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Epic Mickey 2 Is Likely To Be Multiplatform And Will Feature Co-Op, Voice Acting And Better Camera

Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector has told Games Industry that hypothetically if he was developing a the sequel to Epic Mickey 2 the game would be on multiple platforms, would feature cooperative play, feature voice acting, and would have a much better camera. We already know that Spector is developing Epic Mickey 2, and it should be revealed in the coming weeks to the general public.

Q: Okay. So I’m sure there are things, though, that you would have liked to have included or to improve upon, and I know you haven’t officially announced anything, but most people are assuming that it’s coming. So for the hypothetical sequel that may or may not happen, what things would you like to improve upon for Epic Mickey?

Warren Spector: With Mickey 1, we built a team – we went from 13 people to about 180. We built a studio, we built a tech base, we built a world… we did about everything you can do wrong in video game development. We tried to do everything at once. And so I’m really proud of the first Epic Mickey game. If I were to do it again, there are clearly things that we had to cut and things we could have done better. The number one thing I get asked is, “Why can’t I play this on my platform, damn it?” So if I were to do another one – now that we’ve reintroduced Mickey as a video game hero on the right platform, which was the Wii – I think we’ve got other people intrigued. There are now more PS3s and 360s in sort of “family hands,” let’s put it that way. So I think the time would be right to get the game on other platforms.

The second thing I get asked is “you made a game that appeals to adults and kids equally,” which is true by the way and was one of our goals, so “Why can’t I play together? Why can’t I play with my son and why can’t I play with my mother? Why I can’t play with my friends?” So, I would probably do co-op. I would definitely address player concerns about the camera. That was the number one complaint we heard, but I will defend to the death the quality of the work my camera team did on that first game; there is a whole GDC talk about that sometime, too. The camera in the first game was an amazing piece of work that people don’t appreciate. We took the hardest problem in gaming and then made it even harder through our game mechanics – which people don’t get – but we know we could do better. And so I would do that and I would do full voice. I mean I made a decision on the first game not to have characters speak. It was a mistake and I would fix that.

Q: Maybe Nintendo will take you up on that advice for Zelda…

Warren Spector: No that’s exactly why – There are two reasons why I didn’t do full voice. I mean the one is Oswald’s a silent film star, and if he can’t talk no one will. I thought that was funny. And I wanted not just to honor Disney history, but I wanted to honor the Zelda games, the Mario games, the Japanese RPGs that I love, none of which use full voice. But what I didn’t think through was these are Disney characters. No one expects Mario to talk, no one expects Link to talk. Everyone expects Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, the Mad Doctor… everybody expects those guys to talk and I let them down. So, we are going to fix that if we have ever do another game.

18 thoughts on “Epic Mickey 2 Is Likely To Be Multiplatform And Will Feature Co-Op, Voice Acting And Better Camera”

  1. People really need to stop saying Zelda should have voice acting. For what? I don’t see that adding anything to the exerience. I think people are just getting too lazy to read subtitles and that’s sad.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. What if…….they can’t read! no but really when i played zelda oot i was like 5 my reading sucked so i did not know what the hell to do.

    2. There is a good series of animated videos on youtube with Link doing interviews

      the guy who made them give link one hell of a voice that really suited the chatracter

      but when it comes down to the games I prefer Link as a silent hero

      there are many games that got improved by voices
      Metal gear probably the biggest one (cant beat snakes voice)

      but other games got aweful voice acting
      Final Fantasy 10 is one of my highly rated Final Fantasy games but is one of my most hated for voice acting
      Cannot stand Tidus voice actor

      I prefer silent Heros it gives you a more in depth feel to the game

      when you play as a silent hero you instantly make up your own voice for them or use your own voice when that character speaks

      its better that way

      1. I agree, but Zelda doesn’t need voice acting. It’s great the way it is. If Miyamoto thinks it doesn’t need it, I agree with him. It’s his creation and he knows what’s best for it.

  2. So much time to announce a game… Are they really that slow with the project, or maybe they’re announcing with a release date? Well not that it matters, considering that they keep postponing very often… I like Epic Mickey, and I can’t wait to play the second game, but it is taking really long to announce it…

      1. How the fuck is having a multiplatform game a fail? its better that way more people get to play and they make more money. i agree with keith stop being a fanboy

        1. More people get to play blah blah blah

          I hate that bullshit exscuse

          Multiplatform means that the game will be developed for one system and then get badly ported to the others

          this is exsactly why the Playstation 3 had soo many aweful games with bug’s glitches framerate issues and all sorts of other annoying problems with its multiplatform games

          I despise multiplatform games and the sooner people start boycotting them the better

          A real gamer will buy ALL of the gaming consoles unless they personally do not want one of them and will do so because of exsclusive games

          having everything on multiplatform causes companys to suffer

          If epic Micky 2 comes out on all consoles then people will buy the versions made for the console it was developed on first leaving the other 2 to waste money buying rights and not selling copys

          More people can play it who the hell cares
          If they want to play it then they can get off thier ass and go and buy a damn Nintendo system

          Me and several of my friends enjoy writing stories for our own video games that we one day might try to sell and have made into real games

          if we do the one thing we will be absolutely demanding is that our game ideas will be made into exsclusive titles only

          the gaming market needs more exsclusive tites not more badly ported multiplats

  3. I never really had a problem with the camera in Epic Mickey. The problem I did have was a game breaking glitch that trapped me in one of the cartoon interlude sequences and never let me out. It was on my third playthrough, so it didn’t hurt that much, but I wonder if anyone else had the same problem.

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