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Miyamoto: ‘We Initially Failed With The 3DS Features And Lineup, Needed More Mario’

Legendary video games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed that Nintendo did a poor job conveying the unique features of the Nintendo 3DS, such as the Augmented Reality features and pre-installed applications. Miyamoto also admitted that the launch line wasn’t up to scratch and should have featured Mario titles.

“If I could rewind the clock I would change the lineup for the 3DS launch so it had more Mario titles. Not only that, but we also have some excellent features that appeal to non-gamers: 3D photography, the augmented reality features and other preinstalled apps. We tried hard to communicate these, but we failed. If I could go back I would have communicated these things differently, and spent more time working out that message.”

31 thoughts on “Miyamoto: ‘We Initially Failed With The 3DS Features And Lineup, Needed More Mario’”

    1. This. Although I wouldn’t mind more Mario ^^
      I think there could even be a Metroid at launch (since Katsuya Eguchi has said he’s working on one).

    2. we need LESS MARIO AND METROID and more STARFOX OR DONKEY KONG ya know, because we didnt see multiple games of those throughout this generation, i mean its not like metroid didnt have 3 games on the wii and 2 on the DS or anything, lets just put more metroid yeah thats a good idea -.-

  1. It was kinda dumb starting off with nintendogs&cats and street fighter . It should of had Phoenix wright, animal crossing , a 3ds Pokemon game , kid Icarus , and perhaps fire emblem or battalion wars.

  2. Bah if your system so desperately means a Mario title to sell good numbers then there’s something wrong being done.

    A more varied good balance of third/and first party is what was needed. Irrelevant since they are getting there anyway.

    1. Maybe he’s simply hinting that Mario will be out for the starting line-up.
      I will hope it’s a bundle (somewhat doubtful) because I loved Mario Bros Wii but never bought it

  3. Yep the launch pretty much sucked the only game worth getting at that time was street fighter ….and the 3ds needed demos and eshop on launch …but the 3ds features are getting better but not amazing …it needs more social connectivity like a FB,twitter,skype app and they need exiting titles on eshop not games people don’t care about …it needs to be more like the vita .. ..and they need to stop focusing on the casual crowd ..coz their gone now …they don’t care about the wii anymore ..they need more mature games and new mature Nintendo franchises ..they need that if they want to be sucsessful ..they need the hardcore audience more than the casual ..Nintendo needs realize the casual crow moved on to games like COD ..Nintendo dosnt need more Mario …Mario is getting boring and is only attracting kids…they need more Zelda,metroid,donkey kong,pikmin feels like their milking Mario ..dont get me wrong I love Mario but’s too much ..

  4. 3ds needs more apps like youtube a radio app voice chat acheavements a free section in eshop addons for games to make them a bit fun something that will bring vita to a end

  5. He’s right. All Nintendo platforms must launch with one of their stellar first party games. Mario usually fits the bill, but a new Metroid/Star Fox or F Zero could work as well. Nintendogs, while good, doesn’t fit the bill. Well, now you know what to do with the Wii U.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  6. Pokemon Black and White should have been made for 3DS. That alone would have brought sales through the roof. I believe future Pokemon games for the 3DS will bring the 3DS to the glory it was meant to hold.

  7. I do have a big problem with the Nintendo eShop. The prices are way too high for even the simplest things. The Apple App Store has a much more reasonable price range.

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