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Wii U Won’t Support Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4

It’s been confirmed by GTTV host Geoff Keighley that Wii U won’t support the next generation Unreal Engine 4. Keighley referred to a GDC comment from Epic CEO Mike Capps which apparently stated that Unreal Engine 4 won’t be running on Wii U. Spike TV has already announced that it was be running an Unreal Engine 4 special during E3.

200 thoughts on “Wii U Won’t Support Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4”

    1. Nintendo doesn’t need fancy graphics to make the world’s best games, They have already proven this.

      1. Yeah, with the worst console lineup that they’ve ever had in history.

        You’re fooling yourself if you think the Wii lived up to that statement.

          1. Troll! and Nintendo attempted 3D gaming again with 3DS (correct me if i am wrong, but the 3DS uses similar tech as virtual boy). i believe we need official word from Epic and Nintendo to see if this is official news.

            1. Virtual Boy used different 3d tech than the 3ds. It caused headaches and was mainly red in colour (I think). The 3DS uses 2 screens and can be though of like those zig zag style picture. Were you look at one angle and see a picture but the opposite angle see a different picture. the 3ds directs an image to one eye and a slightly different image to the other.

    2. Yes you are right though the games are going to be great I was just hoping that this time I would buy all the not exclusive games on Wii U instead I would have to buy common games on a PS4 or a XBOX 720. I am again sad because gaming is my life and Nintendo is the water in it and the blood in my veins, so as long as I live it has to be with Nintendo along. . . Please Nintendo show a console that’s going to be a Masterpiece (in terms of power) like the SNES, the Nintendo 64, the GameCube !!!


    1. Ok, I typed fast so I can be one of the comments on the top of the page. :P Here’s the text in proper English:
      People really have misread his quote, he was saying that he can’t give us hints about UE4 running on the Wii U, but according to a guy at CES 2012 the Wii U can run UE3 perfectly.

      1. Nintendo cannot prevent them from announcing any kind of support for it. Stop trying to come up with excuses.

        1. We already know Nintendo are keeping al Wii U information under lockdown, for example, the guy who leaked the revised controller was fired and is probably going to get sued. 1 more week and we should find out for sure.

                1. Damn you’re an annoying little troll. I’ll just completely ignore you from now on. And I suggest everyone else to do the same; our annoyed attention is all this pitiful creature wants.

    2. Geoff already announced that he’s filming a Unreal Engine 4 special. I’m sure he would know, or would have asked, which platforms will be supported before-hand. It could be under NDA. We shall see.

      1. However, if you read the tweet Sickr, he refers to an earlier interview back in GDC (i believe it’s that one interview that was misquoted). If there’s a slim chance that Wii U can run UE4, we shall know for sure in a week.

    1. Seriously? are you really considering any of these things? none have been mentioned by genuine sources. The only upcoming consoles that have been actually spoken about for e3 are the apple/steam box and the wii-u people should seriously think before they make fake names about shit that doesn’t exist

      1. As much as I want to deny it, it is coming from Keighley himself. He and GTTV will be covering the UE4 in a half-hour special. If anyone knows the technology, it is Keighley no matter what you think of him.

      2. The Wii U and Next Playsation and Xbox will be pretty much the same power wise the only third parties that want dev costs to go up to nut case leave is Cliff and his UE4 so yes its very likely that “PS4” “Xbox720” will be on par if not a little bit more powerful it’s common sense really

        1. Don’t lie to yourself if you honestly believe that will be the case. They developed this engine for the NEXT GEN consoles.

          The Wii U does not compare if it simply cannot run it. It is dated technology once again and you fools should have seen it coming.

          It’s just the Wii situation all over again, and in HD.

          1. You should know the fact that Nintendo haven’t confirmed the press about the tech specs of the Wii U until next Tuesday. Instead of jumping into conclusions like a graphics whore that you are, why don’t you just wait after Nintendo’s press conference? Simple as that.

            1. Stop clutching at straws. It’s pathetic. Not to mention the fact that Nintendo never discusses their system’s tech specs.

              1. You’re still a dick, Aeorta the Troll. I said just wait until Nintendo tells everyone about the tech specs on the Wii U console.

    2. People seem to be over-reacting a bit. I know Unreal Engine is good, it’s obviously produced some amazing games, but people are acting like it’s the only engine out there. Amazing games have been made on other engines, so even if Wii U doesn’t support this one particular engine, it doesn’t mean it’s “last gen”.

      1. I agree, Jaemyz. We know that there are other graphic engine that can be used on Wii U games. Case in point– Havok, Crytek, Ubisoft, Konami, and EA’s Frostbite.

  1. Well… I guess Nintendo will get stuck behind in the console generation… again. I don’t care about graphics, but I care about Nintendo and I would love to see them at a stage where they can compete with Microsoft and Sony, like the gamecube days… but without Unreal 4 that’s probably not likely.

      1. You have to remember that the gamecube basically failed so maybe it’s a good thing that Nintendo don’t compete with the other two so directly.

        I do think it should be part of the next gen graphics wise, even if it’s the slightly weaker of the three. The Wii was so limited with games like COD.

            1. C’mon guys, just read about games history. OF COURSE, the game cube was an epic fail. IN Fact, xbox sold more, just see the numbers..

    1. The Wii U will be a very powerful, powerful game system. Don’t believe me, go ask the guys at Gearbox Software.

      1. Yeah, the same guys who were already developing for the original Wii anyway and had next to no notable sales on any attempt to make “current gen” games.


        1. By the time Gearbox and Sega release Aliens: Colonial Marines on the Wii U, you’ll be eating your own words. You talk too fucking much, whore. Go back and suck Tretton’s dick!

          1. Yeah, a multiplat port which they claimed will be the best version.

            >Also available on PC.

            Right, seems a load of bullshit to me. And you’re stupid loser Nintendrone with absolutely no social life or vestiges of intelligence.

            1. This just to prove everyone here at this Nintendo blog that you have no intellect whatsoever. You’re exposed for life.

  2. Geoff Keighley tweeted “No, at GDC Mike Capps said Wii-U will be Unreal Engine 3.”
    Seeing that WiiU dev kits have evolved since GDC, it’s still possible that we’ll get to see UE4 games on the platform.
    If WiiU doesn’t run UE4, that’s not a good sign for the console’s future, because it won’t be able to compete with the next Xbox and Playstation on a hardware level. Most UE4 games won’t be downgraded for WiiU and the console will get fewer multi platform titles.

    1. You know what, sickr… theplotlessplot is correct. Keighly did tweeted, “No, at GDC Mike Capps said Wii-U will be Unreal Engine 3.” Just because the Wii U won’t (but I hope it does) have games running on Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t mean Nintendo is doomed forever. In the words of Flavor Flav from the Public Enemy song title, “Don’t believe the hype”. Nintendo will dominate E3 one week from today.” Trust me… you won’t be disappointed.

      1. Unfortunately, I think Keighley meant what he tweeted. I really, really, really hope he is being nebulous about it based off of Epic’s gag order, but I think my fears are a week away from being confirmed.

    2. Hey Everyone, don’t be so quick to come to conclusions. Please read the source article. He does NOT CONFIRM that UE4 won’t be on WiiU, in fact he doesn’t even confirm it will be on next gen consoles. All I’m saying is don’t get your panties all bunched up and let’s wait to hear Ninty or Epic actually confirm it for us. I’m at least glad to know UE3 will be running on WiiU. Wii U will still be Epic!!

  3. Department of Agriculature

    That’s no problem. Keep people that like those supposedly beautiful, yet really ugly brown and gray generic shooters on their other consoles.

    1. Sounds like the usual generic fantard comment; because every new game is like that. /sarcasm.

      But the consoles have the superior lineup of games and that’s a fact no matter how you slice the pie and look at it. Nintendo is in the dust yet again.

        1. I don’t use credit cards, I use redeem codes. :P

          Nobody is mad, I’m enjoying my system with the better games and actual community, whereas the Wii has none of that and just the same old Mario and Zelda with a handful of titles that don’t sell at all even if they’re good.

          Fanboy that, Nintendork.

          1. You’re denying yourself whore. Quit sucking Tretton’s dick and understand the fact that the Wii had sold milions of units including franchise titles like Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

            1. The obvious fanboy resorts to idle insults for their piece of plastic with awful games and only a handful of good ones coming from Nintendo.

              I could list infinitely more great games on the other consoles, what’s your point?

              That’s right, NOTHING!

              1. That shows proof that you’re in denial, Tretton’s boyfriend. You’re denying everything that Nintendo sells. You’re fucking useless. Here are a list of best selling Wii games–

                Wii Sports (79.6 million)
                Mario Kart Wii (32.44 million)
                Wii Sports Resort (30.14 million)
                Wii Play (28.02 million)
                New Super Mario Bros. Wii (26.26 million)
                Wii Fit (22.67 million)
                Wii Fit Plus (20.48 million)
                Super Smash Bros. Brawl (10.79 million)
                Super Mario Galaxy (10.68 million)
                Wii Party (7.94 million)

                1. A bunch of party/casual games and the only legitimately good titles are at the bottom of the list, this is all the Wii can do? Mario and stupid Mii games?

                  HAHAHAHA. That’s proving my point right there. People by this for rush job casual games, nothing more.

                  1. This just proves that you’re a fucking neanderthal who loves blood and gore. Just because Nintendo have made casual games doesn’t mean it can’t be hardcore. They had already made a few hardcore titles like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007 (N64), Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and the Super Smash Bros. series. You’re still a fucking failure and a graphics whore. When Sony (if they try to get their 6.4 billion dollars back) releases the PS4, you won’t be seeing any hardcore games… instead you’ll see games for casuals and women. End of story. You lose! Good day, sir!

                    1. tl;dr, nothing but fanboy drivel and a desperate attempt to justify shovelware.

                      LOL, WII GAMES.

                      GOTY 2011! Oops! NOT.

                      1. This just shows to prove that you’re a fucking loser. Nintendo will win the E3 show with the Wii U and it WILL bring hardcore gamers back. Games like Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed III, Aliens: Colonial Marines (the definitive edition for the Wii U), Project CARS, Super Smash Bros. Universe, StarFox, Metroid (rumor has it that Epic Games may be developing that game), a new Super Mario IP, Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge, etc.

                        Get N or get the fuck OUT!!!!!

                        1. REALITY CHECK– Aeolus have lost the battle due to his ignorance and bigotry.

      1. just to keep this in perspective: The Journalist who said this (Geoff Keighly) ahs basically just repeated the older quote from Mark Rein that WiiU will run UE3. He didnt say “No it can’t run it, and Mark Rein said so” he said “No, Mark Rein said it will run UE3 at GDC” which implies to me that Geoff has no more of an idea than we do except for what Mark Rein said months ago at GDC regarding UE3. He’s not coming at us with new info here, just confirming what we’ve heard before which, in his opinion, implies UE4 wont run on WiiU. Whether his opinion is correct or not, nobody will know until next week. :D

          1. I am not completely affirmative about my earlier statement, and am still unsure on whether the engine is or isn’t coming to the U .
            a week from now, and hopefully ninty clears the doubt :D!

            1. Unfortunalety, i do think your statement is wrong.. we wont see unreal engine 4 on is a bit hard to accept it but its the truth.. dont try to analyze this news deeper… damn it!!! im also disapponited witn nintendo.

      2. So what, that developers are forced to put effort into their games again? Genius, Nintendo, genius!
        Actually, it’s a bit odd. Considering that the Wii U will be a lot more powerful than the current systems, how come it can’t run it? In any case, a low quality setting should be available. It makes no sense why it can’t support it.

          1. How would you know if it isn’t more powerful. Did you see a game made ground-up for the Wii U running on the final dev kit?
            How do you know if microsoft and sony will make powerful consoles? Did you see them running?

            The only playstation that was stronger than a nintendo console was the playstation 3. The only nintendo console that was significantly weaker than its competition was the Wii.

            Microsoft is going to make a casual/entertainment that heavily uses Kintect 2 to compete against iTV and google tv.

            Sony can’t afford a powerful console because it has too much debt. Sony may have $5 billion more in their cash reserves than Nintendo, but Sony has approximately $10 of debt while nintendo has NO debt.

            Stop being such a blind fanboy, kid.

            Also, the only reason why you support Microsoft and sony so much is because you can’t afford a $2000 gaming PC like me.

            My PC will make the 720/PS4 look like bullshit even if i dont upgrade it… lol.

      3. LOL… how quickly the flaky Wii U so called Nintendo supporters crumble at the thought of the Wii U not being able to run Unreal Engine 4. Guys relax… we are less than a week away for E3. All and every information (accurate information) will be release as Nintendo will have lift their GAG order.

        For those that cannot wait and still looking to walk into the path of a car due to this unconfirmed information… always remember that the new engine can be modified to run on Wii U. So just relax. Plus for those idiots talking about PS4 and Xbox720 being as beastly as a super computer need to take their heads out their own ass (make sure to wipe your face and hair after) and stop sounding silly. New technology = very high cost ($600 and more). Good luck to you paying that kind of money.

        1. Relax? If it can’t run it, then it’s yet another underpowered turd banking on a gimmick coming from Nintendo. They are not going to water down this engine just for a company’s ridiculously cheap-minded business model.

          I’ll just wait till next year for real gaming machines using proper controllers and showing everyone what next gen truly is.

            1. You’re right. One of the guys at Epic Games said they want Avatar-like graphics on Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles. PS4 and X8 won’t be as powerful as most graphic whores want.

          1. Shut the Fuck up, you fucking Troll, or I will get Coal Train to fo to your house and kick you in the balls!

          2. Aeolus…. remember to wipe your face once you take your head out your ass. IDIOT!!!, if you know anything about gaming and the previous generations… gaming engines are always been modified to suit the needs of the system it is running on. Do yourself a favor and do some research before you talk out your ass… literally.

            1. >Implying epic is going to go against their initiative and water down an engine that does not run on a console.

              You guys are going to be in for a rude awakening. :)

            1. He’s just a sad looking troll who sees Sony as the next Sega after losing $6.4 billion and cutting back 10,000 employees by CEO Kaz Hirai.

                  1. And yet, they still have more money and net worth than Nintendo, who also posted staggering losses. I’m getting your point at all, because Sony isn’t remotely close to the position Sega was in years back. But since your stupidity continues to go on…

                    …Sit the fuck down kid; you don’t know anything about the industry and business. And you probably don’t even buy stock.

                    You’re a loser Nintendo fanboy who’s lucky he’s behind his monitor, because people would probably bully the shit out of a useless waste of space like yourself. Go out and accomplish something with your life rather than being a blind brand loyalist for your kiddy toy company.

                    1. You deserve to be banned troll. You’ve been acting like a spoiled brat, denying things and becoming a complete ass. You don’t belong here at this Nintendo blog… Go to a Sony blog where you belong. Nintendo is a video gaming company. Nintendo make games for everyone (casuals, hardcore, franchise, social). And Nintendo is the leader of innovating video games and accessories… while Sony copies Nintendo’s innovation including games (especially from third parties’ franchise games like Tomb Raider). You don’t deserve to be here at MyNintendoNews. You’re done… it’s over.

                    2. You should bescaredhow terrible Sony is doing. Nintendowho only does business in videogame consoles is wortharound8 billionwhile Sony is only worth17billiondespite also beinganelectronics giant and having several movie studios.

        1. Your comment is 100% bullcrap. The Wii U graphics are far superior than the original Wii. The Wii U controller is more revolutionary and it can do everything the older system, especially current gen consoles, don’t have. Get your facts straight, graphics whore!

          1. I have followed Nintendo and bought every system since I was 6 years old (19 years ago). I will always continue to support them. My comment is aimed at the Sony and Microsoft fanboys who cannot see anything past graphics. So no, I have not failed them. They should know that a large percentage of people perceive games on the way the look!

      4. How does this confirm anything? Epic said it is using Unreal 3, they didn’t say it can’t run Unreal 4….so why doesnt this misleading Title not have a “?” behind it like all the other questionable statement? He statement is no more creditable then the leaked spec’s by the Ubisoft employee, yet we are lead to take Geoff statement as fact from the Titling of this post….SMH then u read the post and it based off what……old misleading quotes from Epic…..that don’t really state anything for or against Wii U running Unreal 4….

        1. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

          And sickr, just to tell you, it said that On the tweet that Wii U will run UE 3. That doesn’t mean Wii U doesn’t run UE 4.

      5. OMFG you guys know that he just said that they ain’t going to show ue4 for the wiiu. So it confirms nothing.

      6. Ok, let’s take a look at the Tweet conversation: when David asked Geoff “can you hint if the Wii U will be able to run Unreal Engine 4,” he replied “No, at GDC Mike Capps said Wii-U will be Unreal Engine 3.” A lot of you are arguing that Geoff may be wishy-washy based off of Epic’s NDA, and I really hope you’re right – but it may not be the case. I do believe Geoff interpreted David’s question to be “can the Wii U run Unreal Engine 4,” and gave a direct answer. If Geoff just said “no” based on the nature of that question, there may be room for speculation, but I don’t think he is a master of articulation.

      7. Come on Sickr be sure before you post this stuff. A lot of people who don’t know any better will read this and think the untrue.

      8. Well. It’s always the games that matter, not the engine. I will take Metroid or Starfox over a pretty looking engine any day.

      9. Well this is not official there is still hope. But it will be a while before unreal engine 4 is actually used by a video game. So WiiU won’t be too far behind PS4 and 720.

      10. As I have said above, IF this is true, then Nintendo may have already failed in their journey to bring people over from PS3/ 360 as a high percentage of those gamers are fixated on graphics. That is unfortunately the way it is. It won’t matter how amazing Pikmin 3 will be, to a lot of those gamers, the game is for kids and the graphics are old news.

      11. We will just gonna have to wait till e3 to get the official news. I admit am a little disappointed when i first read the article, but then it slowly diminished as a thought about it. He was not confirming anything, but only quote GDC so am just gonna sit on my black ass and wait till e3. Nintendo will be epic this year I can promise you that.

        Get N or get OUT!!!!!

      12. Here’s the image of the tweet.

        The he’s saying “No, I can’t say anything about Wii U running unreal engine 4.But Mike Capps ( President of Epic Games, based in Cary, North Carolina) says it can run unreal unreal engine 3.

        1. Grasping at straws, that’s a very straightforward No to not be what has been suggested.

          The fact that he has not updated his status if that was what he meant only further debunks the desperate Nintendrone denial.

            1. Your name is “upadwatcher”; reason enough for me to believe you’re nothing but a stupid fanboy who needs to be beaten with a blunt object and set straight in life.

              1. You’re nothing but a lifeless troll and a Sony cocksucker. I have a life and enjoy games. Yes, I own both a PlayStation 3 and PC. Just because I see Nintendo coming back with a next gen console (Wii U) that will bring hardcore gamers back doesn’t mean Sony will be making a powerful console. Your argument is childish and invalid. Fuck off loser… you’ve been EXPOSED!

      13. Nooooo! Please don’t let this be true. Nintendo, get Unreal Engline on your Wii-U. I want you to be ahead of the game.

      14. It’s just a TOOL. You still have to pay top talent, and invest lots of time to produce quality art. If your art sucks, you just have well lit, high res, shitty textures.
        UE4 is just one of many engines. Blahblahblah.

          1. No game using UE4 have been showed off or released yet, so it is not the most used game engine in the world, kid.

      15. I’ve seen a couple shows like that one, and the hosts don’t really know the first thing about Wii U. None know the specs or anything, they have to take something they heard to answer the question and move along.
        Don’t threat, my brethren. Maybe if this doesn’t work out, we will be provided with something better… oh right, that’d be a high tech tablet controller. Alright, we’re good.

      16. If UE4 doesn’t run on the U, i would be the happiest man in the world to have an undercloacked, modified or even downgraded version of it to run on the U….. ALL BECAUSE I LOVE UNREAL TOURNAMENT! can anyone give me some percentage on whether a modified version of UE4 could be made for the U?

        1. Thanks for sharing this undeniable proof. Nintendo is extremely strict about giving away secrets about the Wii U until next Tuesday. A former employee at TT Games is just one prime example.

      17. Sad most people here think a new game engine only means graphics…..

        For example, assassins creed 3 uses a new game engine. Not only are the graphics better but the new engine allows for hundreds more unique action on screen. Before you could only have 100 or so people on screen at a time or else it would overload the game and cause a freeze. (tee hee anyone remember the assassins creed 2 double knife triple freeze?) but now they can have 1000 unique people/actions occurring on screen with the new game engine.

        And UE is an engine used by most developers. If this is true (and it probably is) this is a big hit for Nintendo next gen.

        1. Most gmaes don’t use UE, only a few of them. Epic is making a big deal out of it because they want to sell their stuff, but if the engine is not scalable or does not run on most systems, then I doubt developers will dig that. CryEngine 3.5 runs on Wii U, Frostbite Engine runs on Wii U, Capcom has their own engine, so does 2K, Ubisoft, etc. Developers who depend on third party engines, such as Gearbox, will not go for an engine that only supports a handful of systems. Epic may be shooting themselves in the foot with this mentality if it does turn out to be true.

      18. Quoting what I said on CVG w/ the same news article:
        He said the console will run UE3. He didn’t say it will ONLY run UE3. We’ll just have to wait and see perhaps at E3 or an official statement from Epic that it WON’T run UE4. Heck we still don’t know how powerful Wii U is until E3. Just remember majority of named developers already said that Wii U has impressive graphical capabilities. Of course that doesn’t justify it can really run the new engine but let’s not jump the gun. There’s only a week away till E3 and hopefully we’ll learn something. And this is Nintendo we’re talking about. Great content comes first before graphics

      19. Basically this just confirms that GTTV won’t be showing the Engine on Wii U during there presentation, that’s all.

        1. I agree with him, sickr. Aeolus is acting like a spoiled brat and needs to be banned right now.

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      22. Christ, does this Aeolus guy have anything to do other than hanging around on a Nintendo blog all day flaunting his overt biggotry?

      23. This doesn’t confirm anything at all. It’s a repeat of what Epic said back at GDC. I doubt Geoff even knows what consoles UE 4 will run on if at all.

      24. Aeolus * uploads*. You have clearly mastered the art of discovering Nintendo Fanboys. Not only have you show that they do certainly care about graphics, but sown their un-mature nature. Zelda, Mario, casual games is all Nintendo has for the wii. Fanboys get mad since they have nothing to argue about. Ahhhh. Satisfaction.

        1. FireTroll… I didn’t know you and Aeolus are boyfriends? Not only you kiss his ass but also fuck him in the ass. Enjoy your threesome with Jack Tretton because us Nintendo supporters don’t give a shit about you, your boyfriend, or Sony drones and trolls.

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      26. There is STILL a possibility that the Wii U WILL have games powered by Unreal Engine 4. Right now, Epic Games is on a gag order by Nintendo until next Tuesday. Wii U is the driving force in the next generation of video games… and Unreal Engine 4 is the next generation of graphics. Epic is truly a supporter of Nintendo and I assure you that we’ll be seeing a game exclusively to the U.

      27. man thats realy a let down… now am having doubts about getting the wii u…
        because this means that the life span of the wii u will end by the time developers stop using the recent UE3 and Cry 2 meaning the wii u wont support future div x 12 meaning life span wii be cut short meaning no future cod or bf or cryteck or anything of third party games that we can see on next xbox and ps3…

      28. Although im not pleased with the rumors of the ps4 and 720 being far more powerful than the wiiu. At the end of the day nintendo will be fine.

        companies are already going bankrupt trying to get the most out of the current gen. Most developers are just not completely ready for the costs and time it will take to make games that fully utilize the rumored power of the ps4 and 720.

        I think the first party stuff from those consoles are going to look incredible…and a couple third party games sprinkled here and there. But for the most part, i see multiplatform games on all the systems. With the wiiu ones not looking as pretty as the other ones. We”re getting to the point where in order to see the difference in graphical fidelity, a ton more work needs to be put in. With companies not always making profits, i think many will primarily make their games on the wiiu, then port and upgrade to the other systems. improve their framerates, more shader work, possibly slightly higher poly counts, higher rez textures, and more stuff happening on screen.

        but considering we are pretty much at a point where horsepower alone wont yield significant gains in graphical fidelity, the graphics wont be night and day i dont think.

        about UE4…it will most likely end up being used for wiiu development. If its anything liike ue3, it will be scalable. And it being able to scale down to wiiu doesnt in any way make it so that epic waters down the engine. If its scalable, then they can do all they want with it with the appropriate hardware, and then just less things are capable on lesser hardware. There is no reason why this engine shouldnt work on the wiiu.

        also, remember that the only reason ue3 wasnt used with the wii is because the wii never supported standard shaders. It used TEV’s. It wasnt so much an issue with power, as it was more about the systems architecture and how it got things done.

        hell, they even got the Unreal 3 engine on they dinky iphone 3gs. The wii is definitely more capable than the iphone. The only reason wii games didnt look so great most of the time, is because developers were too lazy to properly learn to use TEV’s. They were more complicated to use than the industry standard shaders. Therefore were used sparingly and at a basic level.

        But that wont be an issue anymore. So i wouldnt worry about UE4. It will most likely come along at some point. And even if it doesnt. Most games on the other consoles willl probably just be ports of wiiu games.

      29. If this is true, its not good by any means. I will be first to say that graphics don’t mean much, but I’m sick of Nintendo not being up to par with other consoles. Believe it or not, this (if true) will limit the support of 3rd party users. Sure, Wii U will be ahead of this Gen, but what about the next? Nintendo has to run Unreal Engine 4, otherwise the hardcore fans they lost with will won’t be leaving Sony or Microsoft to pick up a Wii U. And btw, this is coming from a diehard Nintendo fan.

        1. the wiiu doesnt have to support UE4. Not all developers use UE3…so its doubtful that all would use UE4….it will affect 3rd party support…but at the cost of producing games during this generation…its doubtful companies are going to spend the money to fully utilize the next round of consoles….it is very possible that the wiiu can position itself to be the base platform for game development…and then those games get ported and uprez’d and all that on the other consoles…kinda the way the ps2 was during its generation…..not saying this will be the case…but its possible….and if nintendo can pull that off…it could buy itself time before developers really try on the other consoles..and just when its starting to look too dated…it can come around with another console

      30. Guess what, Xbox 3 and PS4 will also be UE3.

        It took one whole GTX 680 to run UE4 in the demo and I can PROMISE you all that the next round of consoles will have a GTX 560 ti level of graphic output AT BEST which WONT cut it for UE4.

        And I doubt they can cut out so much to have it run UE4 at 720p 30 fps on a GTX 560 ti equivalent. Having UE4 run properly is going to require more bleeding edge hardware. And the GTX 680 card alone is VERY, very expensive.

        Does anyone think, for one second, that either Microsoft or Sony are going to want to bleed more huge losses off of each PS4/720 console sold by listening to Epic? No, they’re not. They are going to want to go for profit on day 1 this time around.

      31. Well… that means the PS4 and 720 will not to run Unreal Engine 4 because UE4 must be extremely powerful if it won’t work on Wii U.

        UE4 remains PC only for the next 6 years.

      32. What would it matter if it did or didn’t. Just have good games. That’s what people have been wanting for the past five or six years. And no, one Galaxy or Skyward or Country Returns per year doesn’t count as anything when other consoles are busting out really good games like five times more than that per year.

      33. you guys are fucking hilarious. all this nonsensical argument for practically nothing. especially when e3 is only a week away, for shame.

      34. Lets face it, unless sony and microshits next gen consoles are about $800, they wont run Unreal 4. The current cant even fully run Unreal 3, they have a dumbed down version, and next gen will all have dumbed down versions of Unreal 4, but, WHY DOES IT FUCKING MATTER?! Graphics are NOT the most important thing about a game, in fact, theyre the least important thing in my opinion. As long as the game works, is fun to play, great gameplay and has a reasonably good story, thats all it needs. I dont need particle physics, are i certainly wont pay shitloads of money for them and i wouldnt give a fuck if i didnt have them

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