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Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS Announced By Another Retailer

Earlier this week it surfaced that Nintendo is planning to announce a Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS to coincide with the launch of Mario Tennis Open next month. Joystiq has now received word that US retailer Sam’s Club now has a pre-order listing for the Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS which is set to retail for $168.58. The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS is thought to go on sale May 20th.

64 thoughts on “Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS Announced By Another Retailer”

    1. Yea, I know how you feel, I got an Aqua Blue on release day :P The Purple is cool looking, but it’s not a limited edition, so I suggest waiting and then buying it when it’s really cheap! :D

        1. they may do release a special bundle package for that when it comes out, but like I said it’ll probably be called Jade Green or Emerald Green.

  1. It’s a really nice color, but I’m happy with my Cosmos Black 3DS, but if this is one of those things that’s on limited stock then I might.

            1. Actually it does look different, but that’s just because what they showed at E3 2010 was not the final product. They said a while ago that they changed it. The colour and shape/size of this one is different, because this picture is from E3.

    1. its because the picture was (most likely) taken at e3 where they had a bunch of different colors, it wasnt the final model

  2. My little sister will be mad that they’re releasing this now. She got a 3DS a few months ago and this is her favorite color.

  3. It’s tempting to get one of each color, but money doesn’t grow on trees… but paper money does come from trees, so maybe money does grow on trees. Maybe I will get one anyway.

  4. I love it! If this had been out before the Legend of Zelda limited edition, I probably would have picked it up. That being said, the Legend of Zelda paint job is part of what sold mine to me.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that this actually gets released. And having already paid 250 for my first one, I can easily justify spending 160 for a fuckin’ fine ass purple one, as well.

  6. This is wonderful, I LOVE purple! Only problem ppl is that U HAVE to HAVE a SamsClub membership in order to shop there! THIS SUCKS, I am NOT about to pay for a membership JUST to buy a 3DS, I will just have to get the black!

  7. I wish the cobalt blue one came.. and the white one in NA for that matter. Im very happy with my Zelda 3DS though :D

  8. Please release the Cobalt Blue 3DS in Uh’merica! I’d buy it in a heart beat, the darker blue fits me better than my Zelda edition.

    1. Is there actually a colour like this available? If so,then i’ll purchase it with the 3ds i bought at launch.

  9. I bought a Cosmo black 3DS so that all the color would be the same on the whole system. And 2, because it doesn’t get dirty as quickly. But my second choice would definitely be midnight purple!

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