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Wii U Concept Art Leaks Via Survey & Hints At $300 Price

Global Test Market, a world-wide panel of people participating in online market research studies for rewards, has showed users Wii U concept art and subsequently asked whether or not they believe the system is worth $299.99. Global Test Market were apparently the firm that first revealed the Goldeneye 007 remake for the Wii, before it was unveiled at E3 2010. How much would you be prepared to pay for Wii U?

150 thoughts on “Wii U Concept Art Leaks Via Survey & Hints At $300 Price”

        1. I’d be willing to pay 300 UKP for this system so thats about 480 USD

          but hey if its going to be cheaper than that then great

          1. Mine is preordered at 384 dls but I’m am in Mexico so that would mean you could buy it at 250 dls

      1. Yes, but the technology inside of it is comparable to current consoles or a little bit better, making the cost of the console probably much lower than say the Xbox 360 or PS3 price at launch. The price Biran Hough said he would buy the WiiU for is the same $250 price that the Wii had at launch which had comparable technology inside to the generation of it’s time, hence part of the reason they were able to make it the cheapest console. I agree that $250 would be a reasonable price, and if not that, not much more than that.

        1. it aint a “little bit better” the stuff inside the wii U is atleast 2 generations stronger than current consoles its WAY stronger than this gen by far

            1. What he is saying is that the tech inside the Wii U (i.e. gpu/cpu) is atleast 2 gens newer than that of current consoles, not that the console itself it 2 gens ahead…

          1. ok you guys are stupid, by 2 generations he means 2 generations of components, so like 2 generations of graphics cards….. which is reasonable considering how many generations of graphics cards we have gone through since the 360 and ps3 came out.

      2. What if Nintendo did this:
        Core system
        Tablet and system $299.99
        Basic System
        Tablet, system, either NSMB MII or Shield Pose (assuming this isn’t built in)
        Gamer Pack system
        tablet, system,wii mote+, nunchuck, NSMB MIIand WII U SPORTS $399.99 ??

    1. Really? If its 300 then I’ll run outside and yell cheers of happiness and relief to the heavens. 300 is more than reasonable if you ask me, its only 50 more, hopefully it comes with a game so that way it’ll feel like you spent that money on a game instead.

    2. Yeah right. Better prepare yourself for not getting one thne, since $250 is a big joke. That the price of the Vita man, the cheap version.
      I’m hoping in between $300 and $350, because im hoping to get the next playstation too. Nintendo goes first though :P

        1. Im referring to the episode, Im not actually quite sure what a meme is exactly. But the scene is a classic of bad anime dub, yet somehow really interesting :)

          1. It really all steatrd with Everybody’s Golf, which is the true inspiration for Mario Golf which was developed by the same company. Let’s Golf seems like another one of Gameloft’s cloning of games they are infamous for. This one seems good and fun though. Too bad about the lag, but again, that’s a Gameloft thing. The same thing happened with Asphalt 3D. Gameloft always overlooks this technical problem.

  1. $300 would be fine with me. I was dumb enough to shell out $250 on the 3DS on launch, and the WiiU is certainly worth more than the 3DS

        1. I’m not saying I regret it, or that the Ambassador games didn’t make up for it, I’m just saying that if I was willing to pay $250 for a handheld, a full-blown console is totally worth $300

          1. No dude, I got hit as well. I liked 5 of the ambassador games. I miss my lost money and wish I had waited….afterall, the fucking 3DS wasn’t even fully functional (would perform as advertised) until months later. I Totally wished I’d waited… Anyway. Here I am, stuck with the $250 version, but I will admit, I don’t go anywhere without it.

            I’d pay $350 for WiiU

  2. I’d be willing to be ~450€ for WiiU, if I knew there were at least two or three good games available for it.
    300$ will probably sell for 300€ and that’s actually not bad. Not bad at all…

  3. 250 is magic price point honestly. I would do 299 if it had solid online support, cross game chat and amazing line up. n works with 3ds.

  4. I would buy it for 300 bucks, 400 at the most. But 300 is pretty much the perfect price for this.

  5. Silly move from Ninty if the console is $300, it should be $250, now with that $99Dlls Xbox, Wii U needs to have a pretty appealing price.

    1. Not really

      from what the fans are saying about xbox and PS it soudns like the ps4 and 720 will be having a 650 USD price at least lol

      Anything Under 400 USD is a good price for the U i think
      after all this is a next Gen system and the 3DS did launch at 250 USD and that was just a handheld

      im exspecting about 300 to 350 USD launch price which would be perfect imo even though im willing to pay as high as 500 USD for a next Gen console

      1. Wrong.

        NextBox and PS4 will both be marginal leaps forward in graphics/power. Both Sony and Microsoft are on record as saying they’re not interested in making a big leap forward and investing in cutting edge tech for the next generation.

        Wise move, too, because both companies sold at a big loss with their current consoles when they debuted.

        1. seriously? sony probably sold at a loss but microsoft didn’t. infact theyv’e been profiting off of the 360 since it launched. out of the “bog 3” sony is the only one that has been seeliung things at a loss, with an exception to the 3ds.

          1. The 3DS has more than passed its expected goal. They out sold the original DS by 1 million units, and Nintendo didn’t even expect that because their goal install expected was around the same as the DS that’s why they usually always never have losses. Because they don’t astronomical target numbers. The 3DS has more than made up for its early mishaps. Its more that the huge sales didn’t happen right of the bat. Now with the Wii U they know DAY 1 “wow” launch titles are a must.

  6. £230 to £300, the wii was £180 at launch in the UK so I think £230-£300 would be an accurate and reasonable price, especially considering the Xbox 360 was £250 and the PS3 at launch was around £400

    1. finally i thought i was going mad 300 pound no way its all about last-ability i wud of hated buy 3ds for 250 i get bored of mine in a month and i got mine at x mas i only play it for colors and kid Icarus

  7. $300 is nice. $250 is better. Even if they are going for a more hardcore audience, the aren’t competing with a $300 PS4 and Xbox 720. They’re competing with the sub $200 Xbox 360 and sub $300 PS3 which, upon the launch of the Wii U, will be the two best platforms. And, to add to these problems, I have the unfortunate condition of living in England, meaning that Nintendo think £300 is the same as $300.

    1. tbh, nintendo never asked much for the Wii at launch. they WANTED £80 as thats what they saw it was worth, it was actually our UK goverment that wanted more and added a ‘1’ before the ’80’. same goes for the 3DS, they wanted between £150-£200 at launch, but our goverment refused to sell it as it was “too low for a next gen handheld” and the shops refused to sell it for that too. my guess is that theyll want between £220-£260 for this, but out shops and goverment are tight arsed money grabbers and will add about an extra £100 on that.. so if the price goes high for this, dont blame Ninty, blame the MPs =]

  8. I highly doubt that it will be at 300$. It sure is going to be cost more than the regular Wii at launch, so let’s make that 300$. But that would be the price of the system itself only. Now that the controller is basically a tablet, it won’t be that cheap I guess. I mean, alone the Wii-Mote was about 40-50€ here at launch. So I’m guessing that the controller of the WiiU will be about 100$ which makes the whole pack to be at 400$.
    Means: I don’t think that it will be any cheaper than 400$.
    I mean, 300$ ? That would be only 50$ more than the 3DS was at launch.

  9. As long as Nintendo does NOT do what they did with the 3DS (Here is the price in Amercia, this is the price in Japan and for the money grabbing Europe….Make up your own price) it wont cost too much.

    1. Same here. The suspense is killing me! Has anyone been able to Pre-order any of the 7 games Amazon has listed for the Wii U? I would like to order some.

  10. What is with people these days always want something for nothing.$250 really really for a well built console that’s just asking to much from nintendo who’s already giving us affordable gaming.I’m willing to pay $500+ for this amazing console x2 for me and my son.I know alot of gamers can’t put up $400+ for consoles these days.But if Wiiu is $350 be happy with it it’s nintendo

    1. you have a job you earn money and you are gamer most of the people are not adults and their parents including mine think that games are hell .

      1. I head special effects and makeup design for a production co. And I’m STILL not paying over $400 sorry. Its not the money its the fact that I don’t pay $500 for game systems.

    1. I agree. Although it would be nice of them if they included those “experiences” on the console at launch. Kinda like the Wii Sports thing.

      1. im sure there will be something packed in or included. Reggie and Iwata have both mentioned “Giving adoptors Right-Out-the-box experiences with some of the systems great features” I maybe wrong but before that blockbuster “leak” I could have swore Shield Pose was one of the built ins.

  11. I think $300 is a very fair price for what Nintendo’s offering, hell a new 320GB PS3 is only $50 cheaper. Converted to a probable rounded price of £200-£250 for me, getting a Wii U at launch may not be out of the question for me.

    1. The system is $180 to make and the tablet cost $50 to make. I don’t think that would be profitable selling the system for $250. Ps3 has been out who really expects a next gen to be equal to or less than that? I’m going with $300 but that sounds pretty cheap for TRUE power. Id rather pay for quality than to get a sub par system for less and complain later. Just like I’m not rushing Zelda HD or Smash Universe. I want GREAT GAMES!

      1. Console developers very rarely sell their systems for a profit, all, if not all, profits are made off software.

        Look at the PS3’s launch for example. They tried to sell the console for a profit ($599 US Dollars), and that launch was terrible. Even closer, look at the 3DS’s launch. Price reduction within the first 6 months.

        Selling a console at a loss is just a set back that most launches have to deal with. No biggie.

        1. The difference is $350 isn’t nearly as high as the PS3’s launch and apparently Noone really wants to pay $250 for a handheld. I didn’t know about the whole “not selling for a profit” but with what it cost to make a Wii U Nintendo could do $329.99 and do good simply because of the general ballpark we’re I. If this survey asked $499.99 I would have to see much more. But from just what I’ve seen and heard post I (and several others on this post) will go up to $349.99

    1. I don’t think Nintendo will as Reggie put it at the 3DS unveil “go there!” I don’t think ANY system will touch that price point again unless it’s some super bundle pack

      1. I guess the Wii U will cost $300 per console. But there may be additional stuff so $500 is ok for me.

      2. I guess the Wii U will cost $300 per console. But I also want to buy additional stuff so $500 is ok for me.

          1. I just hope they don’t try to charge like ms does to squeeze money. Right after the rumour started about the wal-mart price leak some dev. came out and said game companies are “abusing” gamers by charging them for every little detail of dlc. After which ms releases that $199 (catch this) + contract or whatever the hell its called. It looks like it’s come to this for game companies to thrive as well as devs. I really hope Nintendo doesn’t follow that path.

  12. Let’s compare all the former launch prices of the old consoles and make a rational guess. I’m a die hard N fan but not a fan boy so I could be wrong (I don’t own anything “PlayStation” or “Xbox”). Weren’t the launch prices $50 more each generation?

    I don’t see anything wrong with a $300/$350 price point, especially if it secures the future of Nintendo.

    I sure hope the launch lives up to the hype and that there is supply on demand. :)

  13. I’m a graphic designer, and I can guarantee this is fake. Seriously.

    These are just screenshots from the E3 2011 press conference video that have been Photoshopped.

    Nintendo has a VERY specific design style when it comes to their graphic media. It’s always very simple, minimalist, clean design. These fakes are the complete opposite. Nintendo would never do hand drawn/painted PR material. At least not for the “Wii brand.”

    1. Who ever said that these concept art pieces are supposed to be from Nintendo? As far as I see here, it’s just Global Test Market concept art, throwing an idea of what the console would be like. They don’t even reveal anything new about the console, but only show a concept of how gamers might enjoy what was already officially revealed about it. I didn’t read anywhere where it claims that these concept art pieces are supposed to be officially from Nintendo.

      1. Yeah I think that’s someone at global Tests Markets’ “rendition” of what he/she saw, and they do have artists especially for that. I think legally it goes by so long as its truthful or something like that. But nothing in the law reffers to skill. Lol

  14. $300… though I might stretch for $350 because this console means HD Zelda and a whole slew of brand new first party Nintendo titles… in HD. Not to mention a big boost in 3rd party support. They’d better not push their luck with the pricing on this baby.

  15. I almost absolutely know the Wii U will not be $400. That’s completely un-Nintendo. I doubt the console’s manufacturing costs would even merit a $400+ price tag from consumers. I’m confident that $350 is the highest the console would be, but $300 is probably the price the console will be. Originally, $350 was the launch price I’ve thought ever since the Wii U was first announced, but when they spoke how they wanted to make sure that the Wii U did not meet the same kind of start that the Nintendo 3DS did, that made me reconsider the price will most likely be $300.

    1. Reggie did state that the Wii U is aimed at consumers with a little more finances and would be “significantly higher” than the wii was that’s at least $75-$100

  16. I say the max is $350, but $300 would make it more accessible to everyone. I think Nitnendo will shoot for the $300 mark. Leave luck to heaven.

  17. The max I’d pay for getting it on launch is $600.
    A couple of my friends told me they’d definitely get it at launch for $300.
    I’m expecting $400.

  18. Well over here in Norway they’re usually like $450.
    But then, we’re like really rich. xD
    I’d pay it anytime.

    1. I don’t give a flying fuck if your rich! You idiots think your so great!! There are countries with no fuckin food, and your bragging about money? How about you stop bragging and contribute!! Fuck dickhead?

      Also, 300 sounds okay. I’m expecting 110 for the controller price alone, since the profit should be alright like the 3DS.

  19. $300 is actually less than I expected. So I would definitely pay that much for it. (Or have my parents buy it for me for Christmas ;))

  20. As a teenager who doesn’t have a job right now I don’t see me paying anywhere above $250 or maybe even $200. Maybe when the Wii-U comes out I’ll finally get a 3DS, and then wait till next year to get a Wii-U. Seems logical enough; the 3DS will also be easier to buy.

  21. I think the Wii U will be around $350, considering that the controller’s a monster, and they’ll probably bundle it with, I don’t know, say, Wii U Sports? XD

  22. zant's faithful servant

    I’d be willing to pay $600 and to those who say that it wouldn’t sell at that price, consider this: ps3 sold for 400-500, and the wii u is more powerful, plus it will get amazing nintendo games, which are indisputably better than any crap that has ever come out of sony.

    1. Well that was 5-6 years ago in 2012 ecoomy that ain’t happening sooo…good luck with that Hell even Sony and Ms said they’re not gonna try that again so its the COMPANY themself who say it wont work. Ull take their word, seeing as how they should know. Also this is Nintendo we’re talking about! They TRY to make their stuff affordable.

  23. I think $300 seems pretty reasonable for a new system especially if they wanted to reduce it in the future. I will say that I personally wouldn’t pay any more then $350 (and even that I’m not sure, I’d probably wait for it to go to $300)

  24. $300 sounds like a great price tag. It will be more affordable for the casual gamers but just enough to give the system enough power to satisfy the regular gamers. Can’t wait for E3 to see what all is officially announced.

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