Apple Beats Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft As It’s Named Japan’s Top Consumer Brand

Japanese publication The Nikkei has announced that Apple is Japan’s top consumer brand with a staggering 90.5 points (out of 100) for total brand power for its products. The top consumer brand was voted on by the Japanese public. Sadly the report doesn’t mentioned where Nintendo or any of the other video game firms were placed.


  1. …Apple in JAPAN?

    …Was not expecting this at all.

    Ah well, it doesn’t hurt to see other companies succeed as well.

    1. Agreed i hate their products not them i dont want our future to have mac computers i would rather we smash the macs with out hammers and ipods too suck

      1. thats like saying Apple dominates the Photography market because the iPhone has a camera

      2. “like” they must also dominate the torch market, the mirror market, the sat nav market. All this apple gaming talk is rubbish. No proper gamer would be satisfied with an apple produce for all their gaming needs

    1. Fox Conn makes products for literally all cellphone manufacturers… not just Apple. The people that committed suicide were working on Android phones also.

      1. I love the way everyone is getting hate for angry birds.

        And Angry birds is heading for 3DS… lets see the reaction here ;)

  2. That’s okay, Apple is too mainstream. I still will buy Nintendo products no matter how much they will cost

      1. And I have a macbook right on my lap right now.

        Macs are great; depends on the purpose of what you want to do with your computer.

  3. I have an iPod Touch but I really just use it for Twitter and YouTube. I haven’t found a game on the App Store that I enjoyed for a long time…

  4. I have a 3rd Gen iTouch, I used to have a first gen, but i dropped it from two feet on carpet and poof! The screen broke and the whole product was unusable. I’ve dropped my Wii from 5 feet onto tile before and it still runs like a dream. And with the games, when everyone was playing Temple Run, I thought the concept was stupid, so even till this day I’ve never played it. The games aren’t meant to be replayable, they’re meant to give you joy for a month before they bring out the next poorly developed game. Nintendo really deserves some kind of Award….

    1. Cuz people like to bitch at why they can’t afford an iPhone like everyone else, thats why… tbh…I’m not bothered how expensive Apple products are, I have a iPhone 3GS, and iMac 9,1, and I’m pretty happy for what I paid for, certainly out does standard tech and get everything what you paid for.

    2. True lol I mean I do know people like Nintendo and stuff but they should give Apple a chance.

    3. I bet it’s fanism.

      Android phones are popular and people who own androids tend to hate apple, I bet it’s because they believe the Android is better; even though they never tried an Iphone.

      Just like with Xbox fans and PS3 fans. Xbox fans hate PS3 even though they never played it.

    4. Their products are great. I have an iPhone and love it…,I also love my 3ds. The iPhone games are fun but in the long run suck to a hardcore gamer. I look at iPhone games similar to the unregulated pile of garbage the 2600 put out!

      1. I mostly just use my iPhone for pictures, internet, and phone calls. The games suck lol (except for the occasional round of Angry Birds).

      2. I think most people dislike Apple because of the iPad generation. The iPad can cost just as much as a powerful laptop and not be able to do half of what a regular computer can. Not to mention that the iPad is more of a fashion accessory and/or a status symbol than anything else. 3 iPad models in 3 years with little improvements is pretty shameful if you ask me :/

    5. I hate Apple products because they are too expensive and they don’t offer too much, and is too closed, with Android you can modify your phone in any style you want, you can develop new systems that can make the Android go to whole new levels not even Google i thought it was possible.
      Apple doesn’t offer any of that, and their products are still expensive as hell.

  5. Ever since I got my 3DS, I haven’t touched my iPod. I have no need for it, because I can listen to music and play (good) games on my 3DS. All the 3DS really needs is YouTube, then it will make the iPod obsolete in my eyes.

  6. Even though they do not make games and never have an interest in it. Keep it up. Because I will never buy an Apple product. Thing for users and those who enjoy propaganga magic.

  7. if the 3ds could only let u listen to musice while u play games and watch movies in 3d like the ps vita and iphone can just watch movies it would really put them to rest sad nintendo can take these companys out but its as if there not trying to i mean nintendo knows what they need to do thats obvious but it seems like there not gana go for the kill just yet

    1. I completely agree with you, the 3DS has the power to do so and more!! My mouth formed a big “O” when I saw my 3DS scanning a QR code instantly!! A phone with android takes ages!! I just can’t understand why they don’t give a go for smartphone things like that, 3DS could be ALL-POWERFUL

  8. There products are okay, but their company is trash and sets a bad example for new companies. They should be destroyed, it’s not like getting rid of them will make us lose any new technology, someone else will replace them.

    1. Don’t worry. They may be on top for now, but like all other companies, they don’t stay on top forever.

      1. Yes I hope they fall too. They have to eventually. There already starting to fall as we speak. The death of Steve Jobs and the fact that there products are running out of new features they can add. Eventually they will hit a stopping point.

  9. Fact is… Apple created one of the first home computers back in 1977.

    Now they dominate the world with their Iphones and Macs.

    People who hate apple are usually people who never used an Iphone and use an Android. Just like Xbox fan would hate PS3 without playing it.

    Apple are richer then the US goverment.

    Apple created a talk-able Siri, which became the big hit of the Iphone 4s. Siri apparently jokingly said it reported me due to harassment, I mean, harrassing a phone? Wow phones have feelings? XD

    Also Apple has macs and not just Phones, People here are just thinking about the phones not the computers.

    1. I’m sorry. I am not a fan of Apple. I don’t own an Android phone. I have used an Iphone and it didn’t appeal to me. I use to sell Iphones and it didn’t appeal to me. With that said, I’m not hating on Apple. I’m glad for their success. I want all businesses successful even though that is difficult to accomplish. Apple is very trendy right now. The public either love it or hate it. Seems to be no middle ground.

      1. People can still hate any gaming console if they dont like games.

        The part I’m saying is it’s usually Android users which hate Apple.

        I had a friend and he had an Android phone; He hated apple so much… However his contract ran out and he bought an Apple Iphone 4S and loved it so much more.

        Fact is, many people hate something without even trying it.

  10. It’s no suprise Apple beat Nintendo considering their customer base is much wider due to the nature of their products. It’s much more damaging to Sonys rep muhahahaha!

      1. who’s stopping you

        Just imagine the tasty taste of Compact Discs and blood

  11. I love my iTouch, but Apple products are getting more expensive every year. Next time I need something for my music I am getting a MP3 player.

  12. Well no shit….. seriously… makes a multitude of things that people use every single day. Perhaps every single minute. Mp3 players, phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, this is common sense people…. of COURSE apple will be on top……

  13. I love my gadgets no matter what brand apple, android, Nintendo etc. Kids love Nintendo. All parents with kids would own a Nintendo. Nintendo are affordble and if they break you can get another one. Apple on the other hand too over priced and expensive. There is nothing that apple can do that other companies cant do. The only good thing about apple is they are designed sleak and graphics are great. Besides that, I’m happy with Androids and Nintendo.

  14. I’ve just purchased 2x 3Ds and looking forward to open it on Xmas. :-( can’t use it now since its my kids Xmas gift this year. However, it would be awesome if Nintendo could make educational games for kids like leap frogs do. A Mario educational kids would sell. He could teach kids their letters by collecting them instead of coins and really put them through a test to see if they leant something. With different levels like easy or hard. Just saying. Think about it Nintendo.

      1. Lol. Just had a looked @ ur links. Wow that’s ancient. Yeah but a lot better version. Usually kids start playing Mario before they can even pronounced their vowels Or letters. So it would be awesome. But they have to make it exciting coz a lot of educational games are so boring.

      2. True. If they make a good educational game, that would be really nice! :)

      1. You serious? How long was it ago? I’ve never heard but thanks for sharing. I’ll google it.

      2. No problem!! ^_^

        Around the end of the NES/Beginning of SNES probably.

  15. Only thing I like from Apple is my iPod nano

    Their phones are overhyped and I don’t understand tablets.

  16. in my opinion apple makes better computers than microsoft and their iphone and ipads are the coolest but 1 thing that i dislike from them and its the games.I WANT BUTTONS FOR GAMES NOT JUST A SINGLE TOUCHSCREEN!

    1. For a fact, Microsoft don’t make computers, they create the operating system, Windows.

      Companies like Packard Bell, Dell make the laptops and then use the Windows OS.

      Apple create their Laptops and OS. Really, Macs are better then Windows because Macs have less popups faster bootup and shutdown and user friendly OS and some others.

      For Gaming Windows is best but I had spore and on my Windows computer it kept freezing and losing my data often and popups from security programs and it kept saying it had virus’ when it never had and because it said it had a virus, I had to uninstall a game and put it back on which was a massive pain because it took a very longtime for the Virus warning to stop.

      On my mac I never had a virus warning, and game freezes were covered by patches. No popups from security which made me lose my data. However the lack of games on mac and it’s top processing power and ram makes it more of a designer laptop over Gaming.

      What I’m trying to say is Macs are not built for gaming, but play games perfectly. but remember the graphics card and processing point is not built for gaming.

      1. you can get virus from porn sites. peteriuss is a fag, FTW.

      2. And Apple created the first home computers back in 1977. You know the Apple II?

        Wow Windows came in the late 1980s.

        Also depending on what you want to do with your computer will depend if you want a mac or PC. Otherwise; Watch this video.

  17. How many people here are rebutling on an a iPhone? This consumer report does not threaten gaming!!

  18. I look at this report and say, “Big deal…”

    Apple simply has more ventures than Nintendo (iTunes, App Store, Apple TV, Macs, Macbooks, iPods, iPhones, iPads). They’ve got a hand in the three most successful industries: computers, media, and (to some extent) gaming. Nintendo’s a brand that only focuses on gaming, so naturally they’re ratings as a “consumer brand” is not going to be as high as Apple. Microsoft cannot compete with Apple’s ridiculously-successful iTunes and iPhone (though they try). And Sony’s in their own self-inflicted trouble by investing too deeply in making expensive products that people generally aren’t buying (3D TVs, PS Vita, XPERIA gaming phone, PlayStation Move, etc.)

    And really, one cannot compare a video game brand with a brand like Apple–it’s INDUSTRY that one would really have to compare to get a fairer comparison. Sure, more people may buy Apple, but for a different purpose. Nobody buys an iPhone for its gaming. What they do instead is buy an iPhone with games being a bonus. When someone wants a product for gaming, the turn to Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation. Apple is not a gaming company. They merely allow games to be sold on their App service. It’s successful, but it’s not really the “gaming industry,” per se. With the exception of Infinity Blade, most iPhone games are time-wasters, a sea of mini-games and repeating clones people play while waiting on the bus. They’re dirt-cheap, and people with iPhone already have the system required to play them: an iPhone. Is that really fair to compare to something like the 3DS? I personally don’t think so.

    Naturally, Apple’s going to be on top as a consumer brand, in terms of comparing brands–they successfully selling more products. Apple’s a wider kind of brand, so NATURALLY it’s going to be on top.

    1. Clarification: I look at this report in context to comparing it with major gaming brands, and I say, “Big deal…” (I know this article wasn’t particularly comparing Apple with the likes of gaming brands.)

      Also, I forgot to add “Mac OS” to that list of Apple products.

  19. iWii……Not a bad name…..Apple + Nintendo = ?
    I realize this won’t happen but it can’t hurt to dream…..

  20. But it’s a phone fr christ’s sake. You cant play games on ios and there are no interesting games on mobile ever produced. The control sucks. Of course if I want a phone it would be iphone. It’s stupid that people are compairing iphone and 3ds when the latter is designed for gaming not as a phone!

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