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Rayman Origins 3D Has Been Pushed Back To June Worldwide

We heard yesterday that Ubisoft had decided to delay Rayman Origins 3D till June in Europe, well now it appears that the company has decided to push Rayman Origins 3D back to June worldwide. Ubisoft wouldn’t reveal exactly why they’ve decided to delay the Nintendo 3DS version, even though the game is readily available to purchase on other formats.

26 thoughts on “Rayman Origins 3D Has Been Pushed Back To June Worldwide”

  1. Am not gonna get this release. I already have the wii version and it have four player multiplayer. All my family love that game to death so am cool with this.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  2. If your thinking delays are a bad thing, just take into account that this could be better for the game, I mean, this game could get more features than it would have if it was released this Month, Even Nintendo could have released “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” in 2010, they decided to work on it another year, and look at the game now, if it was released in 2010, it probably would have looked bad, basically, just be patient and let more work be put into the game.

  3. I just got a thought. Someone on the GAF forums said that he received a message on his 3DS that on the 20th, the eShop would be down for maintenance for 7 hours. That’s before the official release for Kid Icarus. At TGS last year, Nintendo announced two updates for the 3DS, but we only got 1 in December. Could this be the new update? What if they actually turn on the Nintendo Network with support for communities? What if Ubisoft is updating the game to use some sort of feature for the 3DS?

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  6. To me, this suggests there is something wrong, and the 3DS version may be inferior to other versions, given the small screen size, and lower resolution.

    Or it might just be because now isn’t a good time to release what with other games coming out that will take priority over it.

  7. maybe there is some good about the 3ds version than the other platforms i know the vita game is the same as the ps3 xbox360 and wii version so maybe the 3ds will be different i hope

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  11. Well, what the FUCK! I wanted that version. this reminds me of valve…..hence half-life 2: episode three. gabe newell, you fucking bitch.

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