Here’s Some Adorable Photos Of Uggie, Nintendo’s First-Ever Spokesdog

Nintendo of America has posted some photos of Nintendo’s first Spokesdog, Uggie, enjoying Nintendogs + Cats on the Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS. To encourage consumers to be responsible pet owners, Uggie lends a paw by showing how the game includes valuable tips on how people can maintain happy, healthy relationships with their furry friends in real life.


  1. YAY First :D

    anyway, Uggie? the uggie name is from family guy xD

    I seen better dogs anyway

      1. You took too long to pull my penis out of your butt. Thats why you failed.

      2. Lets Fuck everybody!!

        Troll like you mean it, mister ass fucker! XD

  2. Cute dog. They forgot to include the picture where he pisses on the 3DS to mark his territory.

      1. I’m not hating on the 3DS. I was just saying that dog piss on things to mark their territory.

        Some people said my “Leave luck to heaven” thing was annoying them, so I stopped it. I’m not here to cause any problems.

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