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EA Confirms E3 Press Conference Time And Date

EA has confirmed to the press that it will be hosting its E3 press conference on Monday, June 4th at 1pm. Microsoft and Sony have both announced the date and time for their press conferences, so at the moment we’re just waiting on Nintendo. Hopefully EA will have plenty of treats in store for prospective Wii U owners. What would you like to see announced?

48 thoughts on “EA Confirms E3 Press Conference Time And Date”

  1. Nothing really. I want to see what nintendo will offer. Hope we get surprised although I know I’ll be disappointed as usual.

  2. Ahh good, now I know what time I can go take a shit during E3.
    Thanks Sickr. :D

    I kid, I just like to brag about how much I dislike EA. Any games they make that I like I’ll buy used. :P

    They are a terrible company.

  3. i thought u posted a date/time for nintendo last week?
    and what r date/times for sony/microsoft?
    i want to watch them to see them fail!

  4. Will Nintendo have their press conference on June 4 also like everyone else? I hope so, then I’ll be able to watch it live! YES YES YES!!!

  5. What I really love to see is EA announcing Wii U exclusive games.

    One last thing… Nintendo should go last in the E3 press conference like last year.

      1. Bad decision… personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to go first. It happened before and it’s gonna happen once again.

          1. Okay, but you didn’t address the point about how any potential Wii U games from EA or any other third party might be announced a bit prematurely, assuming Nintendo’s going last. Unless…they have no new Wii U games to announce other than the so-called “enhanced editions” that are arriving at launch.

            1. they could just as well save the announcements for that game untill nintendos press conference. it really doesnt matter what order they are in, if they want to reveal a game at nintendos conference they will its not like they have to reveal it at the first conference…

        1. Sorry, but Nintendo is going to be too busy for all the third party Wii U games to be announced at their conference :p You know Ubisoft and EA will want to fill their conferences with Wii U stuff they’re making.

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        They really make themselves look bad by making comments like this.

        1. Ah, these last two posts sure do show what irony means with there talk of retards and dick sucking while at the same time calling everyone who posts here “immature.” HEY LOOK EVERYBODY!!! HEMINGWAY ISN’T DEAD!! He’s just embodied himself into these two fifth grade genius’s. I sure am grateful for their understanding of the world and society. However, I will say that propsitioning yourself on a gaming website is probably illegal. Perhaps My Space would be a better way to connect to those willing to accomdate you and your small needs.

          1. “Propsitioning yourself on a gaming website is probably illegal.”

            First off… What’s “propsitioning”? Second of all, are you an idiot? How could that be illegal on a gaming website? I have never read a law like that; so please, tell me what statute of law or bill implemented where ever you are that has this.

            1. Sorry for my typo. Propositioning someone for sex in return for some kind of goods be it money, influence, or otherwise would be prostitution. Which in most circumstances, at least in the US, would be illegal. This was alos not meant to be taken seriously, but more of a comdemnation of the hypcritical view of the posters of this site calling them immature while posting an equally if not moare so immature post. And My Space is My Space. My entire post was an attempt at sarcasm. It in no way is a legally acurate comment. Please don’t take it as such.

              I also misspelled accomodate. I guess you missed that one.

              1. Also, why are you coming down on me? Those two posts were trolls. Perhaps I shouldn’t feed them, but there you are. It’s one thing if they have a legitimate criticism to make, but they didn’t. I responded in kind. Was it the high road. Not really. Did they call thise site and all Nintendo fanboys immature? They did and that included you. I apologize if my post was bothersome to you.

        2. How is both Eouen and yours relevant to the guys question?

          But yes, there are people here that are too immature. But, hey; it gives you all the time to just laugh at their idiocy/immaturity. Now, I’m not saying I’m mature; but I do agree some people do make themselves look bad.

          Eouen, I just want to ask you some stuff, not an attack, how are Nintendo fanboys going to ruin E3? I really don’t see it. Couldn’t you also bring in the fact that Microsoft and Sony also have fanboys, too? Wouldn’t they also “ruin” E3?

          Now those questions aren’t meant to attack; but just given out of curiosity. Instead of attacking one group – attack the entire group as a whole.

        3. Attempting to make yourself look good on a totally unrelated comment by trying to make others look bad.

          Yeah, that’s immaturity right there.

    1. To answer your question: Companies can have their conferences whenever they want really. So they all just decided to do it the day before. It’s a new strategy apparently, or maybe something to do with the schedule at this year’s E3 event.

        1. Your welcome. I was sick of seeing all these immature kids talking trash and not even answering your question.

    1. nintendo NEEDS to go first, otherwise how are ubisoft and EA and other third parties going to show any wii u stuff at their conferences if nintendo hasnt gone yet

          1. what about it? they could still show there wiiu games off at nintendos conference….. hell they can even wait to reveal games until there conference.

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  7. If Nintendo is going to go last, EA and Ubisoft may be able to show Wii U footage, but not the Wii U itself, if you understand what I mean. I know that will never happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

    Leave luck to heaven.

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