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Crytek Posts Footage Of The Sexy CryEngine 3.4

Crytek has released new footage of the gorgeous CryEngine 3.4 to show developers exactly what the engine is capable of. There’s a handful of games are known to utilise the current Crytek 3 engine including the forthcoming Homefront 2 and Crysis 3. Hopefully we will see a number of developers taking advantage of the engine with Wii U at this years E3.

79 thoughts on “Crytek Posts Footage Of The Sexy CryEngine 3.4”

    1. Just want to point out, Someone is in fact developing a Metroid prime fan game in CryEngine 3. If you go to the main site you’ll find it :D

  1. I am completely stunned, sickr. I hope Epic Games give Nintendo and the publishers and developers use the Unreal Engine 3.4 on the Big N’s new console.

    1. CryEngine3.4.0 powered on Wii U (or Ultra NES?) ? I’m glad that Nintendo is listening to the hardcore audience as well as casuals and gamers with different consoles and PCs.

      1. If we are to go by the rumored/speculated r770 gpu that is supposedly being packed into the Wii U, than this will not be possible. Crytek 3.4’s features are utilizing dx 11. Correct/slander me if i’m wrong.

            1. Again the r770 was used because that was the target performance they were going for. The GPU that’s in Wii U will be heavyly customized. Nintendo has had the GPU in development for 2 years and it was done last year some time after E3.

              It looks like it’ll have some special features that a normal GPU doesn’t have but wether the thrid party will utilize it is another question. These added things are fixed function which will be added ‘Automagically’ during shader compilation or something like that if enabled.
              The final GPU could probably do something like 2-3 times the Xbox in terms of flops but if you use the fixed function features it’s could be alot more.

              Also the DirectX 11 talk is still valid as it’s the features you want like tessellation.

        1. It’s a custom GPU. It won’t have to deal with DX11 as that is a Microsoft property anyway.
          OpenGL my friend.

            1. It’ll be OpenGL compatible but they don’t actually encourage you to use it. OpenGL and directX are too High level. They use something low level and have alot more control which grants higher performance.

      1. Or Half-Life, Metroid Prime, Team Fortress 2, or Bioshock for that matter.
        He probably only knows of the mediocre, overdone war games.

        1. Half life, uses source and always will; as does TF2. I believe bioshock ran its own engine? not 100% on that and Prime run a modified cryengine I believe.

          What he might of been getting at is that the engine will be wasted on -typical- shooters (your modern warfare’s and CODS) instead of other shooters. The reason for this being other shooters tend to use their own engine so the devs have more room to do their own thing.

      1. Why the hell do you think it isn’t?

        If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were actually upset over something not worth getting upset over. Do you need a hug?

    1. I remember shunning n64 3d graphics saying they will never get close to real images….I’m busy eating my own foot!

    1. Yes it can. Frostbite not only has to run good graphics, but also destruction, so it’s graphics are not as good but they’re still pretty good

    2. If find it strange that Battlefield 3 has a lack of colours with the Frostbite 2 engine, it looks so blue….

    1. No one has said graphics don’t matter, it’s just that a game with good graphics doesn’t equal a good game, but if you have 2 versions of an amazing game, one with and one without amazing graphics, then the one with better graphics will likely be more enjoyable because they add to the experience

      1. Enjoyability has nothing to do with the graphics. Graphics only make the game more “approachable” cuz it’s “easy on the eyes”. That’s like the main point of graphics.

      1. How did you get from “don’t” to “think”? Even if that was typed on a phone, that’s too big of a leap to be a simple typo.

    1. It’s a custom Radeon GPU and not directly off-the-shelf. That means some features like multi-display support, or DX11 compatability can be added if Nintendo so chooses.
      Anyway, Microsoft owns DX11.
      I believe Nintendo uses OpenGL or something.

      1. Yes, ive heart it will use an OpenGL that can make similar things like DX 11, but well have to wait to see it

  2. I’ve JUST started playing Xenoblade, and it’s beautiful, even on the Wii.

    Imagine if it were re-rendered with FULL Voice acting, and CryEngine graphics?! (Or HD in general…) I’d get killed all the time because I’d forget I’m playing, staring at the sky.

    1. I just got xenoblade also. The scenery is beautiful, but the characters look a little underworked and smudgy imo. It’s a beautiful game but they could’ve done a better job on smoothin out the characters

      1. I’m not sure with the wii’s limitations that they could have – AND added the amazing soundtrack, and packed in the content – all on one Wii disc.

        Now, if they made it two discs… :D

  3. That was amazing. If the Wii U can run this or something equivalent, it will blow everything else out of the water. I really hope it does, this kind of thing can get the graphics whores and third party devs even more excited for Wii U. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to change my pants.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  4. please nentendo please give us cry engien 3.4 if this is on the wii u then it will blow everyone out of the water this is so butefule it makes me cry lol

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