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New Racing Game Announced For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Maximum Games announced a new Wii U and 3DS game, Jett Tailfin. The game’s setting is underwater and you will play as fish with different names and attributes that race against each other. The effects of the game are said to feature “advanced underwater lighting effects.” Jett Tailfin will be appropriate for all ages and will release for the Wii U and 3DS later this year. More information about the game will be shared during E3 next week.

79 thoughts on “New Racing Game Announced For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS”

  1. racing underwater in 3D! it would be cool if it had a Beautiful Tracks underwater with Corals and more fish and lighting

  2. Anybody else notice that “Powered by Nivida Terga” watermark in the right bottom corner? I google’d it and apparently it’s a system chip for mobile devices.

    1. Yeah, Tegra is a chip on phones and tablets. A new one just came out, Tegra 3. This game’s on the Tegra game store.

      I got a G2x, has Tegra 2 in it. Pretty good for games.

        1. no, the game is currently available for mobile devices that use the nvidia tegra chip. it has nothing to do with the wiiu or 3ds.

        2. No, sickr probably googled the game and found this image. This image isn’t directly the 3DS version.

  3. Was in my local Xtravision today in Ireland. They had up a sign to say “Prebook Wii U. Release date: December”
    Probably more an educated guess from them than fact.


    I am gay, and I find this outrageously faggoty gay.

  5. Oh man I was waiting for F-Zero but THIS TOTALLY CONVINCED ME THIS GAME WILL BE AWEOSME.E1!1

    Ok seriously NIntendo can you just release a F-Zero now please.

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