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Wii U Wired Controller Cable Is Part Of Dev Kit Say Sources

You’ll have noticed that the leaked Rayman Legends video for Wii U features a wired tablet controller. A number of publications have speculated that the cable is due to the fact that Nintendo is having problems streaming data from the console to the controller. Online publication Polygon claim this isn’t the problem, and that the wire is simply what’s found on Wii U development kits. We should find out for certain at E3 in June.

Polygon sources familiar with the Wii U say that the tablet has a cable coming out of the bottom of it because it is a dev kit, which currently is only available wired. The wireless version of the dev kits, we’re told, won’t be released to developers until June.

27 thoughts on “Wii U Wired Controller Cable Is Part Of Dev Kit Say Sources”

  1. And why? The dev kit with the wireless controller should be in devs hands now. No reason why it shouldn’t be unless it’s not done.

    1. Maybe it’s so they can, for example, work on streaming as much as they like to the controller, then cut it down to a level that runs smoothly, rather than being cautious about the framerate and limiting how much they stream or use the controller.

    2. Perhaps Nintendo isn’t satisfied in the way of how the Wii U wirelessly performs.
      Nintendo is probably looking at Lego’s motto, “Only the best is good enough.”

      1. Holy moly! That just reminded me how awesome Lego actually is. The block that is, not going to buy the Wii U game

  2. There is 2 USB ports on the front of the Wii U, so this pretty much excludes 4 Wii U remotes at a time. I hope the fact that their’s 2 is more evidence that will atleast get 2, but I’m starting to doubt it :(

      1. They don’t expect you to use those 2 for remote charging. One is for a type of Internet connnection, and the other for a USB hard drive. They won’t give those as charging options.

        1. They might. How else do you charge it then? Unless they give you a dock that you plug into a wall socket. That would suck, since mine already has my TV, DVD player, computer and it will have the Wii U. On the plus side, it would charge faster.

          1. It wouldn’t. These types of devices (like the 3DS) take in about 5V of energy to charge, and that’s about how much an USB 2.0 port supplies. So if they do charge via USB, we’d be able to charge them on our computers and, well, anything with an USB port. If they transfer data via USB… Then we’d be able to plug those controllers in and use them instead of silly keyboards and mice for PC gaming. :D

          2. My point was simply that the 2 USB ports on the front are probably there for charging Wii U remotes. So I predict 2 Wii U remotes per console.

    1. The PS3 has two USB ports on the front (and no other on the back) and it supports eight controllers. That’s why they invented lithium batteries. ;)

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  4. I’m fairly certain nintendo can handle making a wireless controller. I would welcome a non wireless option though, its a full time job keeping enough good batteries from my Wii motes.

  5. of course the tablet is wireless. all that demonstration in the wiiu trailer last e3 said it all. I just hope more than one of them can be used with the system.

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  7. It’s been a year since we’ve seen the Wii U in action and the entire intro video was wireless. Why are people all of a sudden concerned that it won’t be wireless? Ubisoft already explained that the Rayman video we saw showed a dev kit and all the available dev kits are wired. Have no fear people the Wii U tablet controller will be wireless. The only thing unconfirmed is how it will be powered. Built in rechargable battery like the PS3 controller? Or will you have to use AAs or something.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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