when stuff leaks out over the net and they have to scramble to remove it afterwards, like game release info, hardware specs and celebrites’ nude pictures.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  2. BORING! Why are any of you even excited for this awful game? Look at it, its foolish and naive, all JRGPs should just go die in a hole. The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Reckoning >>>> Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and all other gay hair JRPGs.

      1. why do you even bother to read something you are not interested in you really need something to use your time like a girlfriend NERD..

  3. umm…….sickr we got a problem i think theres two Christopher Weil’s O_o well anyway cant wait for this game love kingdom hearts :3

  4. Hopefull the U.S. will get it just as fast. I am so excited for this game! Kingdom Hearts: Recoded left me craving the next game in the series.

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    1. I like the first model more better sticks and they need to add a L3 and R3 kind Of prest button to THE sticks just like the PS2/3 and xbox360

      1. Yeah, but did they add the extra features like restore points? I just downloaded them and shut off my 3DS cause I have to go to sleep lol

  7. Wow I’m seeing NO linkbacks to the source of this story (which appears to be GimmeeGimmeeGames). MyNintendoNews, if you can’t properly source your stories I can’t see how any of us are supposed to source you in return.

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