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Developer: ‘People Will Be Genuinely Excited With Wii U Games’

Dave Gargan, Havok VP of Engineering expects people to be genuinely excited by the games that are launching on Wii U. Gargan wouldn’t go into specifics, but he did say that the console has its own unique features, and it also has its own challenges as well.

“I think we’ll see things done on the Wii U that we won’t see on another platforms… I think people will be genuinely excited with the range of titles they’re going to see come out.”

41 thoughts on “Developer: ‘People Will Be Genuinely Excited With Wii U Games’”

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  1. I’m pretty excited. I cant wait to see what new gameplay experiences the WiiU has in store for me

      1. It sucks the way I’m on vacation when E3 is being shown. I’m going to have to wait about 3 days to find out what happened because theres most likely to be no internet where I’m going.

    1. But aren’t we already on the “next generation” considering the 3DS and Vita are also 8th generation?

  2. It better be. The Wii was good but the overall quality of games has dropped compared to the Gamecube’s library. Some real gems on the console sure, but not as many as there should’ve been, and waayyy too much shovelware on the system.

    I actually feel they could blitz Sony and Microsoft on all fronts if they just get their shit together this time round, they have the resources and money to do so.

    1. Agreed. They can do so much better than these last few years on the Wii. Now that they have more technological legroom and HD, I’m sure they can woo back some strong 3rd party developers/releases while dishing out next-gen 1st party games.

  3. Gearbox said something similar, and there’s word on GAF that Nintendo has implemented some kind of proprietary technology to the system for different functions. Some of those features seem to include a lighting unit and something that allows them to get more geometry/effects for less processing cycles. This might explain why the system sounds underpowered on paper or unoptimized compared to the rumored specs of the other systems (PS4/720). We know Nintendo likes to do more with less.

    1. Even if they go with either the rumoured 6770 Ati or 4850/4870 Ati GPU, they’re both more powerful than the rumored 720s ‘6670’ Ati gpu and the Ps4s ‘7670’ Gpu. The system actually doesn’t sound underpowered at all, and since its based on Power7 architecture, its going to perform very well. Like how on paper the Gamecube seemed underpowered, but the faster ram and much better PowerPC architechture meant exclusive games on the GC looked better than exclusive games on the Xbox 1. Now we have a next-gen console with the excellent architecture and ram to perform better than its specs, but the specs themselves on paper are actually on-par with the next-gen consoles anyway.

  4. Does anybody else notice that devs and analysts aren’t really saying bad things about the Wii U anymore? And, consequently, they’re attaching their names to the statements, (hopefully you understand what I just said)

  5. yeah. hopefully my excitement is proven genuine when this beast console is in my home and is being played for countless of hours.

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  7. I would like to see a much better online experience. All the hacking BS on COD is pissing me off. Also I want to use some REAL headphones not that same stupid earpiece. Everything else sounds flipping sweet and I <3 Nintendo 4 life!!!

  8. E3 is all Nintendo this year. The only ones in doubt are the ones whose bodies aren’t ready. Leave luck to heaven.

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