Epic Says Unreal Engine 4 Is Purely For Next-Gen Games

Stephen Totilo from Kotaku is reporting that Epic is touting the Unreal 4 Engine as purely for next generation systems. Epic states that if you were making a game for next-gen systems that you’d also want running on current systems, you would still go with Unreal Engine 3, but, if you were going purely next-gen, you’d go with Unreal Engine 4. Hopefully we will see a few games utilising Unreal Engine 4 on Wii U.


      1. Every time somebody like you says kony 2012 I donate to his cause so he can further his reach until he rivals Hitler.

      2. Way off topic and out there but would anyone be interested in buying a Fire Emblem game or Advance Wars where you have to take down Joseph Kony? That would be epic!

  1. Yea I know that the wii u can run this. So I am much more excited. It’s gonna be a great year for Nintendo

    Get N or get OUT!!!

      1. lol so yeah it can run on 3DS as well then -.-

        they mean next gen home consoles

      2. No, no it is not. If it was next gen it would be selling more than 10k units a week in the country it is from.

      1. how do you know that?

        i mean i hope it will run it and i think it will but…


      2. Oh I seriously apologize, I mistook a different article.
        However, time will tell. I mean, Unreal 4 hasn’t been truly revealed yet.

    1. I’m pretty sure the point of a hipster is that they DON’T care about graphics. They play Game Boy dude

  2. So Zelda HD literally will be the best looking console game ever?

    Well, I guess I don’t know what Nintendo would use for the next Zelda. It may still be that painted style, which could arguable make it look even better.

    Well I want to open a mini-poll now- would you favor crazy next gen “unreal” graphics for Zelda, or a more artistic touch?

    1. Not hate towards your comment, but I always find it funny when people question when a third party engine can run on the system people criticize it. No one HAS to use it.

      But I’d prefer a realistic touch.

  3. When are you guys going to start realize that Wii U is not next-gen? It is more like cur-gen and nothing else!

    1. Generations are not based on the power of the system, they are based on the iteration of hardware. The Wii U is the first console of the next generation of consoles.

      1. Trolling is not just my style. I just want you to think twice when it comes to the Wii U’s specs. They are not out yet, I know that. But what we have seen is not more impressive then many good looking PS360 games.

      2. Well a next gen console always starts out not looking too impressive. look at the games for ps3/360 when they launched and look at them now. Just wait in 1-2 years 3rd party devs and nintendo will show you what the Wii U is capable of.

      3. That’s also because what was “seen” was 360/PS3 footage. Nintendo confirmed that after E3, since the “real” Wii U footage was pulled since it was not what was expected.

      4. But what have we seen so far?
        Killer Freaks, which was a quick 360-port and in very early stages.
        An obviously very (VERY) early version of a Tekken game.
        Chase Mii-Demos, whose purpose was to demonstrate the capabilities of the controller.
        Plus some tech demos who weren’t very meaningful.

      5. Quick 360 Port killer freaks was?

        Wow you know nintendo and yet you don’t know the facts.

        Killer Freaks is a Wii U exclusive and not being ported at all.

        Killer Freaks that was shown last E3 was in Prototype graphics. It was not a 360 port because its a Wii U exclusive.

      6. Seems like I should check my sources next time. Some neogaf-member claimed to have learned more about “Killer Freaks” being a former 360/PS3 title called “Killer Rabbids”. No source whatsoever.
        However, the Killer Freaks Demo Ubisoft demonstrated at E3 clearly showed XBOX360-buttons on the screen (see YouTube for footage). That rumour might not be completely false.

      7. Yeah dude, Wven if they ran it on a 360 machine, it wasn’t a port. :)

      8. That’s because all we’ve seen from the footage is 360/ps3 games. Talk about burn.

      1. That’s sort of my thought. wii U will have more power, other systems won’t be out for at least a year. Nintendo’s ahead

    2. We have entered the age of next gen consoles.

      The Wii was classed as the same gen as 360/PS3 because it released the same time.

      Saying Wii U is not next gen is saying that the PS4 will be the same gen as the PS3.

  4. Now see if reporters kept a record of the people that went inside “behind closed doors” would have shown what companys had potential for the system, and if you see a lot of Nintendo supporters going in and out of closed doors, that would have made real headlines

  5. Me herd dat new call of duty will feature an army of kids and will be exclusively on da kony playstation.

  6. When will u realize that current Gen is current Gen and Wii u is not amongst them? It is a next Gen System….go check ur facts then come back with a educated comment. I guess The Xbox 720 is current Gen too with what the reports/rumors say only marginally more powerful then Wii U.

    1. True.

      Wii, 360 and PS3 were all classed as the same gen, even though the Wii was less powerful then both other consoles.

      The Wii U is coming out which makes it a next gen which is the same as 720 and PS4.

      Gen is nothing related to the power of the consoles, It’s the time it gets released, and it must be upgraded/New.

  7. I wonder what a revamped NES game will look like on the Wii U. It might still be 8-bit, but it might run better and sound better. speaking of which……I am hoping they make a 2D metroid title using the UR4 engine. also, will the wii u support……the SOURCE engine? we must find out!

  8. I hope developers will be able to run URE4 on Wii U. Imagine a Zelda game on Wii U running on that graphics engine. That would be so epic!

  9. Hopefully we’ll get a confirmation at E3 if Wii U can run this engine.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  10. What I would love to see on Wii U, with UE4 is a FPS Jurassic Park remake, with the creators of F.E.A.R. behind the game. That game would be great.

  11. I seriously hope the Wii U meets the minimum requirements, but I very much doubt it. The Unreal Engine 4 can only run on cutting-edge GPU’s such as Nvidia’s Kepler, which also ran the praised Samaritan demo much better than the previous three 580 GTX’s. I don’t think Durango and PS4 can either. If the rumors are true, the successor to the Xbox 360 is using a year-old ATi graphics card. And Sony looks too financially anemic to make another huge leap for their PS4.

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