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Epic Mickey Producer Warren Spector Says Consoles Are Here To Stay

Warren Spector, the critically acclaimed creator of Deus Ex and Epic Mickey, has told Games Industry International that video game consoles ‘won’t go away’. Spector who has been awarded the lifetime achievement award at this years Game Developer Choice Awards, is firmly confident that consoles are here to stay.

“I don’t know that console gaming will ever go away.”

“I think it’s going to become more – god I said I would never get into the business of prediction, but here I go – I think what you’re going to see is an increasing sort of stratification, where you see fewer, much higher end games that continue to do exceptionally well on the console.”



      1. Sickr, is it possible for you to disassociate this site from WordPress? There’s no problem with Gravatar by itself because I can still comment fine on 3DS Blog.


    1. I need to start it again lol

      I found a film reel that made me skip a bunch of levels and i couldnt go back i was like arrhh no lol

      I gotta play the whole thing in level order or i get annoyed and miss out on story etc


  1. I would agree with him. The other aspect that could help would be the complete opposite, where it’s quick downloadable iOS type games. If you could download them to the SD slot on your Wii U remote and take some basic games with you, that would give the Wii U a huge leg-up.


  2. Those who say consoles are on their way out have little understanding on the consoles history. The console you could argue went out decades ago because they have changed so much, time and again….If a Mega Drive was a console what’s that make the Xbox360? It’s not just the graphics that makes them very different. It’s not an extinction it’s another evolution, or hopefully revolution. The bigger question is how long will the generic controller exist. Is the basic controller the new retro already? We live in times of change! lol


    1. If the console aims to survive, then it will have to find ways to differentiate itself from a PC gaming routine. This is why touchscreen controllers are coming out and Kinect is being supported and whatever. Consoles do not survive based solely by virtue of the fact that they are consoles; somebody has to turn the wheels for them to either live or die. The Mega Drive was a hit because somebody made it a hit, just as how the 360 was a hit because somebody made it like that as well. Hopefully someone will treat the Wii U, and other forthcoming consoles right.


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