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New Pokemon Black & White 2 Trailer

Nintendo has released some brand new footage of the eagerly awaited Pokemon Black & White 2 at this months Nintendo Direct presentation. Pokemon Black & White 2 is due out in Japan on June 23rd. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have stated that the game will be coming to the West in the Fall.

21 thoughts on “New Pokemon Black & White 2 Trailer”

  1. this is interesting! but what was that giant tyranitar for? o.o and the place at 1:25 looks like nimbasa city, in orange XD

  2. offtopic w000t kingdom hearts 3d 20 july for europe:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD confirmed on europe conference

  3. They will make no money on this game. One because everyone already bought black an white… Two because this is gonna be the exact same game. 2 years in the future is not much difference.. some ice two new pokemon,.. thats all we get. I still havent caught all the pokes from black an white original..! how the hell do they think that im gonna want to start a brand new game that is a clone of the first one. ” smokes bowl of weed an breaths out heavily frustrated”

    1. trust me, you’re SOO wrong. they will make a lot of money from this game. so what if a lot of people bought black and white? this is a sequel. not a remake like crystal and emerald and platinum. a SEQUEL. its like saying that harry potter 5 wont sell well because people already read harry potetr 4. thats what a sequel is. a continuation of the game with a new story and new places -_-

    2. Gold and Silver took place three years after Red and blue. Look at what happened to Kanto in just three years. And that was just a game boy game.

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