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WeMade Entertainment Plans To Become Bigger Than Nintendo

WeMade Entertainment, an online games developer, is convinced that it will become the front-runner in the video game industry. The company is based in Korea and is best known for The Legend of Mir franchise. The company’s CEO believes that E3 will mark the starting-point of their dominance in the video game industry when they showcase several new games for mobile platforms.

“We will aim to become the No. 1 global game company, starting with E3. Combining WeMade’s core competency and experience, we believe our mobile game lineup will bring unforeseen changes in the industry throughout the globe.”

68 thoughts on “WeMade Entertainment Plans To Become Bigger Than Nintendo”

    1. Precisely, I don’t think they could more arrogant or pretentious if they tried. People are set in their ways with the Big Three, no one new is going to come along and steal their thunder now, it’s been far too long.

        1. sega went out because of losses. Nintendo had their first loss last year and they have like 12billion in the bank

          1. Well, losses and creating two expensive, not so portable handhelds, a bunch of not-so-well thought out add-ons for the Genesis, abandoning the add-ons in favor of the Saturn, then quickly abandoning that console in favor of the Dreamcast, pissing off the developers and consumers of the Saturn.

            So, losses and really bad business decisions.

  1. So I go to their website to check out some videos of their stuff… “This video has been removed because its content violated Youtube’s Terms of Service” what was that about “core competency”??

  2. Highly doubt they will become the no.1 developer. From the article title I thought unlikely, but admired their aspiration. But seeing that they’re adamant they will become the world’s best developer, and do so solely through online and mobile games, it just sounds ridiculously naive

  3. Department of Agriculture

    And you’ll be able to plant a seed in Fable, water it from time to time, and watch it grow into a giant tree.


    taking all bets, how long before they go bankruped

  5. “Prepare for unforeseen consequences.”
    I had never heard of these guys, and they really need to get their facts straight. Nintendo have been going at console gaming for almost 30 years now, and they still were an established company before that. It’s amazing that a few MOBILE games will apparently put them ahead of Nintendo. They’re not ahead if they don’t have a system, end of story.

  6. I find this pretty stupid they won’t dominate E3 For the fact that nintendo are showing the specs of the Wii U which everyone is most anticipating the most and i have played some of there mobile games and they are boring beyond redemption.

  7. Just visited their site and judging by their track record of games, i would say that there is no chance of this happening.And let’s be honest the core gaming crowd will never use mobile phones as a primary gaming system, for them phones are toilet fun and on the bus fun but that is it(and not even that for handhelders(i think this is not even a word :D))

    1. I’m a handheld gamer ,, and I never played mobile games for extreme fun ,, I never had any console execpt XBOX which really sucks because of its LIVE and never played again ,, I came from GB to 3DS and played every single Ninty handheld ,,

  8. Just visited their site and judging by their track record of games, i would say that there is no chance of this happening.And let’s be honest the core gaming crowd will never use mobile phones as a primary gaming system, for them phones are toilet fun and on the bus fun but that is it(and not even that for handhelders(is that even a word :D))

  9. Um, no. You’d have to knock out Nintendo & Microsoft but you have MANY other great developers. You’d also need to create a new console or at least a new handheld &actually have it introduce something into the video game industry. Considering the fact I’ve never heard of them & I’ve never heard of any of their games or series, I’d say the chances of them claiming the #1 spot in the video game market is even less likely than the chances of Microsoft developing a Halo preschool game.

  10. Sick of these cocky mobile developers. Just because they’re on a roll with a trend, theyt hink they own gaming. There is still and will always be a profitable home console market.

  11. I’ve never heard of them. And not everyone plays mobile games exclusively. I’m pretty sure Nintendo (and Sony, and MS) will be fine for a good long time to come.

  12. I highly doubt it. They’d have to expand their market by going into consoles, handheld, mobile and PC to dominate the way they want to. And of course, release games across the globe to critical acclaim and commercial success.

  13. I don’t know. They’re Asians… Asians don’t take crap from anyone. I won’t judge until I get to know what games the have in hand.

  14. Burger king could be bigger than McDonald, there is a chance. And Playstation could be more popular than Nintendo, there is a chance. But WeMade can’t be more popular than Nintendo, it’s not big enough.

  15. hmpf… with their only interesting series being a weak diablo clone, I don’t think they have a chance.

  16. Ha! Okay, when they start inventing things that people previously only dreamed of, like motion-sensor controllers and no-glasses 3D gaming, then they can make stupid claims like this one.

  17. Maybe in a few decades time and with a lot of work. Lets not forget Nintendo started off as a small hanafuda card company, they weren’t always big and certainly didin’t become big overnight, it took many years of hard work on their part.

  18. What a joke Nintendo Is somewhat 123 years old and they can never be taken away from their #1 spot ever all what we will see is that We made entertainment just go bankrupt and just close it’s doors

  19. sincerely, the chupacabra

    So you plan to top Nintendo in the game industry? Oh, and with mobile games you say?
    let me step outside for this laugh

  20. This is not new this company has been saying stuff like this since they started . Also national pride has a lot to do with their claims,they are willing to take down the big 2 first because they are Japanese and xbox later on because is American.

  21. This has made my day. Any Microsoft and Sony stand 40 times the chance of overtaking nintendo than these morons do xD

  22. Wait, who?

    Fat chance, probably another company that makes a MMO and tries to nickle and dime you for every other thing. *Cough* Nexon *Cough*.

  23. Mynintendonews, the only community site that hates on entire companies just for having an ambition. Wow.

    Who knows what will happen 10 years down the line. Maybe 20? 30? You guys do know Nintendo started out a super small company that made card games, right?

    1. No, we have every reason to hate on those morons that no one has ever heard of. In the video game industry one has to create something really good I.e. A very innovative game and/or technology that works with the game and then make outrageous claims like being better than playstation or nintendo after proving themselves. These guys are morons…

  24. The only way that is gonna happen is if Nintendo goes out of business (Pfft) and they release an absolutely amazing Game Console (PFFFFTT).

    1. I’m referring to charting mobile games, btw. I’m aware that doesn’t get recorded w/ tge rest of the industry.

  25. the y really think they can best console gaming? HA! ludacrious!!! they can’t even best mobile gaming. i play my 3DS when i want fun on the go. and if battery runs out i get out my iphone and play the FREE games from the app store. they should change their name from wemade to wemad, cause they are clearly insane. and they need to turn down the bullshit arrogants. one thing i hate worse then arrogants is arrongants without a reason.

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