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How Did The Last Story Do When It Launched In The UK Last Week?

As the majority of you will be aware the fantastic The Last Story launched in the UK on Friday. The game managed to reach number fifteen in the UK all-formats charts, which to be honest isn’t too bad. The Last Story made its début at number two in the Wii Charts. The Last Story has already been confirmed for release later this year in North America.

29 thoughts on “How Did The Last Story Do When It Launched In The UK Last Week?”

  1. Considering the amount of crap that my fellow UK gamers buy – and the Wii stalling – thy is an incredible achievement and bodes well for other JRPG releases here. Maybe Ni No Kuni in early 2013 (seeing as it’s coming here to the PS3 around then).

  2. I ordered my copy off the HMV website on Thursday, still waiting for it to arrive :( a little disappointed that it only came in at 15th overall. Hopefully the sales wont drop drastically and it’ll have been worth NOE time.

  3. Just because I can:

    Vita sold better.

    Uncharted #1
    FIFA #2

    And only because all the “3DS continues to be better at life than the vita” headings I’ve seen.
    ^ and yes I realize I put a horrible pun there.

    1. I found it annoying and stupid too, people forget that the 3DS had an awful launch too but now look at it. It’s always too soon to jump to conclusions when anything is launched. I’m so glad to see Vita titles at the top since it’s a fantastic console.

      1. Traditionally the start of the year is slow in the UK. 7-10 thousand sales sees you in the top ten. When the Vita is top at Christmas then it’ll be doing well. All consoles do well in week one as people want to see new tech. That I saw two people take it back to Grainger Games today (less than a week since launch) doesn’t bode well for it.

        1. the vita returns are due to defective units i had a defective unit after one day of use called sony support and ot even the restart power button trick worked on it since sony had the nerve to tell me it would take 20 days to get my vita back i decided to just return it where i bought it for a 3G model which i must say is working flawlessly of course im not using the 3G portion of it yet. The system is AWESOME they just need to be more prepared for its release date and have better quality control in their sweat shop assembly line! I actually play it more than my 3DS but that could be due to my lack of wanting to re-play 20 yr old classics. Nintendo really needs more fresh games and stop re-making everything. How many times do i have to play with mario! Funny they should make a Mario game where he is like 60yrs old with grey hair and a walker then he could get a mushroom and it would make him turn young again til he gets hit then he goes back to grampy mario again!

      2. Yeah the thing is, PS Fanboys ripped on the 3DS mercilessly when it launched, and now that they’re getting a taste of their fanboy medicine they can’t take it. They act like a victim

  4. The Last Story got 4/10 in the swedish site which is run by the game magazine Level. I quote (translated):

    “After only 43 minutes I have to take a break to shower of all the cliches, stupid dialogues, early-PS2-game environments and the biggest plot hole since Twin Peaks. The water that pours down my cheek tastes like salt.”

    The reviewer was hoping for a game that would justify Hironobu Sakaguchi whose done nothing but wrong the last couple of years. Which I myself also think is a shame. I’d like the magic feeling from Final Fantasy IX back.

    1. Wow, a 4 out of 10? Wish I could read that review because other critics have given TLS a lot of praise. And, uh, chances are, I’ll probably disagree with much of that review anyway because I happen to love the work that Sakaguchi has done lately, especially Lost Odyssey. Hope that reviewer just doesn’t dislike the guy or something :/

    2. To me, Final Fantasy IX is near a masterpiece.
      As for the review, almost 20 sites give Xenoblade a score between 90-100. But I never like the game even I played more than 3 hours. More hours than this Swedish reviewer.
      Pandora’s Tower get a 7/10 at a PS/XBOX fan site, so how come Last Story only get 4/10? One of the reason because of stupid dialogues? Something fishy here.

  5. How did it do… Because of GAME I wasnt able to buy it, cant believe they cancelled it one day before release. GAME has ruined their own reputation, in future I will take my business elsewhere.

    1. Yeah I was going to say how 15th in February is nothing to write home about but then I remebered that the biggest two stores in the UK for selling games cancelled their orders the day before launch.

  6. Where can I look at the US all-format charts for games? I don’t know where to look, and I read a few months ago a dependable site for that kind of thing stopped showing sales.

  7. Doesn’t really deserve more than 15. Tbh the game is pretty mediocre. It feels so awkward to attack by walking towards enemies and you cant use gale in manual mode. The battle system is clunky as hell..

  8. The only reason it was 15th was because of the Game cancelling all of its preorders and not selling the game anymore. If it didn’t, the game would have sold much better.

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