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Sonic Brand In For A Major Reboot, May Go The Skylanders Route?

Sega is apparently busy rebooting the Sonic franchise after it was revealed earlier last week that the company has suffered huge financial losses. The rumour stems from TSSZ who state that the much-loved franchise could end up taking the Skylanders route with collectible figures providing a new form of interactive entertainment. Here’s what they have to say on the matter:

  • Sonic Team and Sega are looking to better monetize Sonic
  • Potentially “massive” and “total” reboot
  • Sega and Sonic Team are “committed” to the reboo
  • Speed, platforming, and surreal environments will remain
  • Sonic and Dr. Eggman’s rivalry will continue
  • Both characters may undergo a makeover
  • Everything else is up in the air and may see radical changes, including Tails
  • May birth a new universe and characters
  • New gameplay methods and gimmicks
  • Zones would be massively expanded and become their own world
  • Zones feature individual levels masked as missions
  • Idea likened to Burnout Paradise
  • Includes a brand-new engine
  • Photo-realism is of no concern
  • May aggressively pursue a collection model as part of the reboot
  • Targeting the young audience that enjoys physical collectibles
  • May require physical emblems and collectibles to unlock special features
  • SEGA inspired by Skylanders’ success
  • Physical toys and collectibles may have an interactive component with a new cartoon series
  • May offer classic characters in-game as DLC

87 thoughts on “Sonic Brand In For A Major Reboot, May Go The Skylanders Route?”

  1. Personally, I don’t really like the collectibles idea around games. I think it just detracts from the video game feeling that I believe games are supposed to deliver. I understand maybe collectibles as a side thing, but I don’t feel like they should ever really be a primary concern for the actual games themselves.

  2. Damnit – but Sonic Generations was so good. They finally managed to re-master the level design and gameplay. They were finally taking the series in a great direction again and seemed to finally understand how to make a good Sonic game again. And now they are rebooting it and completely changing it?!

    It could be good but man is it disappointing after SG

    1. Sonic colors was decent also. We dont need a reboot, we need more of that! I really dont get sega. Sonic adventure was decent, 2 was less than decent but still good. After that, it was crap.

      1. Sonic Adventure 2 was da effin best, bro. I’m shovelin out money just to buy the GCN port before Gamestop stops sellin GCN games

  3. Really, Sega? Sonic Generations was a hit for a reason. Didn’t you learn that the fanbase HATES the gimmicks? Not to mention, they hated the last time you tried redesigning the characters with ’06.

    1. I don’t think the game sold well, so they’re trying to appeal to younger kids with the whole skylander approach

  4. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    If this were 2009, I’d be in full support of this, with a clean slate being what Sonic would have needed. However given the fact that Colors and Generations were pretty damn good… nah, SEGA need to just continue what they achieved with those games, and not attempt to reboot the whole franchise.
    Still, a reboot does sort of make sense, with Sonic Generations and Sonic 4: Ep 2 acting as ultimate “send offs” to the older style of gaming? Meh. This is all just rumours anyway, I mostly doubt SEGA will do any of this, despite the financial failings. What would be achieved?

  5. Well, they DID just have Generations, so as long as the fans don’t make them rush it, Sega can reboot it however they want. There’s no game to look back on, just 20 whole years.

    I’m not a big fan of the Skylanders idea though. Sure Sonic has tons of characters, but… just doesn’t seem like it’ll work.

  6. not a fan of having to buy a bunch of shit to play a game, im cool with a reboot of sonic as its been going downhill for awhile, but i really dont like the collectible thing…

  7. It worked for pokemon. I dont think it will work for sonic. You have to make a killer game first, and while colors and generations were good, they weren’t killer. Its a step in the right direction, and sega needs to continue with that. Also, if I may say so, I wanna see Shenmue come back in a new gen platform. Episode 3-4 on Wii U, PS3, xbox360, I dont care as long as it works.

      1. yes but this is totally different! we’re talking about simple storyline elements vs Interactive toys that you buy from a real store. Big difference!

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  9. Sega all you have to do is Sonic Adventure 3 and you will be saved. Please do it and do it right with no bs gimmicks like a werewolf etc. It’s a hedgehog that mainly runs at high speed. Focus on that gimmick and keep it simple.

    1. They already made Sonic Adventure 3. It’s called “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG” or best known as Sonic ’06. Yes, the game was horrible, but that’s the closest thing released to the Adventure series. The Adventure series has nothing to add that we didn’t see in ’06, Unleashed or even Generations.

      1. Both New Super Mario games were good, but I like the DS version more cause imo, the sidescrolling Mario games work better on a handheld rather than a home console.

  10. I’m all for it. Skylanders is pretty fun, and collecting the figures makes it exciting. The fact that I love collecting Sonic figures, this makes it perfect.

    Good luck, SEGA. The fact that you made great games like Generations and Colors, gives me hope that you can take the figure feature and make this an outstanding game.

  11. Uh oh.

    I sincerely hope SEGA doesn’t go down this route. I mean, basing Sonic on a bunch of toys? That sounds like a terrible idea. Don’t do it SEGA. You did an excellent job with Sonic Colors. Just give us more of that.

  12. well its not terrible but a new look makeover for all the characters? That is awful. I would not approve that, I had enough with the awful voice changes.

  13. Please don’t do that SEGA. You did an excellent job with Sonic Colors. Just keep doing that.

    Basing Sonic on toys sounds like a terrible idea. I used to like the Spyro games, before they turned it into something for pre-schoolers.

    1. Wait…you mean that was a spyro game all along? I had no idea. If sonic takes that route, my childhood is over. :(

  14. I thought Generations served to warp all the games stories into one fitting continuity thus making a reboot unnecessary. This makes Generations kinda pointless, which saddens me, as it is a great game.
    As long as it retains the franchise core (which seems like it will) I don’t mind… Except for the visual makeover, if i does happen.

  15. This idea sounds good. Just as long as the future games do not turn out like Sonic 06 then they can do this. I like the mission and new zone ideas.

    Sonic Colors and Generations were great games, let’s hope Sega keeps it up in Sonic 4 Episode 2 and future games. :)

  16. Honestly, it’s about time. I’m usually against reboots of classic franchises, but Sonic desperately needs this. Sega needs a clean slate to get back on track. I do hope games like Colors and Generations will still be made, even if it has to be within the rebooted universe.

    Side note, why the Skylanders model? It is such an obvious attempt to get kids to bug their parents to keep spending money. Cmon Sega, I know you are having financial problems, but don’t go THAT low.

  17. So a game that I have to buy all kinds of extra crap for? Figures, toys… no, thanks. I’m an adult male. If I want a Sonic game I reckon I’ll go back to 1 & 2, possibly Sonic CD.

  18. I’m gonna cry…I feel like George Lucas just got a job at SEGA and is ruining the childhoods of all the 90’s kids now. This hurts…

  19. Oh god no! Please Sega, I didn’t want it to come to this but it’s time you blindfolded Sonic, took him behind your headquarters, and put a bullet in his head. I never wanted Sonic to die but the horrible games that have been pumped out for the last 7 years (besides Generations and maybe 06 (In my opinion since it was like Sonic Adventure and I loved SA although it did have many flaws, but compared to the rest I thought it was tolerable)) This new idea is just horrible, it killed me to see Spyro reduced to that stupid little purple dragon they decided to name Spyro and it would kill me to see Sonic turn out the same way.

  20. I’m not gonna lie, I love Skylanders. It’s a great idea, and it was perfect for the target audience, and even for some outside that audience. We are constantly out of stock of them at Walmart (where I work) and when we get them in they are gone by the end of the day.

    But to do a reboot of Sonic, and then rip-off a unique idea, seems like a recipe for disaster. It’ll instantly be compared to Skylanders, without hesitation. And unfortunately, that’d be bad for SEGA and Sonic. I would love for them to come up with something new for Sonic, but quite frankly, doing it this way isn’t the way to go. Though I do love Skylanders, I feel the Spyro name was just added to make it a more familiar name. And though I’m sure SEGA wouldn’t be doing the same to Sonic, taking that idea from Skylanders just sounds like another bad idea for Sonic, who deserves a fantastic experience of his own, not a rip-off or copy of an idea.

    Here’s hoping this is just a rumor.

    1. Not really,

      Skylanders ripped-off the collecting thing from Pokemon. .. So i wouldnt say that it was an original idea

      1. Gee, I didn’t know you bought Pokemon figures to put them into the game. And here I thought that short of the collecting idea, which has been around since WAY before Pokemon, that they were completely different!

  21. their is no way I believe that skylanders is a success with all that collectible crap kids probably buy the start packs and only the idiots who are completely fooled by the commercials blow cash on additional figures thats my take on it anyway depending on how they define the reboot i will hold judgement if this is a reboot similar to sonic jumping from 2d animation to his 3d graphic form then great but if they are thinking of restarting everything then I have a bad feeling about it either way I reserve judgement till the final plan is shown

  22. There is NO reason that anyone would care if Sonic got rebooted. The ONLY modern Sonic games that have been well received by critics and fans were Sonic Unleashed (kinda) and Sonic Generations. The thing people liked about both of those games had little to do with Sonic’s modern “enhancements” and more to do with the return to his side-scrolling roots.

    I think the little figures are cool honestly. I’ve actually considered buying Skylander’s even though I’m a hardcore gamer in my 20s. Kinda wish I woulda capitalized when it was half off.

    But when it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, gameplay is what matters. And they need to finally figure out how to bring Sonic into the 3D world. I’ve said for a while that it should be like Sonic Galaxy. Pretty much exactly like Mario Galaxy, except your character is a blue hedgehog that sprints incredibly fast. Doesn’t have to be blinding speed. Because that severly limits gameplay options.


    You got it 90% right with Sonic Generations. Just keep on making Sonic in the 3D style you have now, keep on maing classic Sonics on the sidelines, ADVERTISE A LOT, and you are good.

    For the love of God, DO NOT DO THIS!!!

    1. It’s sad that you think things like this…The modern parts of Sonic Generations are EXACTLY like the modern parts of the past few games. The only difference is the increased focus on retro side-scrolling. Which they don’t want to do in every new game for some reason.

      The series has been geared at little kids for a while now. All you do on modern sections is run on-rails and jump every once in a while. So easy a caveman could do it.

      Side-scrolling is the only way Sonic has ever been really good. But people keep buying the games regardless of how bad the reviews are. So Sega can do whatever they want w/ him.

  24. Please redesign the art style of sonic, it’s worse than awful and is partially the reason why modern sonic is the bane of my existance.

  25. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    ………….Just no.
    Why SEGA? Generations and Colors were excellent games and yet you reboot it? Pokémon rebooted the series for Black and White and everyone loved the idea from GAME FREAK. But having collectibles and new characters? The previous Sonic game was good. And rebooting is stupid. Except for Pokemon. If you rely on collectibles and not gaming sales, this may be (prepared for TVTropes reference) Screwed by the Network. Oh, and I hope this is a rumor.

  26. I think Sonic is running out of Ideas now.

    Sonic Gen and Sonic Colors were the last of the true sonic series.

    I think the series deserves a reboot.

  27. No, i meant the whole COLLECTING thing….

    Yes pokemon didnt have the figures that worked the same way as Skylanders, but the whole premise of gotta’ buy all the merchandise (figures, trading cards, other random tat etc.) is the same.

    Weather the figures add to the game experience or not, both games actively milk consumers into buying all the extra rubbish that relates to the franchise.

  28. Why is everybody bitching about the Sonic redesign?


    Everybody said the Nintendo Wii would be shit when the first pictures of it were published, Then the same people all rushed to buy one on launch day… Talk about double-standards!!!

    At least see what Sega announce before you all shit yourselves worrying about an – as yet – problem that doesnt even exist.

    Have you ever stopped to think that a redesign might actually be good?

    If you all want Sega to survive soooo badly, why do you want them to stick with franchises that continue to lose them money?

    If you love Sega so bloody much, perhaps try having a little faith in them.

    And if you REALLY dont want a redesigned Sonic, try doing something useful like starting an petition … Because it would be more constructive, and more likely to get Sega’s attention than a few kids whining on a Nintendo fansite!

  29. The original Sonic fans are way older now. Why are they still being sold towards kids. Sonic is an icon like Master Chief or even bigger. Stop trying to sell him off like he’s a Kids toy.

    1. But that’s the only way they can grow and make new fans. Sonic games are not “too” childish for me, especially the recent ones. The presentation was a lot better on those. The fact of the matter is that if Sonic is going to survive in his current form the fans are gonna have to have a little faith and support the blue blur through and through. I want to see where my childhood hero speeds off to, even if I don’t like it.

  30. NO I’m 14 and I’ve played every game! They can’t just change it! It’ll suck if they do! It’s fine now, I love it, if it’s changed I will probably stop buying and rampage! (take the hint, im proably one of the biggest buyers there is for SEGA)
    >:( (yea im probably over reacting but im mot kidding) really? Skylanders? Are you serious? That is a terrible idea! People wouldnt buy because of all the figures needed to enhance the gameplay. And don’t change how they look! People know sonic because he looks…well…like sonic! Eggman is fine how he looks also and I swear if you change people’s apperences I will lose it! Including tails,amy,knuckles,shadow,silver,cream,cheese,chao,rouge,charmy,espio,vector,big, E-123 omega,metal sonic,blaze, or ANY other chatacters! I WILL KILL THE PERSON CLOSEST TO ME AT THE TIME OF KNOLAGE RECEIVING!

  31. I got some ideas. Sega should direct games to 90’s kids, we grew up with him. And if they are running out of ideas, sonic cd remake? Sonic cd was one of the best sonic games ever! And continue with the olympics games, I like how they put level layouts for dream events. Also, sonic generations put a little bit of everything into one game, making a reboot completely unnessesary. (awesome game by the way! I recognised every level from the other games :D) and what about sonic R? Remake that! Its not like stupid sonic drift -_- I mean really! Does sonic really belong in a car? (and bring tails doll back to while your at it! He is so cute and evil at the same time :) I kinda wanna bring the curse back too. Start remaking games, I could go for another sonic heroes and it would be awesome if we got another sonic adventure 1, where you could choose who you wanted to play as fot their side of the same story and you can run around and do whatever you wanted between missions amd stuff!

  32. I would disagree with SEGA about the reboot.Sonic is great the way it is.If it reboots and has these different people then the fun won’t be the same.Hopefully the reboot will not happen(I hope)

  33. This news gives me the chills, but we all know it’s still a rumor right now.
    But if they do announce a reboot, they better have 3 things:

    -A good voice actor for Sonic
    -DR. Eggman should still have the same old voice actor
    -Tails better not be voiced by a girl again! idk, just my opinion. Kate Higgins does do a good job at making Tails sound like Tails, but when’s the last time Tails had a MALE voice actor?

    I hope they keep Knuckles, Metal Sonic, and a few other characters in the series, but I think they should bring back some very old ones, too:

    -Mighty The Armadillo
    -Bean the Bird
    -Nack the Weasel

    This is all just my opinion, so don’t take it seriously.

    (Insert Jason Griffith joke here)

  34. Also, the re-releasing of SA2 is making me start to think that they’re working on SA3. If I’m wrong, then it’s just gonna be another modern Sonic title. Plus, Sonic ’06 might have had gameplay closest to the Adventure series, but there were 2 things wrong:

    1: It looked too realistic.

  35. Although I am a hardcore Sonic fan, I think that a reboot is unnecessary because of the success of Generations and Sonic 4: Episode 2. I kinda liked the toys idea for Spyro, but toys for Sonic would a be a total rip-off and SEGA would go into a downfall.

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