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Grab The Latest Edition Of Game Informer To Get A Free Kid Icarus AR Card

It’s been confirmed that the latest edition of US gaming publication Game Informer will come with a free Kid Icarus: Uprising augmented reality card. Nintendo has previously stated that there’s going to be hundreds of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards to collect before, and after, the game launches on March 23rd in North America and Europe.

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16 thoughts on “Grab The Latest Edition Of Game Informer To Get A Free Kid Icarus AR Card”

  1. Will subscribers be getting this? We didn’t get the mario poster that was in the magazine’s shelf issue two issues ago :(

    1. When i saw April i saw my life flash before my eyes i ran and looked for my receipt to find the correct date i’m supposed to pic it up and THANK GOD sickr got the day wrong and not me

  2. The AR cards only read an image… so what stops someone taking a picture of the AR card and everyone else can use them? (like the person who tatooed one on their arm and can use it.

    I know this will work and packs will sell for collectors, but I kind of don’t see how it is going to be profitable or if it woul dhelp the magazine that much (at least a poster or special concept art cards have the addition of wanting them on glossy/nice paper – but these are more function over something to put on display).

  3. dis game seem too hard for me but me get all nintendo game, me tink all game an concole not made by nintendo is bull shits and copys of nintendo, microcock and sony are thieves.

  4. So does that mean we will get another card with Nintedno Power? I’m subscribed to both, so I hope I get them.

  5. I’m sure someone will make an app with all the cards on them. Just as they have for the standard AR cards and the Pokemon AR codes. WP7, Android and IOS all have these apps.
    Although that wont be very helpful for the cards to fight each other. Though I’m confident someone will collect them all online to print off.

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