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Metal Gear Solid 3D Features Yoshi!

It’s been revealed that the Nintendo 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater will feature a surprise appearance from our lovely green dinosaur Yoshi. Yoshi will appear throughout the game, and it’s your job to spot him out in the jungle. Find all the Yoshi’s littered throughout the game, and you’ll get a secret stealth item.

47 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid 3D Features Yoshi!”

    1. exactly. Some yoshis are tricky to find and they make a loud noise when shooted.

      the first time I spotted one and shooted it, I thought: “sonofabitch! i’m screwed!!!” but the alarm didn’t ring. I’m not sure if the guards can’t hear it, or it didn’t happen cause they were far from it.

    1. Yeah, and there would be the four colored Yoshis like in SMW. Snake could ride the red Yoshi and be a walking flame thrower! lol

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  2. Not new news but oh well, thans.
    Anyway, HEY people this is he first MGS I play!! (except from the very first one from NES)
    I’ve spoted my first Yoshi in the game! I can’t touch it but I’ve shot a tranquilizer dart to it, and it started to do the SNES Yoshi sound (“wiichiiii!” or whatever)
    Please tell me, is this enough to count this Yoshi as seen?? Or do I need to drop it someway to the ground and pick it up by hand??
    Please help me, I’m a MGS rookie ;) THANKS! =)

    1. This is my first MGS game too. You just need to shoot it and look for the next one in the next area. He’s stationary so you can’t pick him up. Most are really easy to spot and some I don’t even know if he’s there! You don’t have to shoot all of them in one try so you could replay the game as many times as you need to to get the secret item (if it is an item).

  3. Para-Medic: Snake! you caught a Yoshi! –– Yoshi is a popular character from Super Mario games.
    Snake: Uhuh… so how does it taste?
    Para-Medic: …wait……you’re not gonna–?
    Snake: Uhm… yeah I was thinking about it.

    1. The funny thing is that i actually read the dialogs with snake and para-medic’s voices hahaha

      – google translator –

  4. Yoshi in Metal Gear?

    What about Metal Gear fans who dont like Mario?
    Ever thought that people might want to play a game without having Mario, Yoshi etc. rammed down their fucking throat every 5 minutes?

    I thought Nintendo were trying to shake-off the “kiddy image” but it seems they want to ruin serious games from other companies (Konami) now! :\

    This kind of shit should stay in Smash Brothers.

    Im a serious Metal Gear fan, and i wont be buying this game now.

    1. Its just a type of easter egg, chill dude. Let the companies make fun stuff in their games. Like in Ocarina of Time, nobody got pissed when Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and Peach were all able to be spotted in Zelda’s window. Besides, they’re an image to what the company’s foundation was. What got them to where they are now? Thats right, Mario! Not Metal Gear. Stop trolling.

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  6. More ideas for ways Nintendo can Fuck up games:

    Fox McCloud playable in The Elder Scrolls.

    Princess Peach replaces every Premier league player in Fifa’13

    Lead Character in Mass Effect 3 is Wario.

    Zelda replaced with Banjo in all future games.

    All planes in Ace Combat 3D replaced with Mr. Game & Watch.

    All Tekken characters replaced with Luigi as the only playable character.

    Kingdom Hearts set in the Mushroom Kingdom only.

    Smash Brothers characters replaced with One Direction retards, and set in a public toilet block.

    Tomb Raider is re-released with Krystal as the lead character…

    *Actually id pay for the last one.

    1. Hey did you know in one of the soul calibur games that Link was a playable character… You could fight as link in it.

      And in you list… is Smash Bros characters get replaced with 1D… I’m never picking up a nintendo game ever again.

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