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Capcom Responds To Analyst’s Lack Of Hope For Western Monster Hunter 3DS

You probably remember that David Gibson, Head of Software & Services for Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan, tweeted “Capcom keep saying its unlikely as audience not there based on the Wii game”. Well, Capcom’s Senior Vice President Christian Svensson has responded with “I’d like him to name a source”. Let’s hope we hear something about a Western release for Monster Hunter Tri G at E3 next week.

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40 thoughts on “Capcom Responds To Analyst’s Lack Of Hope For Western Monster Hunter 3DS”

  1. Even if it doesn’t come up to the West in the end, the rationale behind the analyst’s logic is indeed faulty anyway for two reasons.

    First, it isn’t like the Wii was the original home for Monster Hunter in the West – there were three PSP games that sold reasonably well, if not nearly as much as in Japan. It’s like saying there’s no hope for a movie series because a spin-off did not catch the series’ main audience.

    Second, Monster Hunter Tri was – and probably still is – one of the top online games on the Wii for quite some time, right behind Mario Kart, Smash Bros and CoD. Hard to imagine that such a game sold so bad.

    1. tri actually sold quite well, I think it holds the record for the most sold console iteration of MH in the west

  2. Please Capcom !! 3Ds doesnt have piracy, it will be awesome the sells of this game and all the continent of america will be happy =)

    1. Captain Cum Blaster

      Be silent criminal!

      My massive balls will thwart your evil plans!


  3. MH3 has probably the longest lasting community on the Wii. I still hunt with my friends every month or so, and I’m subscribed to a Monster Hunter podcast. We’re here, but Capcom is making it hard for us to show that.

    1. Captain Cum Blaster

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    2. i’ve given up on capcom completely. the best thing they could do is sell their rights and die in a RE manner.

  4. I hope capcom adds tons of dlc for replay value and hopefully theyll make revisons for ppl who cant afford dlc.

  5. Forget megaman id rather play this if they release this ill buy the 3ds. Who cares about megaman it was the fans fault and capcom was right the megaman fanbase are idiot slaves. Just put megaman as dlc and theyll be back to sucking corporate cock

    1. Captain Cum Blaster

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  6. Wait, so Capcom was not the one who made the claims of MH not being popular in Japan? As I recall, MH Tri on the Wii generated a bigger audience on the West than other MH games. Analysts, the most (un)reliable source for game analysis only rivaled by the media.

    1. Not sure why anyone would think Capcom would say that, it being ‘the new Pokemon’ in Japan is mentioned in nearly every MH-related interview.

  7. I’ve been playing Tri almost exclusively for the last year. I have CoD, skyward sword, and a host of other games, but there is nothing else that even comes close. Please Capcom, I’m even a loyal and prolific Unity member, give the west a new monster hunter game.

  8. Why are you guys acting like they arent going to release it over here just look at Christian Svensson’s response “I’d like him to name a source”. thats fucking awesome, I think that has pretty much boosted its chances lol

  9. Captain Cum Blaster

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  10. Well I would have played it more but i just could not stand the crappy controls that the wii had i got rid of it a couple days later i mean i want to play a game that when i attack a monster it actually swings at it really its like the controls for the game were circa 1995 fix the controls and i will buy any that you make in the future otherwise dont destroy the closest thing to a decent RPG style game w/ crappy controls!

  11. You know if you don’t interpret the news positively automatically, then you may notice that Svensson says for the other guy to name a source. This does not really say that Capcom either agree or disagree with the previous rumour.
    …We still have no clue what capcom are planning, all we know is that they don’t want others ruining their own reputation; capcom would rather do that themselves.

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    1. Same!
      After the last post I thought it was game over.

      If this dose get confirmed for the west I will be opening my MH page on FB again for peeps who wanna play together. Public spots only. No places of personal residence. Must be sixteen and over, for UK participants, ID is required upon entry.

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  14. C.R.A.P.C.O.M !!
    more there is not to say :P
    Why is there no other publisher who makes a mh-like game?
    Didn´t they see how much they can cash with a perfect mh-copy?!

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