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Team 17 Announces Worms Revolution For Consoles Plus Teaser Trailer

Team 17, the development team behind the famed Worms franchise, has announced a new game in the series titled Worms Revolution. The game builds on the original Worms title that was released back in 1995 but comes packed with plenty of new features. Team 17 has revealed that Worms Revolution is in development for “consoles” and PC.



  1. I loved the Worms game on the PSP because it was just a fun way to spend time. I hope it comes to the 3DS in the form of an eShop download, because I would rather carry around a different game, and have this for when I get bored.


  2. I hope it’s come out on the 3DS. The 3D would look great on it. And then could use the touchscreen in the same way Kid Icarus: Uprising did. Use it to aim and stuff, while the action takes place on the top screen.


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