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Not Enough Love For Mario In The UK

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is discouraged by the fact that Mario titles don’t seem to be selling as well in the UK as they do in the rest of the world. Iwata says Nintendo need to “greatly improve this situation” though he wouldn’t reveal exactly how Nintendo plans to do this.

“Although there are six titles for the Nintendo platforms, the two Mario titles for the Nintendo 3DS have the smallest presence in the world. We need to promptly improve this situation.”

49 thoughts on “Not Enough Love For Mario In The UK”

  1. Maybe if they made Mario as good as the ones they made twenty years ago, and didn’t treat the franchise like a cash cow, more people would buy them. The quality of Mario titles has decreased alarmingly, and there’s far too many poor, spin-off titles now. People are starting to catch on to this, and aren’t blindly buying the games any more because Mario is on the box.

    1. mario still is as good as it was 20 years ago, infact its better, however they have alot of mario spinoffs, most of them are good, my only complaint is that they should give mario a bit of a rest for a while

    2. Bad Mario titles and bad Mario spin-offs? Hmmm…
      Of recent logic of recent Mario games:
      Mario Party 9 – Good
      Super Sluggers – Pretty good
      Super Mario 3D Land – Great

      I don’t remember any horrible Mario games of recent

      1. You know you are right. Yet more creativity would be great… Just look at dk returns or rayman and you see what I mean. Same great game play with sweet new graphics and some experimental game play mechanics and you have your self a hit that no one can complain about in 2d, that is. Or very limited 3d.

    3. You are wrong and right… Had 2d Mario had the creativity of the 3d titles yet just in 2d the magic would be there.

    4. I was just about to say the same thing. I loved Super Mario World, but as soon as it turned 3D I was completely turned off.

    5. A large chunk of the spinoffs suck but insinuating Super Mario Galaxy isn’t in the pantheon of best in the series, and saying that its a cash cow… Makes you stoopid.

  2. Has anyone been into Game? The 3DS shelf is usually not only smaller than the Vita shelf but also smaller than a handful of large empty boxes advertising upcoming games

    1. That’s because companies pay for shelf space and shelf location. Large displays at front of store cost sony huge amounts of money. Ever notice how even though the wii outsold everything it was always at the back of the store? Nintendo don’t seem to put much emphasis in in store advertising.

      1. That still doesn’t change the fact that Sonic is more popular here in the UK, when I was growing up almost everyone I knew had a Mega Drive but no NES/SNES. I personally blame Fleetway for their amazing work on Sonic the Comic lol (Demonic Super Sonic FTW).

  3. That’s a shame. You Europeans are missing out on some quality games there. I wonder what plan Iwata has to fix this. Here’s my plan:

    1) Mario does’t shoot fire from his hands anymore he throws grenades.
    2) Princess Peach gets implants to increase her cup size to EEE. TMZ “aquires” photos of her sunbathing topless on the roof of her castle.
    3) To beat Bowser Mario must kick him in the balls 5 times.
    4) Luigi comes out of the closet. Admits he and Waluigi have been in a 10 year relationship.
    5) Mario egts arrested for possesion, when founds with mushrooms.

    Make these changes and you have a guaranteed hit with the Europeans, Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. people over there worth-ship play station more, think about it how did Europe is the only place that vita sell well.

  4. Price of Mario games in the UK are terrible.
    Mario 64 DS is still fixed at £39.99 and second hand £29.99.
    This only ever happens with Mario titles though :p.

    1. Agreed. Mario games seem to go down in price way slower than everything else on the shelves, both firsthand and secondhand…

      I’ve worked part-time at a HMV before, Mario was plenty popular, regardless of the price. I think they simply ship too many copies of the games over here. That was a while ago though. not sure how true this still is now.

    2. Am from colombia and wii-xbox-ps3 games are arround 70-80 dolars meanwhile 3ds and vita are arround 60 most ds games are now like 30 or 40 but mario 64 ds and mario kart are still 60

  5. No way!! I’ve bought every single mario game since Mario Bros 2 and I’m from the UK! As soon as 3D land and kart 7 came out they were the single only reason for me buying a 3ds! Everyone in the UK loves mario, we’re just a smaller country. Mama Mia

  6. this is true. in fact, where i live, everyone plays PS3 or Xbox. Nintendo are seen as a family friendly company and no-one buys there games at all.

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