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Journalists Misquote Team Meat

In an interview with Nintendo Gamer magazine Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes was quoted as saying that the Nintendo 3DS eShop has a filesize limit of 2GB. Refenes has come out to say that he was missquoted, and the Nintendo 3DS eShop doesn’t have a 2GB limit. Here’s the original quote from Tommy Refenes, in case you didn’t see it:

“WiiWare’s 40MB is horrible, but 3DS’s 2GB is reasonable”


24 thoughts on “Journalists Misquote Team Meat”

  1. I was gonna say 2GB is massive for a portable game, many xbox games on demand and arcade games don’t even come out to that amount

    1. I think it IS pretty big in limit, I mean, Pushmo had 1/4 less storage than Mighty Swith Force, that had like, 2,000+ bites

  2. On calculations, my 3DS 2 GB SD card has used up, literally, over 9000(!!!1111!!!!) “Blocks” on software.

    Mighty Switch force is a pretty big game, 1,617
    Dillon’s RW: 374
    Sakura S: 457
    Pushmo: 144

    Hopefully, someone will guess how much blocks equal

      1. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

        I just copied and pasted my files from a computer. I upgraded to an 8 gb and it worked flawlessly

    1. I did some research and some calculations. If I didn’t miss anything. it was more complicated than I thought. To put it simple and clean, because in reality it has some decimal values.

      10 blocks = 1MB

      It means that eShop is not as limited as Wiiware. My larger game is Might Switch Force, it has 1.617 blocks, which means 161,7 MB.

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  4. Think about this:

    The original Sega Rally arcade machine (and Sega Saturn version) was a 40MB game.

    A lot of WiiWare games look worse graphically, or have less gameplay than this old racer.

    Even if WiiWare games need more lines of code etc. to create, You can still do a lot with 40MB.

    It just seems like developers are using the 40MB limit as an excuse, when game reviewers give their efforts low marks.

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