Grand Theft Auto V Coming In The Autumn?

MCV, the publication that revealed that both Battlefield Evolved and Dark Knight Rises are possibly coming to retail this year, has discovered via a retail listing from a major UK High Street retailer that Grand Theft Auto V is coming out sometime during the Autumn. Rockstar has yet to announce whether we will be seeing the game on the Wii U, but it seems reasonably likely.


      1. How the f*ck do you know if that game on Wii U is gonna fail? Have you played it before? No. Your comment is invalid and 100% bullsh*t. Go back and play with your boyfriend Roy and sabretoothed tiger!!!!!!

      2. Just because your broke and can’t afford a new system won’t mean its fail, you slowly have been losing grounds on your arguments the past couple months. You’re going to have to try and troll harder than that…

        Have a nice day

      3. wrong 720 and ps4 will rip off wii U and wii U cant hold too much memory

      4. Wrong level, hater. The PS4 and Next Box can’t handle the power of Wii U. The Wii U can handle the memory and has two powerhouse processors… and one of them is based on the WATSON supercomputer. Suck on THAT loser!

        Get N or get OUT!!!!!!

      5. Also, you don’t know the specs of the PS4/720. We don’t even know the full specs of the Wii U!!!

        Why don’t you wait for confirmed news before you try and predict the future?

      6. Chances are they will be more powerful than the WiiU. Not trying to spark fire. I could be wrong, dont be giving out info that you don’t even know about.

      7. I believe you are talking about the HD of the console.

        Wii U can’t hold much memory? every console has a limited captity. Thats why theres SD slots in most consoles; incase the harddrive runs out of space.

        Wii U disks are confirmed to hold about 25GB of data which is very high for a console.

      8. your kidding? ps4 will have new resulation sony’s president said

      9. Most digital?

        It’s just a rumor calm down.

        BTW: Stop making predictions and go on things by fact, we don’t know how much HD the Wii U has and also the PS4/720.

      10. only 720 and pa4 are the future!the wii U is just a toy for little kids

      11. Michael Pachter’s boyfriend… STFU! The PS4 and next XBox are NOT the future. You don’t belong here! The only future that we’re looking at is the Wii U. And the Wii U is the one system suitable for casuals, family AND hardcore. Do you know that Batman: Arkham City, Alien: Colonial Marines, and Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge are coming to Nintendo’s new console… and you say it’s for little kids? YOU’VE FAILED MISERABLY!!!!!

      12. The Wii U is not aimed at kids primarly.

        It’s a hardcore console because of the upcoming games. You’ve seen all the hardcore games that are planned? Ghost Recon Online, Killer Freaks, Aliens, Tekken.

      13. you people dont get it! wii U’s power is closer to ps3/360 said a developer and the wii U will fail misserbly and nintendo’s platforms especially mario and zelda are for da dick and little girls

      14. The first development kit was close to Xbox 360 yes. That doesn’t mean it’s final. The first development kit had a problem with heat because it was using unfinished components. Heat problem was solved, A rather significant performance boost has occured and Nintendo is pushing more performance because they are trying to get Unreal Engine 4 on it. That’s what sources have said. I really don’t get the whole “Can it run Unreal Engine 4?” discussion as Epic will not make an Engine that can run on 2 consoles and top of the line computers. No one would license that Engine when you can get equivalent that runs on more hardware.

        Also the industry is hiting a wall when it comes to Graphics. It costs alot of money to make modern AAA games, and many have perished in an attempt to adapt to the new standards. The Wii could’ve gotten ports but the hardware didn’t support newer pipelines and that was the one of the reasons it didn’t get ports. Developers would have had to rewrite their engines for it to work almost from the ground. Wii U will be fine.

      15. According to Sony’s Vice President, the PS4 won’t take a graphical leap from the PS3 and will aim at casuals and women.

      16. You got your facts wrong.

        The next Xbox will be aimed at casuals and kids not PS4.

      17. So your the future predictor?

        We don’t know if a game will be a fail until it launches.

        It’s just like saying that Black Ops 2 is going to be a fail but it suddenly ends up being a hit. This is just an example however.

        ;) try and be patient before you post comments about predictions, we like facts.

      18. Soo once again your fanboy arguing is little comfort, to the prez of Sony himself, why dont you dig up research on sonys dik size and bring us FACTS

        its as simple as copy and past as I have just done

      19. It’s just a thing sony is thinking of.

        It could have serious trouble but remember how big sony is.

        Sony also makes Cell phones, TVs, Cameras, Blue ray, Laptops and a whole lot more.

        Yesh! Sony even produces movies like Ghost busters and Spiderman and many other massive movies!!!

        If Sony is failing on the Playstation side of things then it does not mean they will be completely in trouble.

      20. also sony are big copycats too but microsoft never steals

      21. Rumor has it that Microsoft is copying Nintendo’s tablet controller.

      22. its nintendo’s fault! why did they show their console before microsoft do? nintendo sucks and thay are horrible so give up and buy a serious console!

      23. How in the blue hell is Nintendo’s fault? Nintendo was the FIRST to create a tablet-like controller for a new game system. They want to create a brand new controller that the other two rivals have failed to create… thus using the same old controllers (Twice for Microsoft’s XBox consoles and three times for Sony’s PlayStation systems).

      24. Apple created the Apple 2 and it’s OS. few years later, Microsoft opened up for business and created the Microsoft Computer and it’s OS which is similar to the Apple one.

        Apple was way before Microsoft and microsoft copied it’s example and it’s product.

      25. microsoft copied them because the apple’s OS was epic horrible and they did that better just like sony does and nintendo

      26. shut up!!! This console is a powerful mcahine!!!!!!!!! I have now not more for me game pc to buy..Just on the WiiHD!!!!!!!!!! So just shut up.

    1. Boring discussion below. We still don’t know what WiiU is capable of, we still don’t know when MS and Sony are gonna announce a new console, there’s no room for that kind of discussion. Nintendo fanboys, go play some PS3 and X360 games, until you realize they are as great as Nintendo’s but in different ways, and WiiU (Nintendo) trolls, go play Nintendo games for the same purpose.

      1. i am a nintendo fanboy and i have played many times ps3 and xbox! and my answer is i dont like their game franchises they are all first person shooter and i am boring to play only that genre.I LIKE NINNTENDO FTW!

      2. at least you are not complaining about something you’ve never played. you don’t HAVE to like anything, but your opinion doesn’t make their games worse, they are only not good for you.

      3. wrong. i started play nnintendo games since i was 2 years old baby and my first game was super mario 64 and later it was ocarina of fucking time.ur not the only 1 who has childhood mr guitar banjo(s)

      1. Yeah but on Nintnedo Video, the host said next weeek there would be a special GDC wrap-up show. You gotta have info to do a show.

    1. Nintendo don’t own this game.

      It’s all up to Rockstar to put the game on the Wii U, but nintendo has to satisfy Rockstar to get GTA V on Wii U.

  1. If it comes to the Wii U, it will attract a lot of people…personally I don’t know if I would get it either way, but I would just be glad that the Wii U would get the respect it deserves.

  2. Getting this game for Wii U could sway some PS/360 owners to our side.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  3. Have been playing through GTA 4 and its DLC and I have really taken a liking to the series. I’m also a Nintendo fan so if the game comes out for the Wii U, I’d buy it before any game, regardless if it’s Pikmin 3 nor Zelda Wii U. GTA 4 was really amazing and if Nintendo could add achievements to each game, then I would definitely buy it for the Wii U without a doubt.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I enjoy the series and even if it wasnt comin to the wiiU I’d buy it for my ps3

    1. I bet your saying all the kids are going to buy the Wii U.

      Why do the kids i know play GTA? I friend thats a kid plays that game, their not underage however because the country has no age rating system for games.

      Stupid rule not having age ratings for games for some countries ;)

      But still in age rated countries, the majority of GTA players are kids.

  4. By a major UK retailer? If it’s GAME then it can’t be true because their thinking their going to last until then.

    Any way, This is just a rumor but rumors are good because it tells us a prediction which could be true

    PS: Remember all the rumors of the Wii U and just a week before E3 on the leek of the PSV name? They ended up being real… many rumors end up being false but anyway….

    This news has a 72% chance of being true on my rumor true/false prediction.

      1. I’m not a predictor. But in the future now i will be putting the chances in my comment on how likely a rumor will happen.

      2. Lol. Fi is Link’s sidekick or whatever in Skyward Sword (Sorry if you’re only joking) ^-^;

  5. To the troll Siegfried: We don’t know the PS4, Wii U’s, and Xbox 720s Harddrive captivity.

    We don’t know if the PS4/720 will be more powerful then Wii U also.

    We don’t know if rumors are real.

    @Upadwatcher also the PS4/720 will handle the power of the Wii U because it has to keep game developers developing games for the PS4/720.

  6. they should keep this shit on xbox and ps3 cause gta 4 was pure bullshit IGN scored that game a fuckin 10 of 10 how the fuck did they do that

  7. wii U=50% more weaker than wii/720 100% more powerfull than ps4 and 1000000% more powerfull than wii U

      1. ^this^ See soap knows copy and paste… Dig up facts from Sony testaments them self… Oh wait all you will get is squat.

      2. that troller is worse than anonymous.But he is right on 1 part:sony are big copycats but microsoft is the worst in the whole world

      3. Frankly I’m glad he is so anti nintendo, that’s one less retard playing games on the Nintendo network. And if he does buy a Nintendo after all hell just eat his words and shut up, because he just gave his money to Nintendo even after all the complaining. Soo the way I look at it its a win win situation for Nintendo :)

      4. That was about 2011. 2011 Was a bad time for everything: especially the Economic crisis which effected Nintendo

        This year is going to be brighter for companies so Sony and Nintendo should get back up.

        Sony is a massive company, they make Laptops, Cell phones, TVs, Cameras, Blue ray. Also produces Movies and Music.

        So they still have all that left which should be better this year. Last year was a bad time for gadgets, hardware and that sort of stuff.

      5. haha very funny anonymous but sony copied them,they didnt create anything except from blue ray.they dont create they steal! but microsoft is worse they just steal and USE companies as poor rarware!

      6. Panasonic create cameras and TV’s and are just like sony.

        Sony’s cell phones and cameras don’t copy.

        Sony has it’s own production of Movies and Music.

      7. who cares! microsoft creates something better than a camera ir porno movies:COMPUTERS (pc)! i cant wait to see the succefull 720 to launch and all people eating their nails to see that 720 will be better than ps4 and the non exist wii U

      8. U in denial because the Wii U will dominate the console market… loser?

      9. There will be no Ghost Busters and lots of other movies if it was not for Sony.

        I need to see the 720 if it’s better then both other consoles, if you have to pay every month like XBL, then I will not be interested unless it catches massive interest.

        Microsoft only make the OS of the PC’s also. Sony is one of many companys that makes computers for microsoft so microsoft sticks it’s OS in it.

        Microsoft don’t create computers, they make the OS’s for it.

      10. And I have a name! Just like peteriuss is yours. Why don’t you call me what i put as my name instead of calling me anomynous because i did not type my email?

      11. who’s peterius? that little brat above us? you made me lough and who cares,the 720 will be true succesor of 360 and the most powerfull console ever made

      12. I was saying to him why he’s calling me anonymous then Soap Mactavish.

        Also Peteriuss is sometimes trollish, not sure if its the clone of him that does it or what.


      14. I wasn’t saying you, I’ve seen some troll recently that copied your name but with the anonymous icon instead like mine.

        Your not the troll because your icon shows you typed your email in to confirm your the real Peteriuss.

      15. But the problem with spreading yourself thin is yea they have laptops tvs and such, but consumers are still buying cheeper brands all together because even the cheep brands are good now, technology is all sitting on the same microchips, its just who sells them cheaper

        If Sony pushes bleading edge, and prices to high… People will buy the cheaper Wii and Xbox. That puts losses on sony.

        If Sony pushes bleading edge, and prices to low that will increase sales… But will still generate losses long term

        If Sony pushes mediocre specs then people will complain and will sell less systems… Generating lost sales.

        For 4 years Sony closed out with all around general losses. They are in a tough bind and maybe they find a way to pull them self out of a rut. But its going to be another 3 years in the hole after you factor in research and development. They can’t keep this trend up alone much longer, they are going to have to cut back on staff and partner up with someone.

  8. Not about GTA V but was just wondering, does anyone know if for Kid Icarus Uprising you can just print out AR cards like you can for the ones that come with the 3DS? Since there are meant to be so many. And also since I’d say a lot of people didn’t get the one that came with Game Informer.

    1. cool story bro can u leave now because we have to think about the wii2?ALSO FUCK U AND UR FAIL 720! we dont care about this fail upcoming console! this is a nintendo site not a microdick!

    2. kull story book you made bro.

      (Ghost Recon Online and killer Freaks is still under development and Ghost recon Online is PC/Wii U only and Killer Freaks is exclusive footage of both games are final graphics)

      1. hahaha please stop you made me to crazy lough ! those video games will fail including ghost reacon on wii U

      2. Ghost recon online is going on PC/Wii U.

        Also Ghost Recon is a massive game series so people who are fans will buy a powerful PC or Wii U just to play it.

      3. realy!? i think the wiiu will kick seriusly 720 but and 720 i think it will be more weaker than the wiiu if i am right

      4. wii U will have only casual games and the console i said it will be horrible

      5. List of Hardcore games on Wii U:

        Ghost Recon Online

        Aliens: Colonial marines


        Killer Freaks

        Dark Siders 2

        Metro: Last Light

        Pikmin 3 (strategy game made by nintendo)

        Dirt (Car racing game)

        Medal of Honor: warfighter(?)

        Black Ops 2(?)

        Quite a few others are coming but have not been announced yet.

        Not many casuals are confirmed but it depends on your definition of casual.

      6. super mario,zelda and the other games above me are casuals

      7. Every game console has casual games, Zelda is more classed as an hardcore though as it’s long and experienced gamers play it. Mario is a casual.

        Xbox has Zumba fitness.

        PS3 has Singstar.

        Those games are casuals.

      8. Im sure the PS4 and 720 will have the same power as Wii U. It will need to so it can get games being developed to it.

        You can’t really get more powerful then Wii U because games take longer to develop.

      9. the 720 will be WEAKER!hellow thare!? i have some proofs but i cant remeber a video which they showed what cards memories etc will put on 720!

      10. 720 Is still under planning! any videos you watched about the 720 are fake.

    3. Nobody’s gonna listen to a freaking thing what you think. The Wii U is the most powerful gaming console on the planet. What we have known so far is just 20% of what the system can do. The other 80% will be announced this June. GET YOUR GODDAMN FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!! YOU’RE A COMPLETE ASS TO THIS FREAKING BLOG!!!!!!!

    1. I wish Sickr had the real power to ban trolls. He’s just laughing behind the computer right now enjoying reading the trolls comments.

      Sickr, why don’t you just ban Siegfried? He’s trolled lots before this also.

      1. that name reminds me yugioh of that hacker siegfred von schroder (DAMN THAT NAME IS HARD!)!

      1. not now gyes we have serius problem here.and the problem is how to ignore that troll??

  9. many people says that zelda games are just for little girls because it has princeses,herros and bullshits and thease genres or facts are for little kids -0

    1. Because a game has Princesses and heros and fantasy. It does not mean it’s an Casual.

      Alice the madness returns is an hardcore mature game and has Princesses heros and fantasy.

      I had no interest in Zelda games when i was 5 years old. Now i like the series a lot more just because im more mature and what makes a thing good.

      1. wake up! nintendo tries to steal your money by using their girlish platforms

      2. Metroid and Starfox games are epic and are both classed as Hardcore Nintendo games, Nintendo owned Conkers Bad Fur Day back in 90s… then rare moved to microsoft and made an remake. N64 game for the win though as it was better.

      3. Ninja please! The only girly console you’ll ever get to see is the Next Xbox since you’re a casual gamer.


    What do YOU classify as a “HARDCORE” game. Because honestly… Honestly…EVERY GAME AND GAME CONSOLE IS FOR LITTLE KIDS ps4, Xbox durango, Wii U, Apple Ipad3, and even Computer games is classified towords kids…. always has been and always will be… Go screw your girlfriend or “hand” in your case… Because that’s what “ADULTS” do for fun… You sir are mad because you can’t get laid cause your just another kid glued to a tv stuck playing a……GAME!!!!! Wishing you had a life.

    Pull the stuffed animals off your bed and grow up, its not so bad :)

    Have a nice day!


      An Casual game can be any type of game genre, even an FPS.

      extremely simple gameplay, like a puzzle game that can be played entirely using a one-button mouse or cellphone keypad

      Allowing gameplay in short bursts, during work breaks or, in the case of portable and cell phone games, on public transportation

      The ability to quickly reach a final stage, or continuous play with no need to save the game

      That is what is classed as an casual game, So this would include Zumba Fitness, Angry Birds, Tetris usually Mario can be classed as casual.

      Zelda, Star Fox and Metroid are all Nintendo and Hardcore games.

      1. Under classification though its still a game…. Sig can’t differentiate what he considers a kids game, to a hardcore game. Because of I put a super bloody hentai game on WII U he would still consider it “failed product” he needs to grow up and learn if you play games, play the games don’t Bitch about it.

      2. Besides I’m starting to notice a sort of multiple persanality disorder going on. You try and prove Sig wrong and shut him down… But when someone else tries to argue to Sig you back him up… Expecially when given evidance on another sight.

        Hmmm soap and Sig are the same person…


      3. no we are not you dumn ass!!!

        i have to admit that wii U has weaker graphics than that fail and missereble 64

      4. I’m not the troll! I’m the counter so I’m against.

        I can’t post that many comments that quick!

        We both have diffrent names and I never typed my email adress in… unless you want me to.

  11. hello there fellas i just wanted to tell you that through all my vacations i have red my nintendo bews good job sickr for your posts but i wanted to talk about the homosexuals trollers like sigfried von vagina and anonypenis please readers who gives a fuck of what they sat just ignore them let them have fun with their consoles if you know what i mean if they want to have children and chlamydia with their xbox and ps let it be like that and soap mactavish you are a true lover of nintendo i respect you and for your question of who is fi havent you played skyward sword already to not know who is fi a blue fairy like you know

    1. ^_^

      Oh wait i can’t beleve it! Just because you said Fi from skyward then now i know who is Fi!!!

      I don’t really play zelda as I’m more into Metroid and Starfox.

  12. thats totally stupid! the wiiu isnt completed yet so that meens that the alpha demos or the graphics arent finished yet so shut the fuck up.if u continiou like that then we will troll u too when the ps4 or 720 will come out and see whos the motherfucker here! (not me)

  13. I think Erika Napoletano is especially spectacular at pulling this off. Shell talk about some awesome/shitty/outrageous that happened to her or someone she knows and leads with what happened and then shows you what you can learn from it.

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