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New Kingdom Hearts Game To Be Announced Soon

Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura has explained in the Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guide-book that his team has already begun work on a new game in the series. Nomura believes that this team will be able to make an announcement quite soon.

68 thoughts on “New Kingdom Hearts Game To Be Announced Soon”

        1. yea but look at chain of memories. It could easily be on Wiiu. Chain of memories made a jump to ps2.

        2. Kingdom Hearts wasn’t only good on the PS2, I loved it on my DS and PSP, and Chain of Memories on my GBA, your probably a sony-drone

          1. The new 3DS Kingdom Hearts is considered by the Japanese magazine Famitsu the 2nd best game in the series.

              1. C’mon guys its obviously for the psVita. Sony knows it’ll sell well and after Capcom jumped ship with Monster Hunter, it’s the only money maker they got.

        1. Well doing a HD remake would allow them do things they werent able to before, such as having more room to play with the tournments in the colosium, or adding in more world specific bosses like phantom and kirk ziza. Doing a new collection could open up mechanics for things like new keyblades, gummie ship missions, cross game content (i.e. taking your levels and keyblades from the first one into the second one) and more. Plus there is obvious point of them making more money.

        2. Yeah they look good on a old tube TV but with most people playing on HDTVs these days its hard to make anything not HD look good. Have you ever played a PS2 on an HDTV before? It’s pretty bad.

  1. i hope its not an HD collection…actually..i wouldn’t mind that. I’ve been wanting to play through 1 and 2 again. Why not in HD? And if they include Final Mix 1 and 2 and Re: Chain of Memories i’ll definitely buy it

    1. Definitly I feel the same way even though I till have the original copy’s I would definity love an HD collection I want to see what kinda trophies they will doing for those games :) and if they can include Final Mix 1&2 my life will be complete :D

      1. i could see them doing an HD collection, but i think the final mix stuff might end up being DLC if anything. Though it would be awesome to see. To be honest though if they do make it i hope they dont put it on 360 as well. I want to have it on the ps3 where it belongs.

    1. FF VS XIII will never be done. I think they are starting to realise that. We’ve had almost no news on it since it was announced and they’ve released a ton of games that it should of come out before.

  2. I think it would be Kingdom Hearts 3. I would love it if they announced it would come to the Wii U. I also want them to re-release the original two for the Wii U, but that ain’t happening.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Based on the KH3D intro, it should be KH3. Thing is, if the KH team is also working on FF Versus XIII, then they probably won’t begin work on KH3 until after Versus is released.

      1. Again i highly doubt VS 13 will ever come out. Nothing has really come and it’s been almost 10 years since the game was announced. I think that project has stagnated and they’ve pretty much given up on it. Especially since they’ve released a TON of other games that should of arguablly come out after the release of VS 13. Nomura also said that his next project would be kingdom hearts 3 that they’ve wrapped up all the side stories and are now focusing on the future of the series.

        1. Nomura… never said that? The only thing he ever said is that he believes it’s time for the “Kingdom Hearts” series to come back to the consoles. And that doesn’t even mean that the next game will be on consoles, it just means it might be, and that it most likely won’t be for the Vita because Nomura doesn’t think it’s worth it to make a KH game for the Vita right now, due to its console-like power. Whatever the next game is, I’ll buy it, for whatever it comes out on simply because I’ll most likely be getting the system for something else anyway, if I don’t already have it.

  3. I heard it was not going to be a PS3 exclusive. It would either be for WiiU or 3DS.

    Makes sence, given the number of Kingdom hearts games on nintendo.

    PS3 exclusive… Ha, whatever.

  4. I may have not played KH, but I do know the Playstation and Nintendo versions each have serperate protagonists. The protagonists are actually brothers, according to the manga adaption of Kingdom Hearts. so, Sora is the Nintendo-version protagonist, whilst his brother is the Playstation-version protagonist. We never see them both in the same game, guys, but we might soon. And if this is indeed going to be Kingdom Hearts III, then, by all means, have at it, Disney and Square Enix. :D I still hope to experience KH for myself soon.

    1. All of what you just said is wrong. Sora stars in KH1 and 2, as well as Chain of Memories. You’re thinking of Roxas, who is Sora’s nobody, not his brother…

    2. HURRY !!!!!!!!!!!someone get a Kingdom Hearts ambulance

      You,my friend are really confused,get a ps2 and play KH 1 , RE:COM and 2.You’ll be a little confused but play the ds ,and psp versions too.

    3. Who ever told you that lied to you ALOT. Kevin is right. Sora has been the main protagonist through much of the games. Only two have had different protagonists, and from what information has been given to us, Sora has no brother >.> .

  5. I honestly think that they should stop doing all these side games and focus on the main story! Too many games in too many different console was a bad idea from the beginning, i mean what do they expect? That every kh fan was gonna buy each console just for the games?

    1. I read à year ago That wen ffvs13 is on his end stage That they going to work on kh3 and That te next game after khddd Will Be kh3 and and they said That ffvs13 is over THE have à year ago

  6. KH 1 and 2 were only ps exclusives because THE game cube only coud handel 1.4 GB per disc and THE PS2 4gb but with THE Wii u 25 per layer and THE disc has 3 layers That is 75 GB

  7. I’d say it’s Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS3 or something for Vita maybe. I’d love to see both, even though I’d prefer a KH for Vita. Could be a game for the 3DS as well, though.

    1. Oh wait, nevermind about the 3DS part. Now that I think about it, since they’re making Dream Drop Distance already it’s rather unlikely that they’ll be making another 3DS game that fast, I guess.

  8. KH3KH3KH3KH3 Come on, they said before that KH3D would be the last non-numbered installment; that all the back story would be finished with it. D: *crosses fingers*

  9. I missed out on one and two, and don’t want to find them/buy a ps2 so a KH HD collection would actually make me pretty excited. Of course, so would announcing 3.

  10. Kingdom Hearts 3? But they should wait to announce a new game till after the release of the Kingdom Hearts 3DS or wait till E3

  11. Most LIKELY;
    -KH HD Collection
    -KH BBS Vol.2
    -KH 3

    And seriously, I’d LIKE it to be on the Wii U, but the chances of it being multi-platform might not be in SE’s best interest. If that’s the case, they’re going to release it on PS3, because that’s where it STARTED. You would not release a game for a console where all the backstory for said game is on another console. This even further-more supports the hopes behind an HD Collection. and God, does KH1 ever need that facelift.

    1. But look at Final Fantasy’s past. FF was Nintendo exclusive for a long time, but then moved to pretty much being Playstation exclusive

    2. Do people forget that Kingdom Hearts has back story on Nintendo consoles as well >.>. Chains of Memories, 358/2 days, and now Dream Drop Distance. If you don’t count remakes, Sony has KH 1 , KH 2, and Birth By Sleep, meaning they have the same amount of games on both systems. And how in what way would it not be in Square’s best interest? More platforms equals more money in the long run. (I didn’t include Re:coded because it’s just a remake of a cell phone game :3)

  12. Sickr just to let you know it’s KH3 he stated a while ago that as soon as KH3D was released/finished they are going to start on KH3

  13. How about finishing Versus XIII first so that they can fully focus on kingdom hearts? Damn, that game will never be finished.

  14. Judging by their release parameters, it’ll be the Vita Kingdom Hearts. That is one of the reasons fans are starting to neglect the series, because they have branched it out to different systems as exclusives instead of multiplats.

    1. They are neglecting the series because at some point the story started to go down the crapper. I don’t know when it became such a good idea for everybody to start wielding keyblades, but I gotta say, some of that story integrity is gone.

  15. Kingdom Hearts 3D Final Mix
    Birth By Sleep Volume 2
    or Kingdom hearts 3


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