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Wii U To Receive Cloud Saves?

A rumour is circulating the web that suggests that Nintendo will be offering Wii U owners cloud storage for both saved games and profiles. According to the rumour each Nintendo Network profile will be allocated 512MB of cloud storage space.

61 thoughts on “Wii U To Receive Cloud Saves?”

      1. True, even huge, good quality photos are only a few megabytes, maybe 20 at the absolute highest. 512 should be ok.

      1. I never said I would need more or that I expected that I would need more. All I said is that I would not mind if there was a bit more.
        Why don’t you actually read a comment before you reply to it?
        And you say that I’m a dickhead?

        1. You sound stupid that why your a dickhead…..why even care for more space if your never going to need it…idiots like add to the downfall of gaming

          1. Downfall of gaming? There is absolutely nothing that points to the downfall of gaming. Gaming may change in many different ways down the road, but it will always be around. As long as there is a source of energy and some sort of device that displays moving points of light; there will be gaming. And if there’s anything that contributes to the downfall of gaming it’s probably going to be antagonistic “dickheads” with bugs up their rectums.

            1. its funny how in the two responses you posted not one time did you mention how idiotic you sounded thinking or should i say wishing they offered more memory lol…dude give up, you posted something stupid and i called you out…its not a big deal just be smarter next time and stop nitpicking on anything you can think of dickhead

              1. It’s funny how you forgot that my first reply contained my response to your needless, insulting question as to why I “wished” it had more readily available cloud storage memory. But I’ll lay it down for you again, even though that the point is probably moot with you.
                I did not say that I, we, you, us, them or they needed any more memory than 512mbs. (So I really don’t know why you replied to me in the first place. I guess you misunderstood, didn’t read my comment at all, or am just a troll( I hope it’s just that you misunderstood.).)
                That being said, I fail to see how “not minding” if someone gave me more of a good thing is a bad thing. If somebody game $512, I certainly wouldn’t mind (any sane person wouldn’t) if they gave me even MORE $$$.
                So there you go. Reflect on that for a little while.

    1. Well the 3fs will be getting Nintendo network too so I wouldn’t be surprised if you saved them there as well

  1. better be true. no longer worrying about losing save data in case you want to hack that beast or some unfortunate accident occurs to it.

  2. I hope this means that nintendo will also offer a cloud gaming option….if they do I feel its safe to say nintendo wins next gens console race

  3. Why would you need more that 512MB for game saves. Game Saves! They take up, like, no space. I have a 64MB Gamecube Memory Card that I haven’t filled yet with my fairly large library, same with my Xbox 360, that’s barely full and it has my Xbox Live profile on it (I have a Hard Drive too, obviously). 512MB for Cloud Save Data will last you the product’s life cycle.

    1. 3DS will also get Nintendo network so I wouldn’t be surprised if the wii U and 3ds shared 1 cloud

    2. i have too many games and my wii needs more space for the saves i had to move all the game saves i could move onto an SD card to play some new ones also for ps2 (yes i have ps2) i have 3 memory cards full of game saves. not complaining or nothing just thought i should put it out there (and hope they make it like a gig or something 512 is resonable tho), and for those who say it should be more with out reason then suk an egg

      1. The Wii also has downloadable games saved to it, which will not be the case for this 512MB Save Storage, and PS2 memory cards are only between 8 to 64 MB each.

    1. Nintendo has balloons in the sky with SD cards taped to them, so you can call them to save your game data and they put it in the clouds.

      1. lmao…that was hella funny….but seriously dude it basically that nintendo will give u 512MB of space on a massive memory base that they have and u access it over ur internet connection when u log into ur account….its just like how ur mails are stored on say gmail or yahoo….so u can access them from any machine/wiiU

  4. 512mb is plenty for save files but I’d still rather be able to save all my games to some kind of a drive. I travel with my wii/360/ps3 a lot and don’t always have access to the Internet. It’s a good idea with cloud though. My 360 has a 120mb HD and I have about 65 save files on it and my kid has about 40 or so on his profile and I still have 90mb left of storage.

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