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Pokemon Black & White 2 Will Use Global Link & Other Details

Pokemon website Serebii is reporting that Pokemon Black & White 2 will utilise Global Link. New features will be added to the website including a rebrand of the Battle Union alongside confirmation that the Dream World will be making a return to Pokemon Black & White 2.

It’s also been revealed that the time cut-off between sessions will reduce from 24 hours to 20 hours. There will also be new areas added, including one that is titled ‘Cool Hole’. There’s also a special feature for those owning the original Pokemon Black & White and the latest addition in the series, though the details have yet to be confirmed.

45 thoughts on “Pokemon Black & White 2 Will Use Global Link & Other Details”

    1. It’s the online minigame thing that links up to your Pokemon game. You can grow berries, catch new Pokemon with special abilities, and play minigames. These items and Pokemon can be transferred to the real game.

      1. The 3rd Gen takes place at the same time as Gen 1.
        And Gen 4 at the same time as Gen 2.

        Black/White are set off if a different time frame and is currently unknown what the time difference is between the other gens

  1. I can’t wait until I get my special feature for owning White 1 :D
    Also, who wanna trade Pokémon Friend Codes?
    Pokémon White: 0175 6891 0946
    3DS: 0087 2626 6445

    1. it would cost too much. nintendo wouldn’t be willing to spend that much on a handheld title.

      1. Mystery Dungeon Red and Mystery Dungeon Blue. One was for the DS and the other was for the GBA. (I had both)

        1. Bro that was two versions not four besides that, the game was the pretty much the same they just added some stuff for the touch screen so it wouldn’t be useless

  2. i wish this game had a release day. i want it now, pokemon is the only thing that can calm me down when i get raging mad.

    1. Japan – Summer
      NA and Europe – Autumn
      Australia – Spring (which, due to Hemisphere differences, is really Autumn)

  3. I’m guessing the points you have acquired for the dream world in the first version will migrate over to version 2. That might be what it means by special feature.

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  5. I would love to visit the cool hole. LOL! Seems this game has a lot of older generation pokemon in this game which I love. All the better for my Heracross to beat. Leave luck to heaven.

  6. If you have a 3ds and would like another friend on your list then add this friend code 0860-3627-8662 and wrote back if you added me with your friend code. :)

    1. Sorry. I tried to get it but I don’t know. So I looked it up and I have to connect with you. I bet you don’t live close to me so I can’t use local. So I thought I should use internet. But I don’t have Wi-fi. But almost everybody who lives near me has it. So I looked up online how to use someone eles’s Wi-fi, but that didn’t help at all. So PLEASE TELL ME.

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