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Japanese Firm Nexon Offers To Buy EA

Bloomberg is reporting that Japanese online games company Nexon has offered to purchase Electronic Arts. Nexon reportedly contacted the company regarding a potential buyout, but there’s no indication how much Nexon offered.

57 thoughts on “Japanese Firm Nexon Offers To Buy EA”

  1. I’m finding this funny. if it was EA buying out Nexon then great idea…
    OTHER WAY AROUND… you gotta be kidding me.

    1. You mean like the ones that sell tens and tens of millions of COPIES (as in, billions in revenue) every year? Good thing you’re not the CEO, they’d be bankrupt in less than 5 minutes.

        1. Wow, that was the crappiest argument ever. If my crap sold for a million dollars, I’d crap all day and get rich. Not to mention FIFA is a great game; the fact that you hate it doesn’t mean they should stop making them. It just means you’re a horrible person with a twisted set of ethics.

          1. thats true men, FIFA make alot of money, but damn they simply fucking suck, I really don’t see good or true changes since 2000, they can improve; but meh they’re EA after all…

            1. Are you kidding me? The game has gone a long way from 2000! There were the small upgrades when the PS2 came out, but 2008 is where the game really got overhauled. 2010 was a refinement of that, and now FIFA 2012 is the best soccer game out there (can’t beat real soccer though…).

        2. No one said the games were good, only that they sold well. And for a business, that is ultimately what matters.

          Besides, usually if something sells really well, it means it knows how to speak to its audience. Even if something is good, as long as it’s unapproachable due to its self-obsessed conceit, no one else will care about it.

        3. Because the your taste is what everybody else’s should be.
          Yeh exactly…

          Not to mention abujaffer was talking about the financial story of this.

    2. The games that sell won’t be thrown away. Why do you think Call of Duty is still around? Gaming is the way it is because of consumers who vote with their wallet. If you don’t like sports games, don’t play them.

  2. well its a poo company… why not.. BUT i hope they keep up the naughty romances and not like EA, who prefer american brain choises.. more blood, less compexity.. (for dummys)

      1. U dont want me to speak in my original language, who is the beggining of all other cheap ones.. Like english for an instanse.. lol.. Monkey.. lol

    1. Well EA is money hungry! They were selling 100 dollar cars on NFS world personally I like battlefield and sim city that’s it!
      I like nexon and it would be good for them. They made Maplestory and a lot more good games like counterstrike online and combat arms. Great company and maybe it means localization for Maplestory DS or more games by them.

        1. are u kidding me!! EA administration must leave… sold out or not, they must go… Before the new admin take over the company, was much much MUCH friendly and better than today.

  3. Something doesn’t ring true to me from that Bloomberg report…

    I highly doubt Electronic Arts would be bought off so easily by Nexon. However, I will also agree with everyone else who states that EA has officially become dead to the gaming community. EA is the most money hungry third-party game company out there at the moment, with Activision trailing not too far from the pack.

  4. If Nexon can get their hacker situation under control in Combat Arms, I’d be more intrigued by this offer. Unfortunately they’ve been plagued with opk, chams, and aimbots as well as vote kicks that crash the game whenever a hacker is being removed. Nexon needs to get their act together before they start entering the console gaming market.

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