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Check Out The Official Zelda Crystal Armour Case For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo UK has teamed up with PDP to create a brand new protective case for the Nintendo 3DS console. The protective case is billed as the ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Limited Edition Crystal Armour Case’, the package promises “the perfect blend of style and protection”. The Crystal Armour is available to purchase from today, and comes with a recommended retail price of £14.99.


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  1. I have that one. It’s a pain to take on and off and there’s a few imperfections around the edges where they break the plastic out of the molds. But once it’s on, it looks sick as heck. It also adds a nice weight to the 3DS and, in my opinion, makes it easier to hold due to the added bulk. Obviously it doesn’t work with the Circle Pad Pro.

    1. It’s apparent that this is new to the UK. I do think it’s hilarious that the article calls the artwork “brand new” even though it’s been around since OoT’s first release.

      Still, it’s killer artwork and looks awesome on a black or red 3DS. I’ve got the LE Zelda 3DS so I don’t use my crystal cover too often.

      1. Thanks for letting me know. It’s only just been released in the UK as I mentioned in the article. We don’t always get things early ;-)

  2. ah we got these here in the US and they’re a b*tch to get off once you put one on hahaha xD (can’t use the circle pad pro with the case on)

  3. That picture of Link and Sheik fighting a horde of monsters will always be epic :)

  4. Nintendo: “Nobody is buying our 3DS accessories, they are going for better quality 3rd party stuff instead!”
    “What the hell should we do to shift this cheap shit that our warehouses are flooded with?”

    Staff member: “Try dropping the price to match 3rd party items, perhaps?”

    Nintendo: “NO! We must take gamers for as much money as we can!!”
    “Lets just stick a picture of Zelda or Mario on the thing, then fanboys will be stupid enough to buy our Chinese-made, useless accessories that break after 5 minutes!”

    Staff member: “A brilliant idea, make it so, Chinese sweat houses!”

      1. I disagree.

        I cant use the circle pad with this shell on. and it doesnt stop my top screen getting lines down the side when i close my 3DS.
        Wish i hadnt bought the shell case now. waste of money

    1. Thats because you are not stupid enough to buy that shit.

      Well done for not buying that cheap rubbish :)

  5. That case is already pretty old man I remember selling that at the Eb games store I work for when Zelda 3d remake first came out.

  6. I love the artwork on it. The black one with Link and Ganondorf fighting is more epic, though.

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