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Here’s The Gorgeous Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS Packaging

Nintendo of Japan has released the first images of the recently announced Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS packaging. The Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS console goes on sale on March 22nd, and will retail for 15,000 yen. Nintendo Europe and Nintendo of America have yet to announce a release date for the console in their respective regions.


    1. YEAH! Ever since i was young, way before i got the 3DS… my favorate color was Cobalt.

      I wish this was the launch color not aqua :(

    2. We don’t even have the Ice White one in America yet so I don’t see the US getting this one anytime soon.

  1. To trade in my black 3DS for this, or to not trade in my black 3DS for this…
    I guess I’ll have to see one in person before I make my choice! xD

  2. I so wish they had this shade at launch as opposed to the rather dull Aqua Blue…

  3. Love this. I hope i can get this. But I already have an ambassador one. Choices choices….

      1. if this can only use japanese 3ds games but american normal ds games im gunna cry i orderd 1 so fingers crossed

      2. Japanese consoles are of a different region that American ones so yes, they can only play Japanese games, sorry.

    1. Yet it wasn’t a release date color. :( Still okay with my aqua blue though. (Ambassadors FTW!)

  4. Oh man this looks exactly like my first DS, the Cobalt Blue Ds Phat. So nostalgic, I think I’m finally getting a 3ds once this one comes out~

  5. Is anyone else annoyed that they’re releasing another shade of blue when they could release purple, green, orange, etc.? Sigh.

    1. Same here they should really make a green 3DS. I all ready got the perfect name for it “Forest Green”.

  6. I just wish Nintendo wakes up and releases some games for the handheld. Paper Mario was announced a while ago and still it does not have a release date yet. I almost sold my 3DS for the lack of games on the handheld!

    1. Are you implying Nintendo hasn’t been releasing games for the handheld? That the upcoming Kid Icarus doesn’t count for anything along with the titles it has already released? Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion will arrive one day but it’s not like we have nothing to play until then.

    1. XD!

      Xbox is for kids. It’s true because Kinect has no true games and Xbox only has Halo as a good exclusive.

  7. I’m happy with my Ambassador Aqua Blue. I’ll wait for the eventual re-model to get a new 3DS.

  8. Screw it i have an Ambassador 3DS with all of my data and everything and my finger prints and Starfox game skin on the back. I really want a Cobalt as it’s my favorate color (I currently have aqua). Cobalt blue for ever ^_^ But im not getting a new 3DS and lossing all of my memorys :P

  9. That’s… what kills me…
    I have an aqua blue and I love it, but everyday they come up with new colors! That Flame Red bastard almost made me buy a new one, now this! OMG!

  10. I’m tempted to trade my Cosmo Black 3DS in for this one, but the fact that it’s apart of the Ambassador Program is what’s preventing me.

  11. We want more games instead of new 3DS colors. We are waiting for Paper Mario ,Luigis Mansion, Proffesor Layton (America), etc. Who thinks the same?

  12. Who gives a shit what colour console you have? It still plays the same game’s, but if they release a green one I’ll sell my own grandmother.

  13. I’ll stick with my Zelda 3DS

    But damn it nintendo, this should have been a launch color

      1. Maybe you weren’t trying to be but I found your reply comment to be kind of rude. Please don’t jump to conclusions. I love Nintendo and Nintendo products. I’m a casual gamer. My lifestyle is just so busy these days I don’t have the time to play as much as I used to. Not to mention the 3DS doesn’t have a game selection that I find to be that great just yet, hence what I meant about not having much use for the system. I have been holding out until they do, but after seeing this post I found myself entertaning the possibility of buying one earlier than planned because of the blue.

  14. That’s got to be the most beautiful package box I’ve ever seen for the most beautiful handheld color I’ve ever seen. I’m definitely getting one, though I’m going to wait to get the Fire Emblem Edition.

  15. Nintendo why do you wish to only ship this to Japan/Europe??? What about North America???? I think alot of people would buy this or trade in there Aqua Blue 3DS in for it including me. You make me mad Nintendo. I can see why we don’t have the “Ice White” 3DS but really u take this from us too??

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