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Pokemon Black & White 2 Coming to North America This Fall

Nintendo of America has announced via a press release that both Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 will be coming to North America sometime in the Fall this year. Nintendo Europe already issued a press release earlier today stating that Pokemon Black & White 2 is coming to Europe in the Autumn.

113 thoughts on “Pokemon Black & White 2 Coming to North America This Fall”

          1. I believe it is not a matter of which gen is the best. You see, people talk about the first gen because those Pokémon were very charismatic, and you have to agree that the most of the newer gen pokemon don’t share have that charisma. Also, the first and second generations were way more popular since they came right in the start of the whole Pokémon fever. So most people actually like the first gen better because of their childhood memories, I myself am one of them, but I do admit that the new generation games are by far better than the first ones.

          2. no. Bidoof beats a pidgey? i think not. if this game comes to american, i’ll freaken quit pokemon. it’s gotten pathetic.
            ever since the 4th gen came out pokemon has gone so far down hill.

        1. Not Garbodor. Everyone hates Garbodor. Also the new legendary looks a little…eh. Unless it’s as powerful as Mewtwo and all those like 10 pokemon just as strong as him I’ll probably just stick to my current team…

            1. Dumbass? like people really care to know that anymore. Pokemon are actually just ridiculous nowadays. That’s a pokemon – but not just any, it’s a legendary and it looks stupid. It’s just a bunch of sharp jagged edges. It looks like some ridiculous robot. It’s stupid, absolutely stupid. The first two generations were by far better. The pokemon were based on animals and were given elemental powers. Now we have some stupid samurott thing that has swords on it’s legs? Seriously? Pokemon need to stop trying to be a badass and go back to grassroots – animals that fight. Stop trying to modernize and appeal to some sort of tough, bad-boy idea. It’s dumb.

              1. Hey…. theres maybe one or two cool designs in the newer games and the gameplay itself is improved (Remember grinding in the victory road cave? Shudder…) But yeah, for the most part ALL pokemon from the old games had better design, with better purpose.

              2. Get over yourself. Pokemon is Pokemon. Obviously Pokemon isn’t the same as it used to be but what do you expect? I too loved the original Pokemon from Gen I and II but can YOU come up with better Pokemon that can deliver what they have in the past? I appreciate the developers actually trying to keep Pokemon going alive and strong. Each series are separate and distinct which makes them in their own way, a great game.

                I’m pretty interested in this new pokemon :)

              3. The games are gonna sell millions regardless of what anyone thinks. If that wasn’t the case Black and White would have not broken records.

              4. hey you know why! pokemon hasnt gone back to there animal that fight because pokemon has been going on so long they have done every animal you cant hold on to the past forever buddy so just let the old pokemon go. enough of the god damn stupid ass shit about old pokemon being better we all fucking get it!

            1. well if u want him keldeo and meloetta why dont u use a ar code like me they are a part of my regular team and i dont care what people say but it is fun espescialy when people see my greeting: the power of GENESECT. let me show you!

        2. Dude stop spouting phrases from vp that don’t even apply to the situation, it makes you seem ignorant. He didn’t mention Gen I at all, and you’re falling back to the same arguments used on a completely different site for COMPLETELY different purposes.

          Also your icon is Arceus.

        1. this is hilarious. Nintendo are making millions a year with these games and you say they’re shit. Get over yourself mate.

    1. I cannot even wait to get the game either. Right now I feel like expolding because I LOVE POKEMON GAMES!!!! I have every single pokemon game.

      1. You’ll notice that he said for us. That probably means he’s from the U.S.. -____- Also it’s spelled people, not ppl, which makes you fucking stupid. People are fucking assholes.

  1. Davin Ockerby (aka Platinum Lucario)

    Still sticking with generation 4, not gonna go any further than generation 5. Not gonna buy Black/White or their sequels. It just doesn’t seem original anymore. D:

    1. They don’t seem original because things have to change after 15 years. Many people seem to think that the first generation introduced the best Pokemon, which is just because the designs and basis of the Pokemon are forced to change, because you wouldn’t want the 498 Pokemon introduced after RBY to all resemble those original 151.

    2. Don’t look original? have you seen Muk, voltorb, Mr mime, Jynx, rattata, pidgey and its evo’s, dragonite, charizard and others?

    3. “It just doesn’t seem original anymore. D:”
      But Gen 4 is? if you’re going to start with the originality thing, then you should’ve stopped playing at Gen 2…besides Gen 5 is way better then Gen 3 and 4, with 4 being the worst…

    4. How do you figure it doesnt seem original anymore? Black/White featured all 100% new pokemon that were never seen before! you didnt even see any of the older familiar ones until after beating the main story! I for one found it refreshing.

    1. I know! I’m probably going to
      Trade Mario 3D Land as trade tieless this game. Mario was good, but I must have this Pokemon!

  2. It seems i’m going to let my wife and kids go and make more time for Nintendo JK LOL . But it just not enough time for all these games the 3Ds is in beastmode rite now and we’re soon to get Wii u.

  3. I wouldn’t mind a “reboot” of the first 150 pokemon. I thought B/W were the best gameplay so far, but the Pokemon designs were awful. I only liked 30 – 40% of them.

    I hope the sequel offers new Pokemon that are more … IDK, they need to be better somehow. I’ll leave it to gamefreak.

    I also hope, since it is a sequel, that we don’t get 150 more. I’d prefer maybe 25 to 50 more, and then let us keep learning to use the ones we have.

    1. As much as you troll this site, you are totally right. But then again, pokemon always adds brand new dynamics to their series rather than CoD just simply rehashin everything together and throwin in some modified guns and a new map

    2. not really they’ve been working on this game most likely since 2010….and its a actual continuation of the story…so…..ur stupid

    3. It’s a continuation of Black and White’s story. They actually left quite a bit untouched. Especially mentioned that N and Ghetsis were seen in another region. Most likely this game will take place elsewhere with different protagonsits.

      Also, CoD tends to rehash the same mechanics or make worse ones *cough* Black Op’s handicaps going toward the winners *cough* Oh yes, and some of the games use a random damage ratio rather than consistent damage based where you shoot. E.g. I could shoot you in the head and not get a kill with, say a rifle. Yet, a Pistol still has a chance of 1hkoing you regardless of where I shoot. Seems fair, right? *I’ll kick your ass if you seriously find this fair.*

      Pokemon makes overall changes.
      – 2nd gen added Breeding, Separate Special Attack/ Special Defense stats, and More balanced EV/IV mechanics
      – 3rd gen added Abilities, Natures, Further balanced EV mechanics and Double Battles
      – 4th gen perfected the EV/IV mechanics, made separate special/physical moves for every type rather than it relying on the type (e.g. the elemental punches were STILL special), and wifi battling
      – 5th gen gave us Triple AND rotation battles, almost full internet connectivity with our games, and fixed up move and ability mechanics to make them more useful (e.g. Sturdy works as long as you had full HP before the attack, not just for 1hko moves)

      So, while they all may seem the same, the way they work is still different and is constantly changing. And I didn’t even mention how the stories are becoming more enthralling and dark. So, you sir, need to do your research before complaining.

  4. Considering how they’re doing the mascots for these games, I guess it’ll somehow involve the legendary that N gets. I don’t really believe the theory that this game will focus on N though.

    If this game is made the same way as previous third games (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, etc). then perhaps this game features the same story as B/W, only N’s legendary ends up fusing with Kyurem in some way.

    1. No. It doesn’t. If you payed attention in Black And white’s story, they left a lot unsaid. Not to mention in the post-story they mention that N and Ghetsis were spotted in another region. This most likely means we’re getting a literal sequel.

    1. It’s because Zekrom/Reshiram are ying-yang pokemon. They’re only halves of a whole. Kyruem, is a symbolism of nothing. According to lore in the games, Kyruem crashed into the planet and had his armor beat up. If you noticed, the peices of Reshiram and Zekrom are fixing his broken parts. My theory is that because Reshiram and Zekrom originated from the Black and White stones, Zekrom will fuse with the stones rather than the actual pokemon themselves.

  5. stop saying that gen 5 or any gen isnt good all of them are great its nothing much wrong with them its a couple of problems sure but seriusly stop being so judgemental what do u guys expect there like 600 pokemon and they make a game every year you cant expect them to have all great ideas

  6. I don’t want to sound stupid or something, but as a non-native-american-speaker I just wanted to know… What’s the difference between “fall” and “autumn” ? In school they told me it’s the same. And uh, which one’s later, autumn or fall ?
    Anyway… To the people who say something like “Generation 5 isn’t the same Pokemon anymore”… Uh, it sure is. It has the same concept like 1st Generation: Catching Pokemons, training them, earning the badges, becoming champion. That’s pretty much all every single Pokemon game is about. Generation 5 has just more added, more extras, more things to do and some kind of a story/plot. So, when saying you don’t like the 5th Generation, you’re basically saying that you don’t like Pokemon in general, it has the same pattern/concept like every other Pokemon game after all. If you don’t like the new Pokemons and their looks (which I don’t as well, they look pretty ridiculous in a way, with a few exceptions), that’s a whole different thing.

  7. Tauros need an evolution some think like the minotaurs from god of war.tauros was the king of RBY now its like no one loves it anymore

  8. The Only Pokemon Champion

    wow, this is the fastest time in which a pokemon game reached western areas after its Japan release, even beat Ruby and Sapphire
    bravo nintendo, i applaud you for your good work, but by that time hopefully, ill be to busy with my Wii U :)

  9. K, guess i am not buying it because they are obviously to lazy to make it for the 3DS i am tired of the old graphics give me some more quality!

    1. You say that now but you’ll miss it later. I’m tired of these graphics to, but I want 3D. but I’ll miss walking around as a weird pixel man : (

    2. Lots of people still ilke the normal DS over the 3DS, this is probably why they made it on the normal DS.

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  13. Just when i think i have the pokemon pattern down they do this. But besides that what as hapened to the creative names of pokemon. The new legendaries are Kyurem black and Kyurem white…… God dmait nintendo

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  18. Lol @ Fake Image in use. The Japanese box art is much better and Nintendo in America almost always uses the Japanese box art for games.

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  21. I disagree with all of ya because even though ya think the pokemon games were made with animals, those animals we still fused with another object. For example Bulbasaur was a plant fused with an animal. Charmander is a lizard fused with fire. And finally Squrtle is a turtle fused with a acid puddle. So ya cannot be arguing of why Zekrom and Reshiram were fused with Kyurem.

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  30. Well regardless of what anyone says, I’m going to buy the game. I have been plain pokemon since I was like 3 or 4. And those of youbwho say it’s not original, play a hacked pokemon game.

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