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Unreal Engine 4: Epic Says It Hasn’t Declared Its Wii U Strategy

Despite GTTV host Geoff Keighley Tweeting that Wii U won’t run Epic’s next generation Unreal Engine 4, the company has announced that they’ve yet to reveal their Wii U plans. Epic told CVG that while they’ve announced that Unreal Engine 3 will run Wii U games, the company “has not confirmed platforms for Unreal Engine 4 beyond PC”. Guess we will just have to wait until E3 next week to find out whether Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4

47 thoughts on “Unreal Engine 4: Epic Says It Hasn’t Declared Its Wii U Strategy”

  1. Also everyone who already started to bitch and moan needs to issue an apology because you are fair weather fans and annoy me. >:[

    1. I agree, it’s not like Unreal 4 will will make that much of a difference. Nintendo will still have great games, with or without.

    2. I stated this in the last article, that Epic didn’t even confirm it for next gen consoles. I know we are dying for ANY info but relax folks e3 is one week away

    1. no, it means that epic is trying to say not to jump the gun on what will support unreal 4. them coming out and saying that does support the theory that it could support unreal 4, but only time will tell if it actually does, in all honesty, unreal 3 is good enough, especially when you see high end pc’s use it.

    2. WiiU will run UE4. Don’t worry. UE is a scaleable engine which is one of its strong points. I mean, even phones can run UE3.

      I think Geoff was just miss-quoted or said something he didn’t mean. He wouldn’t just go out and ruin Epic’s E3 unveiling…

  2. Well, since it is rumored that the Wii U graphics demo from last E3 was created by Epic, I’d say that Epic and Nintendo are going to have a rich relationship for at least a few more years.

    1. I have a feeling that both Nintendo and Epic Games are in good terms. I’m sure that the guys at Epic Games have been given the gag order by the Big N until a week from today.

      I hope that rumor about Epic Games working on a Wii U title is true (Metroid powered by either Unreal 3 or 4). I’ll look forward to Nintendo/Epic Games big surprise at the press conference.

  3. The thing is, the whole statement was twisted from “Last we heard, it didn’t work” to “It is not going to work!!!” (-_-;)
    Like a fan of Notch earlier today reading his tweet of “I ate a hamburger today. Perfect amount of dressing” as “I like dressing up as a hamburger, its perfect” :P

  4. I would think its more a question of “time” rather than asking if its powerful enough to run it. You get what im sayin?

    1. You’re saying that the Wii U could in fact run UE4 some time in its lifetime. Probably not immediately, but some time though.

      Did I hit the nail on the head there?

      1. Yea. I mean I think it moderatly reasonable to say that the wii u could run ure4 its just the fact that the wii u was ready and done before ure4 was even heard of, so have they had enough time to add it to the hardware and everthing that entails for e3 and/or launch. Thats the only reason I could see why they wouldnt have it in there. Or I could be way out in left field.

    1. I agree with you Jedi. I think Aeolus and FireTroll are having sex with each other and get exposed on the spot.

  5. And there is your answer. This is what happens when you twist the words of a person, in this case Geoff’s tweet, to create confusion.

  6. Let’s not condemn Nintendo for not showcasing UE4 right out of the gate. As Iwata would say, those games are a product for the future. Meaning we probably won’t hear/see anything concrete until closer to PS4/Nextbox launches; when the engine has multi-console support and games. Let’s also not forget that the potential of unreal engine 3 exceeds the current generational hardware; so a Wii U game running the engine could inherently be better. The most important thing to believe is that Nintendo will once again set the standard for the capabilities of the hardware. Regardless of what third-parties do, I know Nintendo will show something that will turn even the most jaded skeptic’s heads (Zelda HD concept on initial/underpowered dev-kit), and there will be no excuse for UE4 not to be on the console.

  7. If Wii U can tin UE4, then finally the arguments of PS4 and 720 being so much graphically really than Wii U will be put to rest. Wii U is a powerhouse if it can rum that.

  8. you guys have to remember that epic hasn’t always been he company that has the most used engine it could be another company that has the most popular engine this coming generation.

    Im pretty sure Wii u will run UE4 anyway . But we’ll have to wait and see at E3 2012 . im sure nintendo has an ace in there hand just waiting to reveal it

  9. *wipes forehead in relief*

    Of course, this doesn’t confirm whether or not Wii U will support UE4 (*crosses fingers that it will*), but it does confirm that PC is the only platform that definitely will and Epic is holding off on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles.

  10. I’m not sweating any of these rumours. Nintendo will be just fine without UE4. It would be great if Wii U got it, but I won’t care if it doesn’t. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. SweetScience&HotSauce

    i have a hunch that the wii U could be as powerful as the next ps4 and xbox… i just believe nintendo has something going for them with the touch screen remote…. innovation takes us further and beyond than the average joe.

  12. I’m starting to hate these yes/no rumours about WiiU. So people get ready for E3. After June 5 we will really get NEWS. Thanks Sickr and Alba for keeping us informed, but I personally dislike this excess of tweeted based articles.

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