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The Next Tales Game Will Be Announced At The Tales Of Festival In June

The latest edition of Japanese publication Jump states that the next game in the Tales series will be announced at the Tales of Festival in June. The manga magazine lists the new game as “Next Tales Of….” Platform, price and release date are listed as TBA. The Tales of Festival will be held on June 2nd and 3rd.



  1. OMG, that game needs to be on the Wii U, or at least the Wii. Nintendo needs more solid rpgs for their consoles. The Tales Of…always delivers. I hope Nintendo is actively pursuing them and reminding them how well Tales of Symphonia did on the Gamecube. Leave luck to heaven.


  2. Yeah. Nintendo should really try to convince Namco to get another Tales game on Nintendo consoles and in the US.

    So far, all we Nintendo fans only got Tales of Symphonia (great game) and Tales of Symphonia 2 (rushed, but still good). Namco needs to get off the Playstation’s balls (no offense) and give Nintendo a little more love. They’re missing out on a large fan base. The time for these third party franchises to be console exclusives should be over.


  3. What ever system it’s released on it will be watered down, with the rest being DLC.

    And Namco will release a Full version for a Sony System, if the original wasn’t released on a Sony console.


    1. Ah yeah, there’s that too. Namco really likes to make X360 and Wii owners feel good, then kick them in the nuts with a better version on PS3.


    2. The pure true, Namco always remember the old rivality with the Arcades with Nintendo and them after the ‘failed’ triforce thing with SEGA and Nintendo, they run back to be the lovers of Sony

      In general as always a butchered version for the non-Sony Platform and the whole version as Japanese Exclusive Sony Console.


  4. My French (Girl)Friend is the one who will scream when know about this.. for me is new, only the original for Super Nes(who play with the original cartidge here in the americas) was the one who make me interested… and i loved more Star Ocean over it.

    In general as the director say… this series is for ‘otakus’ thus not for Gaijin, and not tell us lies to each other, Tales become famous in the west was thanks to the Marketing boost who make nintendo with the Symphonia there in the Gamecube(before Namco as good Sony lover launch a better version in japan, make Nintendo angry with the series, especially Reggie who a have against them)


  5. I think I just saw Sony’s Wii U equivalent being advertised on TV, says it can play Playstation games and other stuff, tbh even if there were a virtual Playstation controller on that touch screen, I would not play any Playstation games on that thing, if you had some traditional buttons away from the screen, then sure :P

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  6. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for it, but I have a feeling that only Japan (and possibly Europe) will be getting it.


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