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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Poster And Reveal Date Leak From Retailer

A retailer has forwarded a copy of a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 poster that the store reportedly received from publisher Activision today. The poster, if genuine, pretty much confirms what we all knew – Black Ops 2 is the next instalment of the loved and loathed Call of Duty franchise. The poster states that the game will be revealed to the general public on Wednesday May 2nd.

68 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Poster And Reveal Date Leak From Retailer”

  1. Surprisingly, Sickr didn’t say “Let’s hope it’ll also be confirmed on Wii U” or something nearly similar.

    1. Because it’s coming out in May, the Wii U won’t be here until at least July. If this game was going to be on Wii U it would be delayed by a few months from the others. Which is not that far fretched considering Wii U is getting Arkham City which will be a year old by that time.

      1. It’s not coming out in May, it will be shown for the first time in may. It won’t come out before November 5th.

      2. Well, the Wii U is going to be out in either October or November. Nintendo is going to talk a lot more about the Wii U at this year’s E3, so you might want to check that out in June.

          1. Not retards, but newfags… I dislike those post 2005 gamers who think they know everything about video games when they just play FPS games :/

        1. I find what you’re saying amusing. xD If no one cares… can you elaborate why you’ve taken the time to come to a site that has to do with nintendo news and is bound to have wii u info, just to say that? If anything, it shows you care. >_>

    1. I doubt it, most of these CoD fans already own 360’s and PS3’s, plus the majority if CoD fans think Nintendo is too “kiddy” smh

      1. Just, why wouldn’t you want the inventory and map on the tablet screen? Honestly it would take more skill to use.

          1. You're being ignorant

            Some video games take more hand-eye coordination than others. The US military doesn’t use video games so the solders can just fuck around playing…reflexes are also a big part of it.

            It IS ust a game, but it does take certain skills or attributes.

            1. So they use an over the top Simulated Shooter to train soilders?

              hm, that’s a first, I’m not saying your wrong I just find it surprising, its like Drivers ED classes beign tought with Need For Speed, instead of Forza or GT

        1. yes, if cod was a hard tactical game, buts its a run, shoot, die, respawn game. Plus I doubt millions would buy ANOTHER $300+ system, knowing full well that they already own a system in wich they are already comfortable playing this game with. Plus, most Cod fanboys are die hard PS3 &360 fanboys who hate Nintendo.

          I really don’t see CoD being a console seller for nintendo, specially with this, PS360 is for the cool and hardcore gamer trend.

  2. WHO CARES?!

    Dust 514 beta started today.

    An MMOFPSRPG with 60,000+ maps, a skill tree that would take SEVEN years to complete, AND the ability to coordinate with players from the pc MMO eve online is better than anything activision could wish call of duty was.

    Oh and did I mention is uses the ps vita like the wii u tablet controller (only 10x better)

    1. I hope you’re trolling. You can’t say it’s 10x better than the Wii U tablet controller if you haven’t used it yet.

    2. Agree with you except for all the Sony masterace fanboy ranting… Dust 514 IS better than CoD:BO2… But if a game is worser than CoD then Superman 64 has a opponent for worst game ever released..

    3. Better than… What?
      We haven’t seen the WiiU controller being used. You make the Vita sound pretty desperate to make claims it’s better than a product that isn’t even out or tested on CoD yet.

      I’m sure You’ll make @Vito16 happy. He’s on a MyNintendoNews troll spree, hitting every place he can find leverage to make a dumb-ass comment.

      1. I have seen once (and not again) that CoD wasn’t continuing. I’ll bet what I saw was referring more to this, coming out so early. Maybe Activision could take time to make a version for Wii U.
        Or maybe they want to copy/paste for the next game. LET’S HOPE NOT.

  3. am i the only one who thinks that a world at war 2 would be a thousand times better than a bo2. i mean black ops is kinda like a modernwarfare installment, but WWII would be much different… one issue is modded contollers though.

    1. WW2 was over done the orginal cod,moh, and BF had done WWI/II. i will say the best thing to do would be future warfare (like BF 2142, ghost recon, etc) halo doesnt count because it is in fact sci-fi. but honestly all i want is a map editor in every fps game.

      1. im am well aware that they have both done WWII games before… i just want another one with all the new perks and weapon level ups and stuff…

    1. mass effect is not an fps… nor is it like call of duty… its multiplayer is a survival type thing and reminds me more of raccoon city rather than cod or bf3… but they all are good (except crysis)

  4. wii u wont come out till later this year but rite now the 3ds needs a fps and it needs one really bad vita is getting resistance and all 3ds owners get is kid icarus which isnt bad but the fps is neck and neck with platforming and sports

  5. lol way? you guys know thats next month right? lol they were able to crank out a new game in a matter of months instead of a whole year. wow.

    1. It’s the reveal date not the release date.

      And it’s being developed by Treyarch NOT Infinity Ward so they’ve had 1 year + to “Crank out” a new game.

    1. I got tired of CoD,MWx, halo, etc… My friend’s FPS-Box bores the shit out of me.

      I’m playing Xenochronicles on my Wii, and Then I will sit back to some great GCG’s like Eternal Darkness and WindWaker – Then, hopefully WiiU will be out.

      I Need fresh gameplay, not another fucking map with 25 more fucking guns with hundreds of fucking kids yelling fuck more times than I have used it in this post within a 10 mIn round.

      1. FPS games like CoD and BF gets boring after quite a while.

        True fact, I also got sick of having to mute 70% of the lobeys I enter on the PS3 MW3 because theres always a 8 year old kid playing the game with the mic, And it scares me when I suddenly hear a high pitch scream when I kill someone.

    1. You do relise its the public viewing and not it releasing right?

      They always reviel the Call Of Duty games on May.

  6. hopefully this will be the final bullet that finishes off the wounded soldier. never want to see another cod game again after the travesty of black ops. lets hope this fails

    1. i agree that call of duty has been going down hill but honeslty it wont be dead anytime soon… itll either die in 3 more years… or if they stop making games

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  8. No offense to CoD fans, but the reason why I don’t like CoD is because of the half-ass fanbase. why do people thunk CoD is the best game ever and that is superior to all other games? Graphics don’t matter; it’s the CONTENT that does matter, meaning, are there any awesome weps you can choose from? and of course, that’s where Team Fortress 2 comes in. The design represents the 1930’s cartoon-ish posters, and graphics are in between good and bad. But, there’s a SHITLOAD of weapons, misc, hats, and tools you can use and choose from. 9 classes, 2 teams. it’s not like it’s any better than what CoD is. well….you will have to see for yourself. I’m a premium player on TF2, and I approve this comment.

    Other than that, I am excited. I just hope the fucked-up fanbase keeps their mouths shut.

  9. So in result, I do like CoD. but the only way I’ll ever play it is if the fanbase comes to their senses. OK? thar’s the only way. besides, CoD is ruined thanks to the fucking fanbase. CoD would have gone smoother without half-ass complaints that state other companies suck compared to Activision and Treyarch. plus…….without Atari, Nintendo, and even Sega, where would gaming be?

  10. Also, I may not own Halo, but at least I understand it’s purpose: telling a story that spans over 10,000 years. No FPS game tells a story like Halo and Half-Life do. Sure, Master Chief talks alot, but it’s to progress a story. The Halo ring installations were a major discovery in the story, and of course, it would result in games beyond halo 3. The ODST, Halo Wars, and Reach were prequels to the main trilogy. Halo 4 will be sure to please us all, since it means a new trilogy ahead of us. people like the guys at Rooster Teeth wished to tell some Halo stories of their own. Red vs Blue was first told in a comedian-ish form. Now wish Season 9, it’s more serious and tells the story of the Freelancers. other guys like GuitarmasterX7 helped out to tell their stories in a dramatic form. The Forgotten Spartans was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Half-Life, however………GOD DAMN YOU GABEN Y U NO MAEK EPEESOD TREE?

    *I own a Wii, 3DS, iPod Touch, and PC. Nothing more. yet I still admire some games*

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