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GameStation To Close While GAME Forms A New Company (Update: MCV Wrong)

We all know that GAME is on the brink of collapse, but it seems they’ve found a way to recover. GAME will be closing its GameStation stores throughout the UK, but it will be keeping those that have performed well. However, MCV understands that GAME will form a new company, which will be funded by current bank lenders through GAME. This will only happen if the company can get support from key publishers. The new retail chain could open as soon as Monday.

Update: GAME has contacted MCV to say that its story isn’t correct.

36 thoughts on “GameStation To Close While GAME Forms A New Company (Update: MCV Wrong)”

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  1. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    It’s good that we’ll still be having a physical game retailer in the UK after all, even if we will be losing a lot of Gamestation stores, which is a shame because I had wished that they’d go back to being independent. I preferred independent Gamestation, they had a lovely little retro tat corner that I loved seeing, but they got rid of it when they were bought by GAME. :(

      1. well its stupid, why not close other game stores in other countries rather than by out a company who was doing way better than them only to run it into the ground and close it down.. its just stupid, game and gamestation are both UK-made companies that deserve to stay here, they should close some other stores down in other countries..

      1. I think “fail” is an understatement. I consider seigfried the most incompetent troll in existence, and I’ve seen mariotehplumber’s videos. If you ask me, he destroyed any chance he had of being taken seriously when he used a pro-Nintendo video to say Nintendo sucked.

    1. Wow the award for the most dumb comment goes to siegfried. Microsoft and Sony have both released statements saying they are not debuting any new hardware this year. lmao

  2. MCV! You scared me so much then!

    I still had a £20 Gamestation card to use and if it closed down, I’ll be doomed.

    Thank you GAME for the update ;)

      1. darn… I was going to save it for the Wii U…

        But I thought of another plan if they have the game i want in stock ;)

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  4. I really don’t care for GAME tbh… I wouldn’t trust them from my experience.
    Once I went in and saw Twilight Princess in the pre-owned section with a very distinct tear on the cover, priced at £25.99. About a week later I went in to find that very game had been moved into the brand new chart section, priced at £39.99!
    Those thieves! From now on, I’m game shopping on Amazon.

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