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Check Out This Comprehensive Nintendo 3DS Infographic

Matt from Block Punch has put together an infographic detailing exactly what has happened to the Nintendo 3DS since it’s launch in the United States and Europe one year ago. The infographic shows the turbulent ride the Nintendo 3DS has been on since it made its rocky debut in North America on March 27th 2011 and Europe on March 25th. Enjoy!


      1. will you all just SHUT THE FUCK UP!
        relevant comments only please

  1. Yowzers! They need to make one of those for the Wii next :D But they should shell that as a poster for Club Nintendo. I would buy it.

  2. Very informative and complete timeline. What a year it’s been, but once Nintendo stands tall above the competition, the way it should be.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  3. the nintendo 3ds is the worst console ever made,its launched failed,the price was too high,there aren’t many and good games with good graphics

    1. Resident evil revalations kid icarus uprising mk7 sm3dl ocarina of time there’s plenty and those are all some of the best games I have played

  4. This should be the fan slogan for Nintendo: “If it’s from Nintendo, or if it’s on a Nintendo system, then you know it’s gonna be bad-ass.” (FAN, not official. :3)

  5. Actually, Super Mario 3D was revealed at GDC in March before the system came out, same time as the announcement of Netflix on 3DS.

  6. me just gets my dick out to hav a tug ova this but my grandmother caut me so sucked me off.

  7. Shame on Nintendo for releasing the 3ds with 3-5 hours battery life. If they don’t fix that I will never buy a 3DS.

      1. That doesn’t make sense I can shame whoever I want. When a little kids 3ds dies after playing 3 hours of kid icarus because the mom didn’t know it only lasted 3 hours when she bought it is gonna make for some very disappointed customers

      2. if someones 3ds only lasts 3 hours then they need to seriously turn the fucking brightness down, kind of much to keep it on 5 with 3D on

      3. The official advertised power-life is 3-5 hours and the reviews i have read have said 3-4 hours so your comment is invalid.

      4. Oh my bad i didn’t realize you were saying 5 hours is good enough which is absolutely stupid. That means you have to carry your charger everywhere you go no thanks.

  8. Guys if you would actually like to know I helped design this Info graphic timeline I hope you guys enjoy…

    -Reggie from Nintendo…

    1. Funny, I didn’t receive any help from you [Reggie] when I was putting this inforgraphic together. Maybe next time though. Call me.

  9. Man, I can’t wait until “GBA games go on sale to the public.” gets added to the timeline. Still here waiting…

  10. I’m thinking about buying the Nintendo 3ds in may, when i visit the USA because here in my country it’s ridiculously expensive.

    Guys, do you think I should buy it or wait for a revision?! Don’t know how long it’ll be before Nintendo decide to launch a new model.

    Help please…!

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